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Vim Syntax file for the MiniJVM used at the TUM course "Einfuehrung in die Informatik"
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MiniJVM syntax for Vim

At the moment you still have to run :set filetype=minijvm on every file you edit, as the autocommand for filetypedetection is not working yet. Any suggestions?


If you're using pathogen: Clone the bundle into ~/.vim/bundle like so:

cd ~/.vim
git clone git:// bundle/MiniJVM.vim

Or if you're managing your .vim folder via git already, add it as a submodule like so:

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add git:// bundle/MiniJVM.vim

However if you're not yet using pathogen (which you definitely should!) then insall by copying individual files:

cp ftdetect/* ~/.vim/ftdetect/
cp indent/* ~/.vim/indent/
cp syntax/* ~/.vim/syntax/

Also create those folders before copying if they don't yet exist on your drive.


  • This plugin colors your .mjvm and .minijvm files and has been tailored to the xoria256-colorscheme
  • Labels like A: have been marked as Tags so that you can easily jump to them
  • Indentation is set as smartindent but beware that labels should stay unindented
  • Comments are in the format ;.*
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