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A structure example of a hybrid Rest APi
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This is an example structure of a hybrid rest api both for app and web app usage purposes.

Creating A Method

Create a {module}.php named Controller object extended to Pointer object and create your base like the following.

class Controller extends Pointer{

  public static function request(Request $request){
    $method = $request::method();
    switch ($method) {
      case 'Test':
        return self::test($request);
        return new Result(false, "Incorrect method has been called.");
  * A handler activates the request function, you can override it. 

  private static function test(Request $request){
    self::data("Awesome, the test method is working!");
    return new Result(true);
  * A method always should return a Result object.

Creating A Request

$REQUEST = new Request(

Creating A Handler

$HANDLER = new Handler($REQUEST, "path/to/version/folders");


Request Object

These are the detailed ways you can use Request object in a Controller object.

$REQUEST::module(); //returns {moduleName} (string).

$REQUEST::method(); //returns {methodName} (string).

$REQUEST::version(); //returns {version} (string).

$REQUEST::data(); //returns data[] (array).
 — ALSO —
/* You can set the data of a request by passing an array */
$REQUEST::data([]); //will set and return the data.

Response Object

You can get all of the data as an array or json from the Response object.

$RESPONSE = $HANDLER::response();

/* You can get the response as an array. */

/* Or you can echo the json response like following. */
echo $RESPONSE::json();
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