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2013-07-12 Added support for datetime axes to 2d plots. Axis values are passed
through Axes.convert_xunits/Axes.convert_yunits before being used by
contour/contourf, pcolormesh and pcolor.
2013-07-12 Allowed matplotlib.dates.date2num, matplotlib.dates.num2date,
and matplotlib.dates.datestr2num to accept n-d inputs. Also
factored in support for n-d arrays to matplotlib.dates.DateConverter
and matplotlib.units.Registry.
2013-06-26 Refactored the axes module: the axes module is now a folder,
containing the following submodule:
-, containing all the subplots helper methods
-, containing several private methods and a new
_AxesBase class. This _AxesBase class contains all the methods
that are not directly linked to plots of the "old" Axes
- contains the Axes class. This class now inherits from
_AxesBase: it contains all "plotting" methods and labelling
This refactoring should not affect the API. Only private methods
are not importable from the axes module anymore.
2013-05-18 Added support for arbitrary rasterization resolutions to the
SVG backend. Previously the resolution was hard coded to 72
dpi. Now the backend class takes a image_dpi argument for
its constructor, adjusts the image bounding box accordingly
and forwards a magnification factor to the image renderer.
The code and results now resemble those of the PDF backend.
- MW
2013-05-08 Changed behavior of hist when given stacked=True and normed=True.
Histograms are now stacked first, then the sum is normalized.
Previously, each histogram was normalized, then they were stacked.
2013-04-25 Changed all instances of:
from matplotlib import MatplotlibDeprecationWarning as mplDeprecation
from cbook import mplDeprecation
and removed the import into the matplotlib namespace in
Thomas Caswell
2013-04-15 Added 'axes.xmargin' and 'axes.ymargin' to rpParams to set default
margins on auto-scaleing. - TAC
2013-04-16 Added patheffect support for Line2D objects. -JJL
2013-03-19 Added support for passing `linestyle` kwarg to `step` so all `plot`
kwargs are passed to the underlying `plot` call. -TAC
2013-02-25 Added classes CubicTriInterpolator, UniformTriRefiner, TriAnalyzer
to matplotlib.tri module. - GBy
2013-01-23 Add '' to rcParams to remember and fill in the last
directory saved to for figure save dialogs - Martin Spacek
2013-01-13 Add eventplot method to axes and pyplot and EventCollection class
to collections.
2013-01-08 Added two extra titles to axes which are flush with the left and
right edges of the plot respectively.
Andrew Dawson
2013-01-07 Add framealpha keyword argument to legend - PO
2013-01-16 Till Stensitzki added a baseline feature to stackplot
2012-12-22 Added classes for interpolation within triangular grids
(LinearTriInterpolator) and to find the triangles in which points
lie (TrapezoidMapTriFinder) to matplotlib.tri module. - IMT
2012-12-05 Added MatplotlibDeprecationWarning class for signaling deprecation.
Matplotlib developers can use this class as follows:
from matplotlib import MatplotlibDeprecationWarning as mplDeprecation
In light of the fact that Python builtin DeprecationWarnings are
ignored by default as of Python 2.7, this class was put in to allow
for the signaling of deprecation, but via UserWarnings which are
not ignored by default. - PI
2012-11-27 Added the *mtext* parameter for supplying matplotlib.text.Text
instances to RendererBase.draw_tex and RendererBase.draw_text.
This allows backends to utilize additional text attributes, like
the alignment of text elements. - pwuertz
2012-11-26 deprecate matplotlib/, which was used only in and is
now replaced by the more suitable `import matplotlib as mpl`. - PI
2012-11-25 Make rc_context available via pyplot interface - PI
2012-11-16 plt.set_cmap no longer throws errors if there is not already
an active colorable artist, such as an image, and just sets
up the colormap to use from that point forward. - PI
2012-11-16 Added the funcction _get_rbga_face, which is identical to
_get_rbg_face except it return a (r,g,b,a) tuble, to line2D.
Modified Line2D.draw to use _get_rbga_face to get the markerface
color so that any alpha set by markerfacecolor will respected.
- Thomas Caswell
2012-11-13 Add a symmetric log normalization class to
Also added some tests for the normalization class.
Till Stensitzki
2012-11-12 Make axes.stem take at least one argument.
Uses a default range(n) when the first arg not provided.
Damon McDougall
2012-11-09 Make plt.subplot() without arguments act as subplot(111) - PI
2012-11-08 Replaced plt.figure and plt.subplot calls by the newer, more
convenient single call to plt.subplots() in the documentation
examples - PI
2012-10-05 Add support for saving animations as animated GIFs. - JVDP
2012-08-11 Fix path-closing bug in patches.Polygon, so that regardless
of whether the path is the initial one or was subsequently
set by set_xy(), get_xy() will return a closed path if and
only if get_closed() is True. Thanks to Jacob Vanderplas. - EF
2012-08-05 When a norm is passed to contourf, either or both of the
vmin, vmax attributes of that norm are now respected.
Formerly they were respected only if both were
specified. In addition, vmin and/or vmax can now
be passed to contourf directly as kwargs. - EF
2012-07-24 Contourf handles the extend kwarg by mapping the extended
ranges outside the normed 0-1 range so that they are
handled by colormap colors determined by the set_under
and set_over methods. Previously the extended ranges
were mapped to 0 or 1 so that the "under" and "over"
colormap colors were ignored. This change also increases
slightly the color contrast for a given set of contour
levels. - EF
2012-06-24 Make use of mathtext in tick labels configurable - DSD
2012-06-05 Images loaded through PIL are now ordered correctly - CG
2012-06-02 Add new Axes method and pyplot function, hist2d. - PO
2012-05-31 Remove support for 'cairo.<format>' style of backend specification.
Deprecate 'cairo.format' and 'savefig.extension' rcParams and
replace with 'savefig.format'. - Martin Spacek
2012-05-29 pcolormesh now obeys the passed in "edgecolor" kwarg.
To support this, the "shading" argument to pcolormesh now only
takes "flat" or "gouraud". To achieve the old "faceted" behavior,
pass "edgecolors='k'". - MGD
2012-05-22 Added radius kwarg to pie charts. - HH
2012-05-22 Collections now have a setting "offset_position" to select whether
the offsets are given in "screen" coordinates (default,
following the old behavior) or "data" coordinates. This is currently
used internally to improve the performance of hexbin.
As a result, the "draw_path_collection" backend methods have grown
a new argument "offset_position". - MGD
2012-05-04 Add a new argument to pie charts - startingangle - that
allows one to specify the angle offset for the first wedge
of the chart. - EP
2012-05-03 symlog scale now obeys the logarithmic base. Previously, it was
completely ignored and always treated as base e. - MGD
2012-05-03 Allow linscalex/y keyword to symlog scale that allows the size of
the linear portion relative to the logarithmic portion to be
adjusted. - MGD
2012-04-14 Added new plot style: stackplot. This new feature supports stacked
area plots. - Damon McDougall
2012-04-06 When path clipping changes a LINETO to a MOVETO, it also
changes any CLOSEPOLY command to a LINETO to the initial
point. This fixes a problem with pdf and svg where the
CLOSEPOLY would then draw a line to the latest MOVETO
position instead of the intended initial position. - JKS
2012-03-27 Add support to ImageGrid for placing colorbars only at
one edge of each column/row. - RMM
2012-03-07 Refactor movie writing into useful classes that make use
of pipes to write image data to ffmpeg or mencoder. Also
improve settings for these and the ability to pass custom
options. - RMM
2012-02-29 errorevery keyword added to errorbar to enable errorbar
subsampling. fixes issue #600.
2012-02-28 Added plot_trisurf to the mplot3d toolkit. This supports plotting
three dimensional surfaces on an irregular grid. - Damon McDougall
2012-01-23 The radius labels in polar plots no longer use a fixed
padding, but use a different alignment depending on the
quadrant they are in. This fixes numerical problems when
(rmax - rmin) gets too small. - MGD
2012-01-08 Add axes.streamplot to plot streamlines of a velocity field.
Adapted from Tom Flannaghan streamplot implementation. -TSY
2011-12-29 ps and pdf markers are now stroked only if the line width
is nonzero for consistency with agg, fixes issue #621. - JKS
2011-12-27 Work around an EINTR bug in some versions of subprocess. - JKS
2011-10-25 added support for \operatorname to mathtext,
including the ability to insert spaces, such as
$\operatorname{arg\,max}$ - PI
2011-08-18 Change api of Axes.get_tightbbox and add an optional
keyword parameter *call_axes_locator*. - JJL
2011-07-29 A new rcParam "axes.formatter.use_locale" was added, that,
when True, will use the current locale to format tick
labels. This means that, for example, in the fr_FR locale,
',' will be used as a decimal separator. - MGD
2011-07-15 The set of markers available in the plot() and scatter()
commands has been unified. In general, this gives more
options to both than were previously available, however,
there is one backward-incompatible change to the markers in
"d" used to mean "diamond", it now means "narrow
diamond". "D" can be used for a "diamond".
