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If mouse strays outside of target element during scrollbar use, knob fades #2

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Julian Lam
Julian Lam

As the scrollbar itself is at the edge of the target element, this is likely to happen. The drag effect continues working even if the mouse strays out of the target element, but because there is a mouseout event tied to the target element that fades the scrollbar, it will fade regardless of whether or not the scrollbar itself is actually in use.

The class needs to identify when it is in use. There is the variable, which should be used (as right now, it's not used for anything). Perhaps a mousedown event tied to the knob to trigger, which inhibits the fade effect.

Julian Lam julianlam closed this
Julian Lam

Fixed in version 0.2.3

Julian Lam julianlam referenced this issue from a commit
Julian Lam added support for multiple elements selected via getElements, fixed i…
…ssue #2 regarding incorrect fading behaviour, and added documentation regarding options
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