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check for complete pyside presence before trying to import

importing pyside partially and then falling back to pyqt causes a crash
in sip (see gh-1431)
To avoid it try to locate all modules before the import and should that
fail print a warning.
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commit 9106259035ab7ebc1d9e628b2878681e2069a8c8 1 parent 66274d0
@juliantaylor authored
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  1. +14 −0 IPython/external/
14 IPython/external/
@@ -23,11 +23,20 @@ def prepare_pyqt4():
# Select Qt binding, using the QT_API environment variable if available.
QT_API = os.environ.get('QT_API')
if QT_API is None:
+ pyside_found = False
import PySide
if PySide.__version__ < '1.0.3':
# old PySide, fallback on PyQt
raise ImportError
+ # we can't import an incomplete pyside and pyqt4
+ # this will cause a crash in sip (#1431)
+ # check for complete presence before importing
+ import imp
+ imp.find_module("QtCore", PySide.__path__)
+ imp.find_module("QtGui", PySide.__path__)
+ imp.find_module("QtSvg", PySide.__path__)
+ pyside_found = True
from PySide import QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg
except ImportError:
@@ -35,6 +44,11 @@ def prepare_pyqt4():
import PyQt4
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg
+ if pyside_found:
+ print "WARNING: PySide installation incomplete and PyQt4 " \
+ "present.\nThis will likely crash, please install " \
+ "PySide completely, remove PySide or PyQt4 or set " \
+ "the QT_API environment variable to pyqt or pyside"
if QtCore.PYQT_VERSION_STR < '4.7':
# PyQt 4.6 has issues with null strings returning as None
raise ImportError
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