2011-07-13 Fix numerical problems in symlog scale, particularly when
linthresh <= 1.0. Symlog plots may look different if one
was depending on the old broken behavior - MGD
2011-07-10 Fixed argument handling error in tripcolor/triplot/tricontour,
issue #203. - IMT
2011-07-08 Many functions added to mplot3d.axes3d to bring Axes3D
objects more feature-parity with regular Axes objects.
Significant revisions to the documentation as well.
2011-07-07 Added compatibility with IPython strategy for picking
a version of Qt4 support, and an rcParam for making
the choice explicitly: backend.qt4. - EF
2011-07-07 Modified AutoMinorLocator to improve automatic choice of
the number of minor intervals per major interval, and
to allow one to specify this number via a kwarg. - EF
2011-06-28 3D versions of scatter, plot, plot_wireframe, plot_surface,
bar3d, and some other functions now support empty inputs. - BVR
2011-06-22 Add set_theta_offset, set_theta_direction and
set_theta_zero_location to polar axes to control the
location of 0 and directionality of theta. - MGD
2011-06-22 Add axes.labelweight parameter to set font weight to axis
labels - MGD.
2011-06-20 Add pause function to pyplot. - EF
2011-06-16 Added *bottom* keyword parameter for the stem command.
Also, implemented a legend handler for the stem plot.
2011-06-16 Added legend.frameon rcParams. - Mike Kaufman
2011-05-31 Made backend_qt4 compatible with PySide . - Gerald Storer
2011-04-17 Disable keyboard auto-repeat in qt4 backend by ignoring
key events resulting from auto-repeat. This makes
constrained zoom/pan work. - EF
2011-04-14 interpolation="nearest" always interpolate images. A new
mode "none" is introduced for no interpolation - JJL
2011-04-03 Fixed broken pick interface to AsteriskCollection objects
used by scatter. - EF
2011-04-01 The plot directive Sphinx extension now supports all of the
features in the Numpy fork of that extension. These
include doctest formatting, an 'include-source' option, and
a number of new configuration options. - MGD
2011-03-29 Wrapped ViewVCCachedServer definition in a factory function.
This class now inherits from urllib2.HTTPSHandler in order
to fetch data from github, but HTTPSHandler is not defined
if python was built without SSL support. - DSD
2011-03-10 Update pytz version to 2011c, thanks to Simon Cross. - JKS
2011-03-06 Add standalone test runner script. - JKS
2011-03-06 Set edgecolor to 'face' for scatter asterisk-type
symbols; this fixes a bug in which these symbols were
not responding to the c kwarg. The symbols have no
face area, so only the edgecolor is visible. - EF
2011-02-27 Support libpng version 1.5.x; suggestion by Michael
Albert. Changed installation specification to a
minimum of libpng version 1.2. - EF
2011-02-20 clabel accepts a callable as an fmt kwarg; modified
patch by Daniel Hyams. - EF
2011-02-18 scatter([], []) is now valid. Also fixed issues
with empty collections - BVR
2011-02-07 Quick workaround for dviread bug #3175113 - JKS
2011-02-05 Add cbook memory monitoring for Windows, using
tasklist. - EF
2011-02-05 Speed up Normalize and LogNorm by using in-place
operations and by using float32 for float32 inputs
and for ints of 2 bytes or shorter; based on
patch by Christoph Gohlke. - EF
2011-02-04 Changed imshow to use rgba as uint8 from start to
finish, instead of going through an intermediate
step as double precision; thanks to Christoph Gohlke. - EF
2011-01-13 Added zdir and offset arguments to contourf3d to
bring contourf3d in feature parity with contour3d. - BVR
2011-01-04 Tag 1.0.1 for release at r8896
2011-01-03 Added display of ticker offset to 3d plots. - BVR
2011-01-03 Turn off tick labeling on interior subplots for
pyplots.subplots when sharex/sharey is True. - JDH
2010-12-29 Implement axes_divider.HBox and VBox. -JJL
2010-11-22 Fixed error with Hammer projection. - BVR
2010-11-12 Fixed the placement and angle of axis labels in 3D plots. - BVR
2010-11-07 New rc parameters and
allow bypassing the download mechanism in get_sample_data.
2010-10-04 Fix JPEG saving bug: only accept the kwargs documented
by PIL for JPEG files. - JKS
2010-09-15 Remove unused _wxagg extension and numerix.h. - EF
2010-08-25 Add new framework for doing animations with examples.- RM
2010-08-21 Remove unused and inappropriate methods from Tick classes:
set_view_interval, get_minpos, and get_data_interval are
properly found in the Axis class and don't need to be
duplicated in XTick and YTick. - EF
2010-08-21 Change Axis.set_view_interval() so that when updating an
existing interval, it respects the orientation of that
interval, and can enlarge but not reduce the interval.
This fixes a bug in which Axis.set_ticks would
change the view limits of an inverted axis. Whether
set_ticks should be affecting the viewLim at all remains
an open question. - EF
2010-08-16 Handle NaN's correctly in path analysis routines. Fixes a
bug where the best location for a legend was not calculated
correctly when the line contains NaNs. - MGD
2010-08-14 Fix bug in patch alpha handling, and in bar color kwarg - EF
2010-08-12 Removed all traces of numerix module after 17 months of
deprecation warnings. - EF
2010-08-05 Added keyword arguments 'thetaunits' and 'runits' for polar
plots. Fixed PolarAxes so that when it set default
Formatters, it marked them as such. Fixed semilogx and
semilogy to no longer blindly reset the ticker information
on the non-log axis. Axes.arrow can now accept unitized
data. - JRE
2010-08-03 Add support for MPLSETUPCFG variable for custom setup.cfg
filename. Used by sage buildbot to build an mpl w/ no gui
support - JDH
2010-08-01 Create directory specified by MPLCONFIGDIR if it does
not exist. - ADS
2010-07-20 Return Qt4's default cursor when leaving the canvas - DSD
2010-07-06 Tagging for mpl 1.0 at r8502
2010-07-05 Added Ben Root's patch to put 3D plots in arbitrary axes,
allowing you to mix 3d and 2d in different axes/subplots or
to have multiple 3D plots in one figure. See
examples/mplot3d/ - JDH
2010-07-05 Preferred kwarg names in set_xlim are now 'left' and
'right'; in set_ylim, 'bottom' and 'top'; original
kwargs are still accepted without complaint. - EF
2010-07-05 TkAgg and FltkAgg backends are now consistent with other
interactive backends: when used in scripts from the
command line (not from ipython -pylab), show blocks,
and can be called more than once. - EF
2010-07-02 Modified CXX/WrapPython.h to fix "swab bug" on solaris so
mpl can compile on Solaris with CXX6 in the trunk. Closes
tracker bug 3022815 - JDH
2010-06-30 Added autoscale convenience method and corresponding
pyplot function for simplified control of autoscaling;
and changed axis, set_xlim, and set_ylim so that by
default, they turn off the autoscaling on the relevent
axis or axes. Therefore one can call set_xlim before
plotting a line, for example, and the limits will be
retained. - EF
2010-06-20 Added Axes.tick_params and corresponding pyplot function
to control tick and tick label appearance after an Axes
has been created. - EF
2010-06-09 Allow Axes.grid to control minor gridlines; allow
Axes.grid and Axis.grid to control major and minor
gridlines in the same method call. - EF
2010-06-06 Change the way we do split/dividend adjustments in to handle dividends and fix the zero division bug reported
in sf bug 2949906 and 2123566. Note that volume is not adjusted
because the Yahoo CSV does not distinguish between share
split and dividend adjustments making it near impossible to
get volume adjustement right (unless we want to guess based
on the size of the adjustment or scrape the html tables,
which we don't) - JDH
2010-06-06 Updated dateutil to 1.5 and pytz to 2010h.
