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Javascript object that allows you to enhance a plain old textbox with "tab" behaviour.
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Play with the latest stable demo


tabIndent.js does two things to enhance the traditional text-box:

  1. Disables the default browser behaviour (moving to the next input box)
  2. Enhances the existing textbox to capture the "tab" key and replicate behaviour similar to that found in editors. (Inserting a tab character, intentation)


The repository contains four folders. Of those, only the /js folder is required.


Upon invocation, tabIndent finds all textarea elements with the tabIndent class, and applies its javascript to them.

To use, add the line of javascript to your head element:

<script src="tabIndent.js"></script>

Invoke thusly:


On the other hand, to invoke on one specific textarea:

var el = document.getELementById('#targetTextArea');

Likewise, to remove an instance of tabIndent:

var el = document.getElementById('#textareaWithTabIndent');

... and to remove all instances:


For styling purposes, after a textarea is enhanced by tabIndent, it will have the class tabIndent-rendered.

The default tab sequence is '\t', but it can be set to any string you want. For example, to use four spaces instead of the tab character, just add the following line before rendering: = '    ';


tabIndent.js willingly breaks the default action of the tab button, whose normal behaviour would bring you to the next element in the tab index (likewise, shift-tab would bring you to the previous one). To bring back the regular behaviour, escape out of the textarea by hitting the esc key. The textarea enhancements will then be temporarily disabled until you return to it at a later time.

An icon will be present at the top right of the textarea, signifying when the enhancements are active.

Known Bugs

Please consult the project buglist.

Attribution / Credits

Use of the "active" icon courtesy of IconShock (retrieved from

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