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@Level @NodeOS @expressjs @browserify @nodesource @electron @audiojs @nice-registry @dat-land
Andy Wermke andywer
Software engineer. Node.js aficionado since 2011, React lover since 2014. Trying to think in user/business value, not in features.

SatoshiPay Ltd Leipzig, Germany

Shelley Vohr codebytere
software engineer @github & core @electron and @nodejs. always learning. often caffeinated.


Nat Friedman nat

GitHub San Francisco

Gregor Martynus gr2m
Community Engineer 🔧🤓🌈

@HoodieHQ @Octokit Los Angeles

Proven Product, Program & Marketing Manager. 8 yrs experience in private, public & nonprofit sectors. CSPO.

San Francisco

Espen Hovlandsdal rexxars
Open-source enthusiast at

@sanity-io Oslo, Norway

Tierney Cyren bnb
⬡.js - Developer Advocate / @nodejs Community Committee / Awesome List Lover / Developer Tooling Maintainer / Community Builder

@Microsoft Brooklyn, NY

André Staltz staltz
Not Microsoft's property.

Helsinki, Finland

Лu Лinveгa neauoire
Black Tourmaline.

@XXIIVV Nepturne 7757

Felix Schuller fexman
Master Student of Medical Informatics at Technische Universität Wien.

Vienna, Austria

Christian Metts mintchaos

@urbanairship Seattle, WA

Matt McKegg mmckegg
JavaScript hacker and backyard musician. Building Loop Drop, an open source tool for live electronic music with Electron and Web Audio. Wellington, New Zealand

Finn Pauls finnp

freelance software engineer Berlin

LOUIS louiscenter
privacy, (de)centralisation, streaming, javascript, node.

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer ·· Maker ·· Into Swift and Node.js

ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎ ⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸

Lukas Geiger lgeiger

RWTH Aachen University London | Aachen | Munich

Emil Bay emilbayes

@Hyperdivision Copenhagen

Thomas Watson watson
Computer programmer, Node.js Core member, open source hacker and Node.js dev at @elastic, formerly @opbeat

@elastic Copenhagen, Denmark

Mo 0xfe

@qubit-sh (ex-@google) Waterloo, Canada


g200kg Yokohama, JAPAN

Jason Miller developit
Web DevRel at @google. Creator of Preact and other tiny libraries.

@google Cambridge, MA

Jason Stallings octalmage
Code is my life.

WP Engine Austin, TX.

Michael Rhodes michaelrhodes
Keep your friends close and your abstractions close to the metal

Brisbane, Australia

Kristina Groeger gringogidget
Dedicated to the perpetual pursuit of knowledge 👩🏻 🚀

Krustuna Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vincent Weevers vweevers
human. most of the time

De Steeg, NL

Johannes Ewald jhnns

Peerigon GmbH Augsburg, Germany

Hugh Rawlinson hughrawlinson
Developer @spotify. Contributor to Meyda

@Spotify Stockholm, SE

ricky rickycodes
just trying to live my best life for me and my cat

Toronto, Ontario

Joni Trythall jonitrythall
Designer, occasional squash eater.

@yupgup Delaware

Chris Allen Lane chrisallenlane
Programming and webapp pentesting.

Gainesville, FL

Rachel McGeever kahboom
Senior software engineer for Red Hat. I like cheese, practicing ballet, chemistry, learning, climbing (anything, really), and swinging from trees. 🇩🇴

Red Hat, Inc. @syndesisio Andromeda

Ola Gasidlo zoepage
Señiora Engineer

@firefox-devtools, @mozilla Berlin

Ole André Vadla Ravnås oleavr

@nowsecure Stavanger, Norway

Julien Gilli misterdjules

Netflix Inc. Los Gatos, CA

Kenan Yildirim KenanY

United States of America

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez
Computer programmer based in Sicily, Italy. I mostly write OSS software. Born 1977. Not a puritan.

Redis Labs Campobello di Licata, Sicily, Italy

Philip Weber F33L
Complexity's natural enemy


Dmitry Simonenko pmwkaa
data storage magician

Russian Federation, Moscow

contra contra
Engineer/founder - @staeco@gulpjs@wearefractal@parks-foundation@genomejs + more shiz

@staeco New York, NY

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