2010-06-02 Add error_kw kwarg to - EF
2010-06-01 Fix pcolormesh() and QuadMesh to pass on kwargs as
appropriate. - RM
2010-05-18 Merge mpl_toolkits.gridspec into the main tree. - JJL
2010-05-04 Improve backend_qt4 so it displays figures with the
correct size - DSD
2010-04-20 Added generic support for connecting to a timer for events. This
adds TimerBase, TimerGTK, TimerQT, TimerWx, and TimerTk to
the backends and a new_timer() method to each backend's
canvas to allow ease of creating a new timer. - RM
2010-04-20 Added margins() Axes method and pyplot function. - EF
2010-04-18 update the axes_grid documentation. -JJL
2010-04-18 Control MaxNLocator parameters after instantiation,
and via Axes.locator_params method, with corresponding
pyplot function. -EF
2010-04-18 Control ScalarFormatter offsets directly and via the
Axes.ticklabel_format() method, and add that to pyplot. -EF
2010-04-16 Add a close_event to the backends. -RM
2010-04-06 modify axes_grid examples to use axes_grid1 and axisartist. -JJL
2010-04-06 rebase axes_grid using axes_grid1 and axisartist modules. -JJL
2010-04-06 axes_grid toolkit is splitted into two separate modules,
axes_grid1 and axisartist. -JJL
2010-04-05 Speed up import: import pytz only if and when it is
needed. It is not needed if the rc timezone is UTC. - EF
2010-04-03 Added color kwarg to Axes.hist(), based on work by
Jeff Klukas. - EF
2010-03-24 refactor colorbar code so that no cla() is necessary when
mappable is changed. -JJL
2010-03-22 fix incorrect rubber band during the zoom mode when mouse
leaves the axes. -JJL
2010-03-21 x/y key during the zoom mode only changes the x/y limits. -JJL
2010-03-20 Added function suggested by JJL. - EF
2010-03-20 Added conditional support for new Tooltip API in gtk backend. - EF
2010-03-20 Changed plt.fig_subplot() to plt.subplots() after discussion on
list, and changed its API to return axes as a numpy object array
(with control of dimensions via squeeze keyword). FP.
2010-03-13 Manually brought in commits from branch
r8191 | leejjoon | 2010-03-13 17:27:57 -0500 (Sat, 13 Mar 2010) | 1 line
fix the bug that handles for scatter are incorrectly set when dpi!=72.
Thanks to Ray Speth for the bug report.
2010-03-03 Manually brought in commits from branch via diff/patch
(svnmerge is broken)
r8175 | leejjoon | 2010-03-03 10:03:30 -0800 (Wed, 03 Mar 2010) | 1 line
fix arguments of allow_rasterization.draw_wrapper
r8174 | jdh2358 | 2010-03-03 09:15:58 -0800 (Wed, 03 Mar 2010) | 1 line
added support for favicon in docs build
r8173 | jdh2358 | 2010-03-03 08:56:16 -0800 (Wed, 03 Mar 2010) | 1 line
applied Mattias get_bounds patch
r8172 | jdh2358 | 2010-03-03 08:31:42 -0800 (Wed, 03 Mar 2010) | 1 line
fix svnmerge download instructions
r8171 | jdh2358 | 2010-03-03 07:47:48 -0800 (Wed, 03 Mar 2010) | 1 line
2010-02-25 add that demonstrates new functionality. -JJL
2010-02-25 refactor Annotation to support arbitrary Transform as xycoords
or textcoords. Also, if a tuple of two coordinates is provided,
they are interpreted as coordinates for each x and y position.
2010-02-24 Added pyplot.fig_subplot(), to create a figure and a group of
subplots in a single call. This offers an easier pattern than
manually making figures and calling add_subplot() multiple times. FP
2010-02-17 Added Gokhan's and Mattias' customizable keybindings patch
for the toolbar. You can now set the keymap.* properties
in the matplotlibrc file. Newbindings were added for
toggling log scaling on the x-axis. JDH
2010-02-16 Committed TJ's filled marker patch for
left|right|bottom|top|full filled markers. See
examples/pylab_examples/ JDH
2010-02-11 Added 'bootstrap' option to boxplot. This allows bootstrap
estimates of median confidence intervals. Based on an
initial patch by Paul Hobson. - ADS
2010-02-06 Added setup.cfg "basedirlist" option to override setting
in "basedir" dictionary; added "gnu0"
platform requested by Benjamin Drung. - EF
2010-02-06 Added 'xy' scaling option to EllipseCollection. - EF
2010-02-03 Made plot_directive use a custom PlotWarning category, so that
warnings can be turned into fatal errors easily if desired. - FP
2010-01-29 Added draggable method to Legend to allow mouse drag
placement. Thanks Adam Fraser. JDH
2010-01-25 Fixed a bug reported by Olle Engdegard, when using
histograms with stepfilled and log=True - MM
2010-01-16 Upgraded CXX to 6.1.1 - JDH
2009-01-16 Don't create minor ticks on top of existing major
ticks. Patch by Neil Crighton. -ADS
2009-01-16 Ensure three minor ticks always drawn (SF# 2924245). Patch
by Neil Crighton. -ADS
2010-01-16 Applied patch by Ian Thomas to fix two contouring
problems: now contourf handles interior masked regions,
and the boundaries of line and filled contours coincide. - EF
2009-01-11 The color of legend patch follows the rc parameters
axes.facecolor and axes.edgecolor. -JJL
2009-01-11 adjustable of Axes can be "box-forced" which allow
sharing axes. -JJL
2009-01-11 Add add_click and pop_click methods in
BlockingContourLabeler. -JJL
2010-01-03 Added rcParams['axes.color_cycle'] - EF
2010-01-03 Added Pierre's qt4 formlayout editor and toolbar button - JDH
2009-12-31 Add support for using math text as marker symbols (Thanks to tcb)
2009-12-31 Commit a workaround for a regression in PyQt4-4.6.{0,1} - DSD
2009-12-22 Fix cmap data for gist_earth_r, etc. -JJL
2009-12-20 spines: put spines in data coordinates, add set_bounds()
call. -ADS
2009-12-18 Don't limit notch size in boxplot to q1-q3 range, as this
is effectively making the data look better than it is. - ADS
2009-12-18 mlab.prctile handles even-length data, such that the median
is the mean of the two middle values. - ADS
2009-12-15 Add raw-image (unsampled) support for the ps backend. - JJL
2009-12-14 Add patch_artist kwarg to boxplot, but keep old default.
Convert to use the new patch_artist. - ADS
2009-12-06 axes_grid: reimplemented AxisArtist with FloatingAxes support.
Added new examples. - JJL
2009-12-01 Applied Laurent Dufrechou's patch to improve blitting with
the qt4 backend - DSD
2009-11-13 The pdf backend now allows changing the contents of
a pdf file's information dictionary via PdfPages.infodict. - JKS
2009-11-12 should no longer cause EINTR on Python 2.6
(but will on the 2.5 version of subprocess). Also the
fc-list command in that file was fixed so now it should
actually find the list of fontconfig fonts. - JKS
2009-11-10 Single images, and all images in renderers with
option_image_nocomposite (i.e. agg, macosx and the svg
backend when rcParams['svg.image_noscale'] is True), are
now drawn respecting the zorder relative to other
artists. (Note that there may now be inconsistencies across
backends when more than one image is drawn at varying
zorders, but this change introduces correct behavior for
the backends in which it's easy to do so.)
2009-10-21 Make AutoDateLocator more configurable by adding options
to control the maximum and minimum number of ticks. Also
add control of the intervals to be used for ticking. This
does not change behavior but opens previously hard-coded
behavior to runtime modification`. - RMM
2009-10-19 Add "path_effects" support for Text and Patch. See
examples/pylab_examples/ -JJL
2009-10-19 Add "use_clabeltext" option to clabel. If True, clabels
will be created with ClabelText class, which recalculates
rotation angle of the label during the drawing time. -JJL
2009-10-16 Make AutoDateFormatter actually use any specified
timezone setting.This was only working correctly
when no timezone was specified. - RMM
2009-09-27 Beginnings of a capability to test the pdf backend. - JKS
2009-09-27 Add a savefig.extension rcparam to control the default
filename extension used by savefig. - JKS
2009-09-21 Tagged for release 0.99.1
2009-09-20 Fix usetex spacing errors in pdf backend. - JKS
2009-09-20 Add Sphinx extension to highlight IPython console sessions,
originally authored (I think) by Michael Droetboom. - FP
2009-09-20 Fix off-by-one error in dviread.Tfm, and additionally protect
against exceptions in case a dvi font is missing some metrics. - JKS
2009-09-15 Implement draw_text and draw_tex method of backend_base using
the textpath module. Implement draw_tex method of the svg
backend. - JJL
2009-09-15 Don't fail on AFM files containing floating-point bounding boxes - JKS
2009-09-13 AxesGrid : add modified version of colorbar. Add colorbar
location howto. - JJL
2009-09-07 AxesGrid : implemented axisline style.
