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.\" Hey, EMACS: -*- nroff -*-
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.TH IPYTHON 1 "July 15, 2011"
.\" Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage.
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ipython \- Tools for Interactive Computing in Python.
.B ipython
.RI [ options ] " files" ...
An interactive Python shell with automatic history (input and output), dynamic
object introspection, easier configuration, command completion, access to the
system shell, integration with numerical and scientific computing tools, and
All options that take values, must be of the form '\-\-name=value', but
flags that take no arguments are allowed a single '\-' to allow common
patterns like: 'ipython \-i'. To pass arguments to scripts,
rather than to IPython, specify them after '\-\-'.
.sp 1
All options can also be set from your configuration file.
See the provided examples for assistance. Options given on the
commandline override the values set in To generate
the default config file, do `ipython profile create`.
.sp 1
All options with a [no] prepended can be specified in negated form
(\-\-no\-option instead of \-\-option) to turn the feature off.
.B \-h, \-\-help
Show summary of options.
.B \-\-no\-autoindent
Turn off autoindenting.
.B \-\-autoedit\-syntax
Turn on auto editing of files with syntax errors.
.B \-\-pylab
Pre-load matplotlib and numpy for interactive use with
the default matplotlib backend.
.B \-\-confirm\-exit
Set to confirm when you try to exit IPython with an EOF (Control-D
in Unix, Control-Z/Enter in Windows). By typing 'exit' or 'quit',
you can force a direct exit without any confirmation.
.B \-\-deep\-reload
Enable deep (recursive) reloading by default. IPython can use the
deep_reload module which reloads changes in modules recursively (it
replaces the reload() function, so you don't need to change anything to
use it). deep_reload() forces a full reload of modules whose code may
have changed, which the default reload() function does not. When
deep_reload is off, IPython will use the normal reload(), but
deep_reload will still be available as dreload(). This feature is off
by default [which means that you have both normal reload() and
.B \-\-no\-autoedit\-syntax
Turn off auto editing of files with syntax errors.
.B \-\-term\-title
Enable auto setting the terminal title.
.B \-\-no\-confirm\-exit
Don't prompt the user when exiting.
.B \-\-autoindent
Turn on autoindenting.
.B \-\-classic
Gives IPython a similar feel to the classic Python prompt.
.B \-\-no\-automagic
Turn off the auto calling of magic commands.
.B \-\-banner
Display a banner upon starting IPython.
.B \-\-automagic
Turn on the auto calling of magic commands. Type %%magic at the
IPython prompt for more information.
.B \-\-no\-deep\-reload
Disable deep (recursive) reloading by default.
.B \-\-no\-term\-title
Disable auto setting the terminal title.
.B \-\-nosep
Eliminate all spacing between prompts.
.B \-\-i
also works as '\-i'
If running code from the command line, become interactive afterwards.
.B \-\-debug
set log level to logging.DEBUG (maximize logging output)
.B \-\-pprint
Enable auto pretty printing of results.
.B \-\-quiet
set log level to logging.CRITICAL (minimize logging output)
.B \-\-pdb
Enable auto calling the pdb debugger after every exception.
.B \-\-color\-info
IPython can display information about objects via a set of func-
tions, and optionally can use colors for this, syntax highlighting
source code and various other elements. However, because this
information is passed through a pager (like 'less') and many pagers get
confused with color codes, this option is off by default. You can test
it and turn it on permanently in your file if it
works for you. Test it and turn it on permanently if it works with
your system. The magic function %%color_info allows you to toggle this
interactively for testing.
.B \-\-init
Initialize profile with default config files
.B \-\-no\-pdb
Disable auto calling the pdb debugger after every exception.
.B \-\-quick
Enable quick startup with no config files.
.B \-\-no\-color\-info
Disable using colors for info related things.
.B \-\-no\-pprint
Disable auto auto pretty printing of results.
.B \-\-no\-banner
Don't display a banner upon starting IPython.
.B \-\-profile=<Unicode> (BaseIPythonApplication.profile)
Default: u'default'
The IPython profile to use.
.B \-\-c=<Unicode> (InteractiveShellApp.code_to_run)
Default: ''
Execute the given command string.
.B \-\-logappend=<Unicode> (InteractiveShell.logappend)
Default: ''
Start logging to the given file in append mode.
.B \-\-autocall=<Enum> (InteractiveShell.autocall)
Default: 1
Choices: (0, 1, 2)
Make IPython automatically call any callable object even if you didn't type
explicit parentheses. For example, 'str 43' becomes 'str(43)' automatically.
The value can be '0' to disable the feature, '1' for 'smart' autocall, where
it is not applied if there are no more arguments on the line, and '2' for
\&'full' autocall, where all callable objects are automatically called (even
if no arguments are present). The default is '1'.
.B \-\-ipython\-dir=<Unicode> (BaseIPythonApplication.ipython_dir)
Default: u'/Users/minrk/.ipython'
The name of the IPython directory. This directory is used for logging
configuration (through profiles), history storage, etc. The default is
usually $HOME/.ipython. This options can also be specified through the
environment variable IPYTHON_DIR.
.B \-\-gui=<CaselessStrEnum> (TerminalIPythonApp.gui)
Default: None
Choices: ('qt', 'wx', 'gtk')
Enable GUI event loop integration ('qt', 'wx', 'gtk').
.B \-\-pylab=<CaselessStrEnum> (TerminalIPythonApp.pylab)
Default: None
Choices: ['tk', 'qt', 'wx', 'gtk', 'osx', 'auto']
Pre-load matplotlib and numpy for interactive use, selecting a particular
matplotlib backend and loop integration.
.B \-\-ext=<Unicode> (InteractiveShellApp.extra_extension)
Default: ''
dotted module name of an IPython extension to load.
.B \-\-log\-level=<Enum> (Application.log_level)
Default: 30
Choices: (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARN', 'ERROR', 'CRITICAL')
Set the log level by value or name.
.B \-\-colors=<CaselessStrEnum> (InteractiveShell.colors)
Default: 'LightBG'
Choices: ('NoColor', 'LightBG', 'Linux')
Set the color scheme (NoColor, Linux, or LightBG).
.B \-\-cache\-size=<Int> (InteractiveShell.cache_size)
Default: 1000
Set the size of the output cache. The default is 1000, you can change it
permanently in your config file. Setting it to 0 completely disables the
caching system, and the minimum value accepted is 20 (if you provide a value
less than 20, it is reset to 0 and a warning is issued). This limit is
defined because otherwise you'll spend more time re-flushing a too small
cache than working
.B \-\-logfile=<Unicode> (InteractiveShell.logfile)
Default: ''
The name of the logfile to use.
It is possible to start an IPython instance inside your own Python
programs. In the documentation example files there are some
illustrations on how to do this.
.sp 1
This feature allows you to evalutate dynamically the state of your
code, operate with your variables, analyze them, etc. Note however
that any changes you make to values while in the shell do NOT
propagate back to the running code, so it is safe to modify your
values because you won't break your code in bizarre ways by doing so.
IPython was written by Fernando Perez <>, based on earlier
code by Janko Hauser <> and Nathaniel Gray
<>. This manual page was written by Jack Moffitt
<>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others), and updated by
Min Ragan-Kelley <> for 0.11.
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