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May 02, 2013

  1. Brian E. Granger

    Merge pull request #3263 from minrk/nocp

    fix set_last_checkpoint when no checkpoint
    ellisonbg authored
  2. Min RK

    fix set_last_checkpoint when no checkpoint

    closes #3260
    minrk authored
  3. Min RK

    Merge pull request #3258 from takluyver/i3257

    Fix submodule location in
    minrk authored
  4. Thomas Kluyver

    Fix for checking submodules location

    Closes gh-3257
    takluyver authored
  5. Brian E. Granger

    Merge pull request #3254 from minrk/fixurls

    fix a few URLs from previous PR
    ellisonbg authored
  6. Min RK

    fix a few URLs from previous PR

    some of the URLs in the submodules PR were not updated
    minrk authored
  7. Brian E. Granger

    Merge pull request #3240 from minrk/submodules

    remove js components from the repo
    ellisonbg authored
  8. Min RK

    use less from components

    minrk authored
  9. Min RK

    update components ref

    minrk authored
  10. Min RK

    move external/components to components

    minrk authored
  11. Min RK

    remove unused components

    remove command from fabfile
    components live in a submodule
    minrk authored
  12. Min RK

    update components ref

    minrk authored
  13. Fernando Perez

    Merge pull request #3158 from minrk/autosave

    Add autosaving to the notebook, while retaining manual checkpoint creation.
    Autosave will perodically save the notebook, with a default interval of two minutes. This interval is configurable, and the system will automatically back off the frequency if it detects that the save operation takes too long. This can be the case if working remotely over a slow link, so this will automatically conserve bandwidth.
    The manual save operation remains available and bound to the same keys, but now it causes the creation of a separate checkpoint, which is stored in a hidden directory called `.ipynb_checkpoints`.  This provides users a poor-man's version control with a single revert point and the ability to safely experiment with potentially destructive changes to a notebook without concern that the autosave operation may clobber their file on disk.
    See [IPEP 15]( for details of the proposal.
    fperez authored
  14. Min RK

    restore checkpoints in a sub-list

    minor styling update to the restore dialog as well
    minrk authored
  15. Min RK

    rename shouldn't create a checkpoint

    minrk authored
  16. Min RK

    deleting a notebook deletes its checkpoints

    also cleanup a few log messages
    minrk authored
  17. Min RK

    autosave docstring

    minrk authored
  18. Min RK

    add checkpoint status to notebook header

    autosave is also there, but once the dirty flag is an event,
    this should stop having the date, and just become 'autosaved / unsaved changes'
    minrk authored
  19. Min RK

    fix Location headers

    minrk authored
  20. Min RK

    ignore checkpoints

    minrk authored
  21. Min RK

    Save and Checkpoint

    minrk authored
  22. Min RK

    sync with previous handler changes

    use IPythonHandler, avoid self.application
    minrk authored
  23. Min RK

    only save on close if autosaving

    minrk authored
  24. Min RK

    add %autosave magic from autosave extension

    minrk authored
  25. Min RK

    *all* user-initiated saves create a checkpoint

    minrk authored
  26. Min RK


    minrk authored
  27. Min RK

    set default autosave interval to two minutes

    minrk authored
  28. Min RK

    only autosave when dirty

    minrk authored
  29. Min RK

    add autosave timer

    autosave interval is tuned based on the duration of saves.
    Autosave will never happen more frequently than every 30 seconds,
    and if saves take more than 3 seconds, autosave will fire every 10x the duration of the save (i.e. if save takes 6 seconds, it will be every 60 seconds, etc.)
    minrk authored
  30. Min RK

    trigger autosave on tab/window close

    instead of "please don't leave!"
    minrk authored
  31. Min RK

    add Revert to the menu bar

    minrk authored
  32. Min RK

    add some checkpoint messages to the notification area

    minrk authored
  33. Min RK

    expose notebook checkpoints in html/js

    - cmd-S does a plain save
    - ^M-s does checkpoint
    - add save checkpoint to File menu
    - save button in bar does checkpoint
    minrk authored
  34. Min RK

    checkpoint info is a dict

    two keys: checkpoint_id and last_modified
    minrk authored
  35. Min RK

    add ModifyCheckpoints handler

    separates requests that change specified checkpoint IDs from those that do not.
    minrk authored
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