Added a demo examples/axes_grid/ JJL
2009-09-04 Make the textpath class as a separate moduel
( Add support for mathtext and tex.- JJL
2009-09-01 Added support for Gouraud interpolated triangles.
pcolormesh now accepts shading='gouraud' as an option. - MGD
2009-08-29 Added matplotlib.testing package, which contains a Nose
plugin and a decorator that lets tests be marked as
KnownFailures - ADS
2009-08-20 Added scaled dict to AutoDateFormatter for customized
scales - JDH
2009-08-15 Pyplot interface: the current image is now tracked at the
figure and axes level, addressing tracker item 1656374. - EF
2009-08-15 Docstrings are now manipulated with decorators defined
in a new module,, thanks to Jason Coombs. - EF
2009-08-14 Add support for image filtering for agg back end. See the example -JJL
2009-08-09 AnnotationBbox added. Similar to Annotation, but works with
OffsetBox instead of Text. See the example -JJL
2009-08-07 BboxImage implemented. Two examples, and added. - JJL
2009-08-07 In an effort to simplify the backend API, all clipping rectangles
and paths are now passed in using GraphicsContext objects, even
on collections and images. Therefore:
draw_path_collection(self, master_transform, cliprect, clippath,
clippath_trans, paths, all_transforms, offsets,
offsetTrans, facecolors, edgecolors, linewidths,
linestyles, antialiaseds, urls)
draw_path_collection(self, gc, master_transform, paths, all_transforms,
offsets, offsetTrans, facecolors, edgecolors,
linewidths, linestyles, antialiaseds, urls)
draw_quad_mesh(self, master_transform, cliprect, clippath,
clippath_trans, meshWidth, meshHeight, coordinates,
offsets, offsetTrans, facecolors, antialiased,
draw_quad_mesh(self, gc, master_transform, meshWidth, meshHeight,
coordinates, offsets, offsetTrans, facecolors,
antialiased, showedges)
draw_image(self, x, y, im, bbox, clippath=None, clippath_trans=None)
draw_image(self, gc, x, y, im)
2009-08-06 Tagging the 0.99.0 release at svn r7397 - JDH
* fixed an alpha colormapping bug posted on sf 2832575
* fix typo in use nanmin, nanmax in
(patch by Christoph Gohlke)
* remove dup gui event in enter/leave events in gtk
* lots of fixes for os x binaries (Thanks Russell Owen)
* attach gtk events to mpl events -- fixes sf bug 2816580
* applied sf patch 2815064 (middle button events for wx) and
patch 2818092 (resize events for wx)
* fixed so it doesn't break the ReST docs.
* removed a couple of cases of mlab.load
* fixed rec2csv win32 file handle bug from sf patch 2831018
* added two examples from Josh Hemann: examples/pylab_examples/
and examples/pylab_examples/
* handled sf bugs 2831556 and 2830525; better bar error messages and
backend driver configs
* added miktex win32 patch from sf patch 2820194
* apply sf patches 2830233 and 2823885 for osx setup and 64 bit; thanks Michiel
2009-08-04 Made cbook.get_sample_data make use of the ETag and Last-Modified
headers of mod_dav_svn. - JKS
2009-08-03 Add PathCollection; modify contourf to use complex
paths instead of simple paths with cuts. - EF
2009-08-03 Fixed so it doesn't break the ReST docs. - JKS
2009-08-03 pylab no longer provides a load and save function. These
are available in matplotlib.mlab, or you can use
numpy.loadtxt and numpy.savetxt for text files, or
and np.load for binary numpy arrays. - JDH
2009-07-31 Added cbook.get_sample_data for urllib enabled fetching and
cacheing of data needed for examples. See
examples/misc/ - JDH
2009-07-31 Tagging 0.99.0.rc1 at 7314 - MGD
2009-07-30 Add set_cmap and register_cmap, and improve get_cmap,
to provide convenient handling of user-generated
colormaps. Reorganized _cm and cm modules. - EF
2009-07-28 Quiver speed improved, thanks to tip by Ray Speth. -EF
2009-07-27 Simplify argument handling code for plot method. -EF
2009-07-25 Allow "plot(1, 2, 'r*')" to work. - EF
2009-07-22 Added an 'interp' keyword to griddata so the faster linear
interpolation method can be chosen. Default is 'nn', so
default behavior (using natural neighbor method) is unchanged (JSW)
2009-07-22 Improved so that it generates the correct
signatures for pyplot functions. - JKS
2009-07-19 Fixed the docstring of Axes.step to reflect the correct
meaning of the kwargs "pre" and "post" - See SF bug
2009-07-18 Fix support for hatches without color fills to pdf and svg
backends. Add an example of that to - JKS
2009-07-17 Removed fossils from swig version of agg backend. - EF
2009-07-14 initial submission of the annotation guide. -JJL
2009-07-14 axes_grid : minor improvements in anchored_artists and
inset_locator. -JJL
2009-07-14 Fix a few bugs in ConnectionStyle algorithms. Add
ConnectionPatch class. -JJL
2009-07-11 Added a fillstyle Line2D property for half filled markers
-- see examples/pylab_examples/ JDH
2009-07-08 Attempt to improve performance of qt4 backend, do not call
qApp.processEvents while processing an event. Thanks Ole
Streicher for tracking this down - DSD
2009-06-24 Add withheader option to mlab.rec2csv and changed
use_mrecords default to False in mlab.csv2rec since this is
partially broken - JDH
2009-06-24 backend_agg.draw_marker quantizes the main path (as in the
draw_path). - JJL
2009-06-24 axes_grid: floating axis support added. - JJL
2009-06-14 Add new command line options to to support
running only some directories of tests - JKS
2009-06-13 partial cleanup of mlab and its importation in pylab - EF
2009-06-13 Introduce a rotation_mode property for the Text artist. See
examples/pylab_examples/ -JJL
2009-06-07 add support for bz2 files per sf support request 2794556 -
2009-06-06 added a properties method to the artist and inspector to
return a dict mapping property name -> value; see sf
feature request 2792183 - JDH
2009-06-06 added Neil's auto minor tick patch; sf patch #2789713 - JDH
2009-06-06 do not apply alpha to rgba color conversion if input is
already rgba - JDH
2009-06-03 axes_grid : Initial check-in of curvelinear grid support. See
examples/axes_grid/ - JJL
2009-06-01 Add set_color method to Patch - EF
2009-06-01 Spine is now derived from Patch - ADS
2009-06-01 use cbook.is_string_like() instead of isinstance() for spines - ADS
2009-06-01 cla() support for spines - ADS
2009-06-01 Removed support for gtk < 2.4. - EF
2009-05-29 Improved the animation_blit_qt4 example, which was a mix
of the object-oriented and pylab interfaces. It is now
strictly object-oriented - DSD
2009-05-28 Fix axes_grid toolkit to work with spine patch by ADS. - JJL
2009-05-28 Applied fbianco's patch to handle scroll wheel events in
the qt4 backend - DSD
2009-05-26 Add support for "axis spines" to have arbitrary location. -ADS
2009-05-20 Add an empty matplotlibrc to the tests/ directory so that running
tests will use the default set of rcparams rather than the user's
config. - RMM
2009-05-19 Axis.grid(): allow use of which='major,minor' to have grid
on major and minor ticks. -ADS
2009-05-18 Make psd(), csd(), and cohere() wrap properly for complex/two-sided
versions, like specgram() (SF #2791686) - RMM
2009-05-18 Fix the linespacing bug of multiline text (#1239682). See
examples/pylab_examples/ -JJL
2009-05-18 Add *annotation_clip* attr. for text.Annotation class.
If True, annotation is only drawn when the annotated point is
inside the axes area. -JJL
2009-05-17 Fix bug(#2749174) that some properties of minor ticks are
not conserved -JJL
2009-05-17 applied Michiel's sf patch 2790638 to turn off gtk event
loop in setupext for pygtk>=2.15.10 - JDH
2009-05-17 applied Michiel's sf patch 2792742 to speed up Cairo and
macosx collections; speedups can be 20x. Also fixes some
bugs in which gc got into inconsistent state
2008-05-17 Release at r7107 from the branch - JDH
2009-05-13 An optional offset and bbox support in restore_bbox.
