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cut 0.11 Release Candidate 2


Tagging RC1 for 0.11 release


Tagging version 0.10.2 for release.


Releasing IPython version 0.10.1.
IPython 0.10.1 was released October 11, 2010, over a year after version 0.10.
This is mostly a bugfix release, since after version 0.10 was released, the
development team's energy has been focused on the 0.11 series.  We have
nonetheless tried to backport what fixes we could into 0.10.1, as it remains
the stable series that many users have in production systems they rely on.

Since the 0.11 series changes many APIs in backwards-incompatible ways, we are
willing to continue maintaining the 0.10.x series.  We don't really have time
to actively write new code for 0.10.x, but we are happy to accept patches and
pull requests on the IPython `github site`_.  If sufficient contributions are
made that improve 0.10.1, we will roll them into future releases.  For this
purpose, we will have a branch called 0.10.2 on github, on which you can base
your contributions.

.. _github site:

For this release, we applied approximately 60 commits totaling a diff of over
7000 lines::

    (0.10.1)amirbar[dist]> git diff --oneline rel-0.10.. | wc -l

Highlights of this release:

- The only significant new feature is that IPython's parallel computing
  machinery now supports natively the Sun Grid Engine and LSF schedulers.  This
  work was a joint contribution from Justin Riley, Satra Ghosh and Matthieu
  Brucher, who put a lot of work into it.  We also improved traceback handling
  in remote tasks, as well as providing better control for remote task IDs.

- New IPython Sphinx directive.  You can use this directive to mark blocks in
  reSructuredText documents as containig IPython syntax (including figures) and
  the will be executed during the build::

  .. ipython::

      In [2]: plt.figure()  # ensure a fresh figure

      @savefig psimple.png width=4in
      In [3]: plt.plot([1,2,3])
      Out[3]: [<matplotlib.lines.Line2D object at 0x9b74d8c>]

- Various fixes to the standalone ipython-wx application.

- We now ship internally the excellent argparse library, graciously licensed
  under BSD terms by Steven Bethard.  Now (2010) that argparse has become part
  of Python 2.7 this will be less of an issue, but Steven's relicensing allowed
  us to start updating IPython to using argparse well before Python 2.7.  Many

- Robustness improvements so that IPython doesn't crash if the readline library
  is absent (though obviously a lot of functionality that requires readline
  will not be available).

- Improvements to tab completion in Emacs with Python 2.6.

- Logging now supports timestamps (see ``%logstart?`` for full details).

- A long-standing and quite annoying bug where parentheses would be added to
  ``print`` statements, under Python 2.5 and 2.6, was finally fixed.

- Improved handling of libreadline on Apple OSX.

- Fix ``reload`` method of IPython demos, which was broken.

- Fixes for the ipipe/ibrowse system on OSX.

- Fixes for Zope profile.

- Fix %timeit reporting when the time is longer than 1000s.

- Avoid lockups with ? or ?? in SunOS, due to a bug in termios.

- The usual assortment of miscellaneous bug fixes and small improvements.

The following people contributed to this release (please let us know if we
ommitted your name and we'll gladly fix this in the notes for the future):

* Beni Cherniavsky
* Boyd Waters.
* David Warde-Farley
* Fernando Perez
* Gökhan Sever
* Justin Riley
* Kiorky
* Laurent Dufrechou
* Mark E. Smith
* Matthieu Brucher
* Satrajit Ghosh
* Sebastian Busch
* Václav Šmilauer


Add Brian's comments regarding an elusive non-fatal error in the tria…
…l tests.


Opening trunk for 0.11 and development.
The 0.10 series now will hold any fixes for that series.  The trunk is open
for the refactoring work that will become 0.11.


Merge: Final doc updates for release 0.9.1.


Cut release 0.9. This revision will be tagged as 0.9.
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