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As it says on the tin. This module provides a way to render a popover/tooltip style component when text is selected.

You'll need React.16.3 or higher to use this btw. If you strongly disagree please open an issue

NPM JavaScript Style Guide


npm install --save react-text-selection-popover


The simplest way to use react-text-selection-popover is with 0 props just like this:

<Popover><MySweetComponent /></Popover>

This will display the popover when any text on the page is selected.

Restricting selection to a component

By default, any text within document (or in other words - the entire page) will trigger the Popover. To restrict it you can define the selectionRef prop. Just pass a React ref to it:

constructor(props) {
  this.ref = React.createRef()

render() {
  return <div>
    <p ref={this.ref}>This text will trigger the popover</p>
    <Popover selectionRef={this.ref}>Hello there</Popover>

Managing Popover display

By default, the popover automatically opens when text is selected and closes when text is unselected. However, on some occasions you might want to control this yourself.

To control whether the Popover is shown or not all you need to define is the isOpen prop. isOpen={true} will show the popover, isOpen={false} will hide it.

<Popover isOpen={this.state.isOpen}>Hey there</Popover>

You might still want to use selection events to control whether the Popover is shown or hidden. To do so - use the onTextSelect and onTextUnSelect prop.

  onTextSelect={() => this.setState({ isOpen: true })}
  onTextUnselect={() => this.setState({ isOpen: false })}
>Hey there</Popover>

For more info on how to use the Popover component, please see below :)

<Popover /> Props

Property Type required? Description
selectionRef React.ref optional Set this to constrain selection events to a dom element and its children. You need this especially if you use more than one Popover component (defaults to document)
isOpen Boolean optional Is the Popover visible or not (defaults to true)
onTextSelect Function optional Callback for when text is selected (typically used for setting state that opens the modal)
onTextUnSelect Function optional Callback for when selection collapses (typically used for setting state that closes the modal)
className String optional CSS class name for Popover container.
gap Number optional Pixel gap between text selection and popover - (defaults to 5)
defaultDirection "above"|"below" optional Whether to position the popover below or above selection by default - __(defaults to "above")


MIT © juliankrispel

Wanna collaborate?

Just ask me, I'll add you as collaborator! Any help I can get to make better software together I'll take it!


This was originally written during some freelance work for Spectrum. Shoutout to their awesomeness for letting me do all my work for them in the open!