Add -JJL
2009-05-13 psfrag in backend_ps now uses baseline-alignment
when preview.sty is used ((default is
bottom-alignment). Also, a small api imporvement
in OffsetBox-JJL
2009-05-13 When the x-coordinate of a line is monotonically
increasing, it is now automatically clipped at
the stage of generating the transformed path in
the draw method; this greatly speeds up zooming and
panning when one is looking at a short segment of
a long time series, for example. - EF
2009-05-11 aspect=1 in log-log plot gives square decades. -JJL
2009-05-08 clabel takes new kwarg, rightside_up; if False, labels
will not be flipped to keep them rightside-up. This
allows the use of clabel to make streamfunction arrows,
as requested by Evan Mason. - EF
2009-05-07 'labelpad' can now be passed when setting x/y labels. This
allows controlling the spacing between the label and its
axis. - RMM
2009-05-06 print_ps now uses mixed-mode renderer. Axes.draw rasterize
artists whose zorder smaller than rasterization_zorder.
2009-05-06 Per-artist Rasterization, originally by Eric Bruning. -JJ
2009-05-05 Add an example that shows how to make a plot that updates
using data from another process. Thanks to Robert
Cimrman - RMM
2009-05-05 Add Axes.get_legend_handles_labels method. - JJL
2009-05-04 Fix bug that Text.Annotation is still drawn while set to
not visible. - JJL
2009-05-04 Added TJ's fill_betweenx patch - JDH
2009-05-02 Added options to plotfile based on question from
Joseph Smidt and patch by Matthias Michler. - EF
2009-05-01 Changed add_artist and similar Axes methods to
return their argument. - EF
2009-04-30 Incorrect eps bbox for landscape mode fixed - JJL
2009-04-28 Fixed incorrect bbox of eps output when usetex=True. - JJL
2009-04-24 Changed use of* to instead use subprocess.Popen.
os.popen* are deprecated in 2.6 and are removed in 3.0. - RMM
2009-04-20 Worked on axes_grid documentation. Added
axes_grid.inset_locator. - JJL
2009-04-17 Initial check-in of the axes_grid toolkit. - JJL
2009-04-17 Added a support for bbox_to_anchor in
offsetbox.AnchoredOffsetbox. Improved a documentation.
2009-04-16 Fixed a offsetbox bug that multiline texts are not
correctly aligned. - JJL
2009-04-16 Fixed a bug in mixed mode renderer that images produced by
an rasterizing backend are placed with incorrect size.
2009-04-14 Added Jonathan Taylor's Reinier Heeres' port of John
Porters' mplot3d to svn trunk. Package in
mpl_toolkits.mplot3d and demo is examples/mplot3d/
Thanks Reiner
2009-04-06 The pdf backend now escapes newlines and linefeeds in strings.
Fixes sf bug #2708559; thanks to Tiago Pereira for the report.
2009-04-06 texmanager.make_dvi now raises an error if LaTeX failed to
create an output file. Thanks to Joao Luis Silva for reporting
this. - JKS
2009-04-05 _png.read_png() reads 12 bit PNGs (patch from
Tobias Wood) - ADS
2009-04-04 Allow log axis scale to clip non-positive values to
small positive value; this is useful for errorbars. - EF
2009-03-28 Make images handle nan in their array argument.
A helper, cbook.safe_masked_invalid() was added. - EF
2009-03-25 Make contour and contourf handle nan in their Z argument. - EF
2009-03-20 Add AuxTransformBox in to support some transformation. example is enhanced and renamed
( - JJL
2009-03-20 Add "bar" connection style for annotation - JJL
2009-03-17 Fix bugs in edge color handling by contourf, found
by Jae-Joon Lee. - EF
2009-03-14 Added 'LightSource' class to colors module for
creating shaded relief maps.
added to illustrate usage. - JSW
2009-03-11 Ensure wx version >= 2.8; thanks to Sandro Tosi and
Chris Barker. - EF
2009-03-10 Fix join style bug in pdf. - JKS
2009-03-07 Add pyplot access to figure number list - EF
2009-02-28 hashing of FontProperties accounts current rcParams - JJL
2009-02-28 Prevent double-rendering of shared axis in twinx, twiny - EF
2009-02-26 Add optional bbox_to_anchor argument for legend class - JJL
2009-02-26 Support image clipping in pdf backend. - JKS
2009-02-25 Improve tick location subset choice in FixedLocator. - EF
2009-02-24 Deprecate numerix, and strip out all but the numpy
part of the code. - EF
2009-02-21 Improve scatter argument handling; add an early error
message, allow inputs to have more than one dimension. - EF
2009-02-16 Move to the installed source tree. Add
support for inline code content - MGD
2009-02-16 Move to the installed source tree so it is
available to other projects. - MGD
2009-02-14 Added the legend title support - JJL
2009-02-10 Fixed a bug in backend_pdf so it doesn't break when the setting
pdf.use14corefonts=True is used. Added test case in
unit/ - NGR
2009-02-08 Added a new imsave function to and exposed it in
the pyplot interface - GR
2009-02-04 Some reorgnization of the legend code.
added as an example. - JJL
2009-02-04 Add extent keyword arg to hexbin - ADS
2009-02-04 Fix bug in mathtext related to \dots and \ldots - MGD
2009-02-03 Change default joinstyle to round - MGD
2009-02-02 Reduce number of marker XObjects in pdf output - JKS
2009-02-02 Change default resolution on polar plot to 1 - MGD
2009-02-02 Avoid malloc errors in ttconv for fonts that don't have
e.g., PostName (a version of Tahoma triggered this) - JKS
2009-01-30 Remove support for pyExcelerator in exceltools -- use xlwt
instead - JDH
2009-01-29 Document 'resolution' kwarg for polar plots. Support it
when using pyplot.polar, not just Figure.add_axes. - MGD
2009-01-29 Rework the nan-handling/clipping/quantizing/simplification
framework so each is an independent part of a pipeline.
Expose the C++-implementation of all of this so it can be
used from all Python backends. Add rcParam
"path.simplify_threshold" to control the threshold of
similarity below which vertices will be removed.
2009-01-26 Improved tight bbox option of the savefig. - JJL
2009-01-26 Make curves and NaNs play nice together - MGD
2009-01-21 Changed the defaults of acorr and xcorr to use
usevlines=True, maxlags=10 and normed=True since these are
the best defaults
2009-01-19 Fix bug in quiver argument handling. - EF
2009-01-19 Fix bug in backend_gtk: don't delete nonexistent toolbar. - EF
2009-01-16 Implement bbox_inches option for savefig. If bbox_inches is
"tight", try to determine the tight bounding box. - JJL
2009-01-16 Fix bug in is_string_like so it doesn't raise an
unnecessary exception. - EF
2009-01-16 Fix an infinite recursion in the unit registry when searching
for a converter for a sequence of strings. Add a corresponding
test. - RM
2009-01-16 Bugfix of C typedef of MPL_Int64 that was failing on
Windows XP 64 bit, as reported by George Goussard on numpy
mailing list. - ADS
2009-01-16 Added helper function LinearSegmentedColormap.from_list to
facilitate building simple custom colomaps. See
examples/pylab_examples/ - JDH
2009-01-16 Applied Michiel's patch for macosx backend to fix rounding
bug. Closed sf bug 2508440 - JSW
2009-01-10 Applied Michiel's hatch patch for macosx backend and
draw_idle patch for qt. Closes sf patched 2497785 and
2468809 - JDH
2009-01-10 Fix bug in pan/zoom with log coordinates. - EF
2009-01-06 Fix bug in setting of dashed negative contours. - EF
2009-01-06 Be fault tolerant when len(linestyles)>NLev in contour. - MM
2009-01-06 Added marginals kwarg to hexbin to plot marginal densities
2009-01-06 Change user-visible multipage pdf object to PdfPages to
avoid accidents with the file-like PdfFile. - JKS
2009-01-05 Fix a bug in pdf usetex: allow using non-embedded fonts. - JKS
2009-01-05 optional use of preview.sty in usetex mode. - JJL
2009-01-02 Allow multipage pdf files. - JKS
2008-12-31 Improve pdf usetex by adding support for font effects
(slanting and extending). - JKS
2008-12-29 Fix a bug in pdf usetex support, which occurred if the same
Type-1 font was used with different encodings, e.g., with
Minion Pro and MnSymbol. - JKS
2008-12-20 fix the dpi-dependent offset of Shadow. - JJL
2008-12-20 fix the hatch bug in the pdf backend. minor update
in docs and example - JJL
2008-12-19 Add axes_locator attribute in Axes. Two examples are added.
2008-12-19 Update Axes.legend documnetation. /api/api_changes.rst is also
updated to describe chages in keyword parameters.
Issue a warning if old keyword parameters are used. - JJL
2008-12-18 add new arrow style, a line + filled triangles. -JJL
2008-12-18 Re-Released from v0_98_5_maint at r6679
Released from v0_98_5_maint at r6667
2008-12-18 Removed configobj, experimental traits and doc/mpl_data link - JDH
2008-12-18 Fix bug where a line with NULL data limits prevents
subsequent data limits from calculating correctly - MGD
2008-12-17 Major documentation generator changes - MGD
2008-12-17 Applied macosx backend patch with support for path
collections, quadmesh, etc... - JDH
2008-12-17 fix dpi-dependent behavior of text bbox and arrow in annotate
2008-12-17 Add group id support in artist. Two examples which
demostrate svg filter are added. -JJL
2008-12-16 Another attempt to fix dpi-dependent behavior of Legend. -JJL
2008-12-16 Fixed dpi-dependent behavior of Legend and fancybox in Text.
2008-12-16 Added markevery property to Line2D to support subsampling
of markers - JDH
2008-12-15 Removed mpl_data symlink in docs. On platforms that do not
support symlinks, these become copies, and the font files
are large, so the distro becomes unneccessarily bloaded.
Keeping the mpl_examples dir because relative links are
harder for the plot directive and the *.py files are not so
large. - JDH
2008-12-15 Fix \$ in non-math text with usetex off. Document
differences between usetex on/off - MGD
2008-12-15 Fix anti-aliasing when auto-snapping - MGD
2008-12-15 Fix grid lines not moving correctly during pan and zoom - MGD
2008-12-12 Preparations to eliminate maskedarray rcParams key: its
use will now generate a warning. Similarly, importing
the obsolote numerix.npyma will generate a warning. - EF
2008-12-12 Added support for the numpy.histogram() weights parameter
to the axes hist() method. Docs taken from numpy - MM
2008-12-12 Fixed warning in hist() with numpy 1.2 - MM
2008-12-12 Removed external packages: configobj and enthought.traits
which are only required by the experimental traited config
and are somewhat out of date. If needed, install them
independently, see:
2008-12-12 Added support to asign labels to histograms of multiple
data. - MM
2008-12-11 Released 0.98.5 at svn r6573
2008-12-11 Use subprocess.Popen instead of os.popen in dviread
(Windows problem reported by Jorgen Stenarson) - JKS
2008-12-10 Added Michael's font_manager fix and Jae-Joon's
figure/subplot fix. Bumped version number to 0.98.5 - JDH
2008-12-09 Released 0.98.4 at svn r6536
2008-12-08 Added mdehoon's native macosx backend from sf patch 2179017 - JDH
2008-12-08 Removed the prints in the set_*style commands. Return the
list of pprinted strings instead - JDH
2008-12-08 Some of the changes Michael made to improve the output of
the property tables in the rest docs broke of made
difficult to use some of the interactive doc helpers, e.g.,
setp and getp. Having all the rest markup in the ipython
shell also confused the docstrings. I added a new rc param
docstring.harcopy, to format the docstrings differently for
hardcopy and other use. Ther ArtistInspector could use a
little refactoring now since there is duplication of effort
between the rest out put and the non-rest output - JDH
2008-12-08 Updated spectral methods (psd, csd, etc.) to scale one-sided
densities by a factor of 2 and, optionally, scale all densities
by the sampling frequency. This gives better MatLab
compatibility. -RM
2008-12-08 Fixed alignment of ticks in colorbars. -MGD
2008-12-07 drop the deprecated "new" keyword of np.histogram() for
numpy 1.2 or later. -JJL
2008-12-06 Fixed a bug in svg backend that new_figure_manager()
ignores keywords arguments such as figsize, etc. -JJL
2008-12-05 Fixed a bug that the handlelength of the new legend class
set too short when numpoints=1 -JJL
2008-12-04 Added support for data with units (e.g., dates) to
Axes.fill_between. -RM
2008-12-04 Added fancybox keyword to legend. Also applied some changes
for better look, including baseline adjustment of the
multiline texts so that it is center aligned. -JJL
2008-12-02 The transmuter classes in the are reorganized as
subclasses of the Style classes. A few more box and arrow
styles are added. -JJL
2008-12-02 Fixed a bug in the new legend class that didn't allowed
a tuple of coordinate vlaues as loc. -JJL
2008-12-02 Improve checks for external dependencies, using subprocess
(instead of deprecated popen*) and distutils (for version
checking) - DSD
2008-11-30 Reimplementaion of the legend which supports baseline alignement,
multi-column, and expand mode. - JJL
2008-12-01 Fixed histogram autoscaling bug when bins or range are given
explicitly (fixes Debian bug 503148) - MM
2008-11-25 Added rcParam axes.unicode_minus which allows plain hypen
for minus when False - JDH
2008-11-25 Added scatterpoints support in Legend. patch by Erik
Tollerud - JJL
2008-11-24 Fix crash in log ticking. - MGD
2008-11-20 Added static helper method BrokenHBarCollection.span_where
and Axes/pyplot method fill_between. See
examples/pylab/ - JDH
2008-11-12 Add x_isdata and y_isdata attributes to Artist instances,
and use them to determine whether either or both
coordinates are used when updating dataLim. This is
used to fix autoscaling problems that had been triggered
by axhline, axhspan, axvline, axvspan. - EF
2008-11-11 Update the psd(), csd(), cohere(), and specgram() methods
of Axes and the csd() cohere(), and specgram() functions
in mlab to be in sync with the changes to psd().
In fact, under the hood, these all call the same core
to do computations. - RM
2008-11-11 Add 'pad_to' and 'sides' parameters to mlab.psd() to
allow controlling of zero padding and returning of
negative frequency components, respecitively. These are
added in a way that does not change the API. - RM
2008-11-10 Fix handling of c kwarg by scatter; generalize
is_string_like to accept numpy and string
array scalars. - RM and EF
2008-11-09 Fix a possible EINTR problem in dviread, which might help
when saving pdf files from the qt backend. - JKS
2008-11-05 Fix bug with zoom to rectangle and twin axes - MGD
2008-10-24 Added Jae Joon's fancy arrow, box and annotation
enhancements -- see
2008-10-23 Autoscaling is now supported with shared axes - EF
2008-10-23 Fixed exception in dviread that happened with Minion - JKS
2008-10-21 set_xlim, ylim now return a copy of the viewlim array to
avoid modify inplace surprises
2008-10-20 Added image thumbnail generating function
matplotlib.image.thumbnail. See
examples/misc/ - JDH
2008-10-20 Applied scatleg patch based on ideas and work by Erik
Tollerud and Jae-Joon Lee. - MM
2008-10-11 Fixed bug in pdf backend: if you pass a file object for
output instead of a filename, e.g., in a wep app, we now
flush the object at the end. - JKS
2008-10-08 Add path simplification support to paths with gaps. - EF
2008-10-05 Fix problem with AFM files that don't specify the font's
full name or family name. - JKS
2008-10-04 Added 'scilimits' kwarg to Axes.ticklabel_format() method,
for easy access to the set_powerlimits method of the
major ScalarFormatter. - EF
2008-10-04 Experimental new kwarg borderpad to replace pad in legend,
based on suggestion by Jae-Joon Lee. - EF
2008-09-27 Allow spy to ignore zero values in sparse arrays, based
on patch by Tony Yu. Also fixed plot to handle empty
data arrays, and fixed handling of markers in figlegend. - EF
2008-09-24 Introduce drawstyles for lines. Transparently split linestyles
like 'steps--' into drawstyle 'steps' and linestyle '--'.
Legends always use drawstyle 'default'. - MM
2008-09-18 Fixed quiver and quiverkey bugs (failure to scale properly
when resizing) and added additional methods for determining
the arrow angles - EF
2008-09-18 Fix polar interpolation to handle negative values of theta - MGD
2008-09-14 Reorganized cbook and mlab methods related to numerical
calculations that have little to do with the goals of those two
modules into a separate module
Also, added ability to select points and stop point selection
with keyboard in ginput and manual contour labeling code.
Finally, fixed contour labeling bug. - DMK
2008-09-11 Fix backtick in Postscript output. - MGD
2008-09-10 [ 2089958 ] Path simplification for vector output backends
Leverage the simplification code exposed through
path_to_polygons to simplify certain well-behaved paths in
the vector backends (PDF, PS and SVG). "path.simplify"
must be set to True in matplotlibrc for this to work. -
2008-09-10 Add "filled" kwarg to Path.intersects_path and
Path.intersects_bbox. - MGD
2008-09-07 Changed full arrows slightly to avoid an xpdf rendering
problem reported by Friedrich Hagedorn. - JKS
2008-09-07 Fix conversion of quadratic to cubic Bezier curves in PDF
and PS backends. Patch by Jae-Joon Lee. - JKS
2008-09-06 Added 5-point star marker to plot command - EF
2008-09-05 Fix hatching in PS backend - MGD
2008-09-03 Fix log with base 2 - MGD
2008-09-01 Added support for bilinear interpolation in
NonUniformImage; patch by Gregory Lielens. - EF
2008-08-28 Added support for multiple histograms with data of
different length - MM
2008-08-28 Fix step plots with log scale - MGD
2008-08-28 Fix masked arrays with markers in non-Agg backends - MGD
2008-08-28 Fix clip_on kwarg so it actually works correctly - MGD
2008-08-25 Fix locale problems in SVG backend - MGD
2008-08-22 fix quiver so masked values are not plotted - JSW
2008-08-18 improve interactive pan/zoom in qt4 backend on windows - DSD
2008-08-11 Fix more bugs in NaN/inf handling. In particular, path simplification
(which does not handle NaNs or infs) will be turned off automatically
when infs or NaNs are present. Also masked arrays are now converted
to arrays with NaNs for consistent handling of masks and NaNs
- MGD and EF
2008-08-03 Released 0.98.3 at svn r5947
2008-08-01 Backported memory leak fixes in _ttconv.cpp - MGD
2008-07-31 Added masked array support to griddata. - JSW
2008-07-26 Added optional C and reduce_C_function arguments to
axes.hexbin(). This allows hexbin to accumulate the values
of C based on the x,y coordinates and display in hexagonal
bins. - ADS
2008-07-24 Deprecated (raise NotImplementedError) all the mlab2
functions from matplotlib.mlab out of concern that some of
them were not clean room implementations. JDH
2008-07-24 Rewrite of a significant portion of the clabel code (class
ContourLabeler) to improve inlining. - DMK
2008-07-22 Added Barbs polygon collection (similar to Quiver) for plotting
wind barbs. Added corresponding helpers to Axes and pyplot as
well. (examples/pylab_examples/ shows it off.) - RMM
2008-07-21 Added scikits.delaunay as matplotlib.delaunay. Added griddata
function in matplotlib.mlab, with example ( in
pylab_examples. griddata function will use mpl_toolkits._natgrid
if installed. - JSW
2008-07-21 Re-introduced offset_copy that works in the context of the
new transforms. - MGD
2008-07-21 Committed patch by Ryan May to add get_offsets and
set_offsets to Collections base class - EF
2008-07-21 Changed the "asarray" strategy in so that
colormapping of masked input should work for all
image types (thanks Klaus Zimmerman) - EF
2008-07-20 Rewrote cbook.delete_masked_points and corresponding
unit test to support rgb color array inputs, datetime
inputs, etc. - EF
2008-07-20 Renamed unit/ to and modified
in accord with Ryan's move of delete_masked_points from
axes to cbook. - EF
2008-07-18 Check for nan and inf in axes.delete_masked_points().
This should help hexbin and scatter deal with nans. - ADS
2008-07-17 Added ability to manually select contour label locations.
Also added a waitforbuttonpress function. - DMK
2008-07-17 Fix bug with NaNs at end of path (thanks, Andrew Straw for
the report) - MGD
2008-07-16 Improve error handling in texmanager, thanks to Ian Henry
for reporting - DSD
2008-07-12 Added support for external backends with the
"module://my_backend" syntax - JDH
2008-07-11 Fix memory leak related to shared axes. Grouper should
store weak references. - MGD
2008-07-10 Bugfix: crash displaying fontconfig pattern - MGD
2008-07-10 Bugfix: [ 2013963 ] update_datalim_bounds in Axes not works - MGD
2008-07-10 Bugfix: [ 2014183 ] multiple imshow() causes gray edges - MGD
2008-07-09 Fix rectangular axes patch on polar plots bug - MGD
2008-07-09 Improve mathtext radical rendering - MGD
2008-07-08 Improve mathtext superscript placement - MGD
2008-07-07 Fix custom scales in pcolormesh (thanks Matthew Turk) - MGD
2008-07-03 Implemented findobj method for artist and pyplot - see
examples/pylab_examples/ - JDH
2008-06-30 Another attempt to fix TextWithDash - DSD
2008-06-30 Removed Qt4 NavigationToolbar2.destroy -- it appears to
have been unnecessary and caused a bug reported by P.
Raybaut - DSD
2008-06-27 Fixed tick positioning bug - MM
2008-06-27 Fix dashed text bug where text was at the wrong end of the
dash - MGD
2008-06-26 Fix mathtext bug for expressions like $x_{\leftarrow}$ - MGD
2008-06-26 Fix direction of horizontal/vertical hatches - MGD
2008-06-25 Figure.figurePatch renamed Figure.patch, Axes.axesPatch
renamed Axes.patch, Axes.axesFrame renamed Axes.frame,
Axes.get_frame, which returns Axes.patch, is deprecated.
Examples and users guide updated - JDH
2008-06-25 Fix rendering quality of pcolor - MGD
2008-06-24 Released 0.98.2 at svn r5667 - (source only for debian) JDH
2008-06-24 Added "transparent" kwarg to savefig. - MGD
2008-06-24 Applied Stefan's patch to draw a single centered marker over
a line with numpoints==1 - JDH
2008-06-23 Use splines to render circles in scatter plots - MGD
2008-06-22 Released 0.98.1 at revision 5637
2008-06-22 Removed axes3d support and replaced it with a
NotImplementedError for one release cycle
2008-06-21 fix marker placement bug in backend_ps - DSD
2008-06-20 [ 1978629 ] scale documentation missing/incorrect for log - MGD
2008-06-20 Added closed kwarg to PolyCollection. Fixes bug [ 1994535
] still missing lines on graph with svn (r 5548). - MGD
2008-06-20 Added set/get_closed method to Polygon; fixes error
in hist - MM
2008-06-19 Use relative font sizes (e.g., 'medium' and 'large') in and matplotlibrc.template so that text will
be scaled by default when changing rcParams['font.size'] -
2008-06-17 Add a generic PatchCollection class that can contain any
kind of patch. - MGD
2008-06-13 Change pie chart label alignment to avoid having labels
overwrite the pie - MGD
2008-06-12 Added some helper functions to the mathtext parser to
return bitmap arrays or write pngs to make it easier to use
mathtext outside the context of an mpl figure. modified
the mathpng sphinxext to use the mathtext png save
functionality - see examples/api/ - JDH
2008-06-11 Use matplotlib.mathtext to render math expressions in
online docs - MGD
2008-06-11 Move PNG loading/saving to its own extension module, and
remove duplicate code in _backend_agg.cpp and _image.cpp
that does the same thing - MGD
2008-06-11 Numerous mathtext bugfixes, primarily related to
dpi-independence - MGD
2008-06-10 Bar now applies the label only to the first patch only, and
sets '_nolegend_' for the other patch labels. This lets
autolegend work as expected for hist and bar - see
2008-06-10 Fix text baseline alignment bug. [ 1985420 ] Repair of
baseline alignment in Text._get_layout. Thanks Stan West -
2008-06-09 Committed Gregor's image resample patch to downsampling
images with new rcparam image.resample - JDH
2008-06-09 Don't install Enthought.Traits along with matplotlib. For
matplotlib developers convenience, it can still be
installed by setting an option in setup.cfg while we figure
decide if there is a future for the traited config - DSD
2008-06-09 Added range keyword arg to hist() - MM
2008-06-07 Moved list of backends to; made use of lower
case for backend names consistent; use validate_backend
when importing backends subpackage - EF
2008-06-06 hist() revision, applied ideas proposed by Erik Tollerud and
Olle Engdegard: make histtype='step' unfilled by default
and introduce histtype='stepfilled'; use default color
cycle; introduce reverse cumulative histogram; new align
keyword - MM
2008-06-06 Fix closed polygon patch and also provide the option to
not close the polygon - MGD
2008-06-05 Fix some dpi-changing-related problems with PolyCollection,
as called by Axes.scatter() - MGD
2008-06-05 Fix image drawing so there is no extra space to the right
or bottom - MGD
2006-06-04 Added a figure title command suptitle as a Figure method
and pyplot command -- see examples/ - JDH
2008-06-02 Added support for log to hist with histtype='step' and fixed
a bug for log-scale stacked histograms - MM
2008-05-29 Released 0.98.0 at revision 5314
2008-05-29 matplotlib.image.imread now no longer always returns RGBA
-- if the image is luminance or RGB, it will return a MxN
or MxNx3 array if possible. Also uint8 is no longer always
forced to float.
2008-05-29 Implement path clipping in PS backend - JDH
2008-05-29 Fixed two bugs in
improved comparison of dvipng versions
fixed a bug introduced when get_grey method was added
2008-05-28 Fix crashing of PDFs in xpdf and ghostscript when two-byte
characters are used with Type 3 fonts - MGD
2008-05-28 Allow keyword args to configure widget properties as
requested in
2008-05-28 Replaced '-' with u'\u2212' for minus sign as requested in
2008-05-28 zero width/height Rectangles no longer influence the
autoscaler. Useful for log histograms with empty bins -
2008-05-28 Fix rendering of composite glyphs in Type 3 conversion
(particularly as evidenced in the Eunjin.ttf Korean font)
Thanks Jae-Joon Lee for finding this!
2008-05-27 Rewrote the cm.ScalarMappable callback infrastructure to
use cbook.CallbackRegistry rather than custom callback
handling. Amy users of add_observer/notify of the
cm.ScalarMappable should uae the
cm.ScalarMappable.callbacksSM CallbackRegistry instead. JDH
2008-05-27 Fix TkAgg build on Ubuntu 8.04 (and hopefully a more
general solution for other platforms, too.)
2008-05-24 Added PIL support for loading images to imread (if PIL is
available) - JDH
2008-05-23 Provided a function and a method for controlling the
plot color cycle. - EF
2008-05-23 Major revision of hist(). Can handle 2D arrays and create
stacked histogram plots; keyword 'width' deprecated and
rwidth (relative width) introduced; align='edge' changed
to center of bin - MM
2008-05-22 Added support for ReST-based doumentation using Sphinx.
Documents are located in doc/, and are broken up into
a users guide and an API reference. To build, run the files. Sphinx-0.4 is needed to build generate xml,
which will be useful for rendering equations with mathml,
use sphinx from svn until 0.4 is released - DSD
2008-05-21 Fix segfault in TkAgg backend - MGD
2008-05-21 Fix a "local variable unreferenced" bug in plotfile - MM
2008-05-19 Fix crash when Windows can not access the registry to
determine font path [Bug 1966974, thanks Patrik Simons] - MGD
2008-05-16 removed some unneeded code w/ the python 2.4 requirement.
cbook no longer provides compatibility for reversed,
enumerate, set or izip. removed lib/subprocess, mpl1,
sandbox/units, and the swig code. This stuff should remain
on the maintenance branch for archival purposes. JDH
2008-05-16 Reorganized examples dir - JDH
2008-05-16 Added 'elinewidth' keyword arg to errorbar, based on patch
by Christopher Brown - MM
2008-05-16 Added 'cumulative' keyword arg to hist to plot cumulative
histograms. For normed hists, this is normalized to one - MM
2008-05-15 Fix Tk backend segfault on some machines - MGD
2008-05-14 Don't use stat on Windows (fixes font embedding problem) - MGD
2008-05-09 Fix /singlequote (') in Postscript backend - MGD
2008-05-08 Fix kerning in SVG when embedding character outlines - MGD
2008-05-07 Switched to future numpy histogram semantic in hist - MM
2008-05-06 Fix strange colors when blitting in QtAgg and Qt4Agg - MGD
2008-05-05 pass notify_axes_change to the figure's add_axobserver
in the qt backends, like we do for the other backends.
Thanks Glenn Jones for the report - DSD
2008-05-02 Added step histograms, based on patch by Erik Tollerud. - MM
2008-05-02 On PyQt <= 3.14 there is no way to determine the underlying
Qt version. [1851364] - MGD
2008-05-02 Don't call sys.exit() when pyemf is not found [1924199] -
2008-05-02 Update _subprocess.c from upstream Python 2.5.2 to get a
few memory and reference-counting-related bugfixes. See
bug 1949978. - MGD
2008-04-30 Added some record array editing widgets for gtk -- see
examples/rec_edit*.py - JDH
2008-04-29 Fix bug in mlab.sqrtm - MM
2008-04-28 Fix bug in SVG text with Mozilla-based viewers (the symbol
tag is not supported) - MGD
2008-04-27 Applied patch by Michiel de Hoon to add hexbin
axes method and pyplot function - EF
2008-04-25 Enforce python >= 2.4; remove subprocess build - EF
2008-04-25 Enforce the numpy requirement at build time - JDH
2008-04-24 Make numpy 1.1 and python 2.3 required when importing
matplotlib - EF
2008-04-24 Fix compilation issues on VS2003 (Thanks Martin Spacek for
all the help) - MGD
2008-04-24 Fix sub/superscripts when the size of the font has been
changed - MGD
2008-04-22 Use "svg.embed_char_paths" consistently everywhere - MGD
2008-04-20 Add support to MaxNLocator for symmetric axis autoscaling. - EF
2008-04-20 Fix double-zoom bug. - MM
2008-04-15 Speed up color mapping. - EF
2008-04-12 Speed up zooming and panning of dense images. - EF
2008-04-11 Fix global font rcParam setting after initialization
time. - MGD
2008-04-11 Revert commits 5002 and 5031, which were intended to
avoid an unnecessary call to draw(). 5002 broke saving
figures before show(). 5031 fixed the problem created in
5002, but broke interactive plotting. Unnecessary call to
draw still needs resolution - DSD
2008-04-07 Improve color validation in rc handling, suggested
by Lev Givon - EF
2008-04-02 Allow to use both linestyle definition arguments, '-' and
'solid' etc. in plots/collections - MM
2008-03-27 Fix saving to Unicode filenames with Agg backend
(other backends appear to already work...)
(Thanks, Christopher Barker) - MGD
2008-03-26 Fix SVG backend bug that prevents copying and pasting in
Inkscape (thanks Kaushik Ghose) - MGD
2008-03-24 Removed an unnecessary call to draw() in the backend_qt*
mouseReleaseEvent. Thanks to Ted Drain - DSD
2008-03-23 Fix a pdf backend bug which sometimes caused the outermost
gsave to not be balanced with a grestore. - JKS
2008-03-20 Fixed a minor bug in ContourSet._process_linestyles when
len(linestyles)==Nlev - MM
2008-03-19 Changed ma import statements to "from numpy import ma";
this should work with past and future versions of
numpy, whereas "import as ma" will work only
with numpy >= 1.05, and "import numerix.npyma as ma"
is obsolete now that maskedarray is replacing the
earlier implementation, as of numpy 1.05.
2008-03-14 Removed an apparently unnecessary call to
FigureCanvasAgg.draw in backend_qt*agg. Thanks to Ted
Drain - DSD
2008-03-10 Workaround a bug in backend_qt4agg's blitting due to a
buffer width/bbox width mismatch in _backend_agg's
copy_from_bbox - DSD
2008-02-29 Fix class Wx toolbar pan and zoom functions (Thanks Jeff
Peery) - MGD
2008-02-16 Added some new rec array functionality to mlab
(rec_summarize, rec2txt and rec_groupby). See
examples/ Thanks to Tim M for rec2txt.
2008-02-12 Applied Erik Tollerud's span selector patch - JDH
2008-02-11 Update plotting() doc string to refer to getp/setp. - JKS
2008-02-10 Fixed a problem with square roots in the pdf backend with
usetex. - JKS
2008-02-08 Fixed minor __str__ bugs so getp(gca()) works. - JKS
2008-02-05 Added getters for title, xlabel, ylabel, as requested
by Brandon Kieth - EF
2008-02-05 Applied Gael's ginput patch and created
examples/ - JDH
2008-02-03 Expose interpnames, a list of valid interpolation
methods, as an AxesImage class attribute. - EF
2008-02-03 Added BoundaryNorm, with examples in
and - EF
2008-02-03 Force dpi=72 in pdf backend to fix picture size bug. - JKS
2008-02-01 Fix doubly-included font problem in Postscript backend - MGD
2008-02-01 Fix reference leak in ft2font Glyph objects. - MGD
2008-01-31 Don't use unicode strings with usetex by default - DSD
2008-01-31 Fix text spacing problems in PDF backend with *some* fonts,
such as STIXGeneral.
2008-01-31 Fix \sqrt with radical number (broken by making [ and ]
work below) - MGD
2008-01-27 Applied Martin Teichmann's patch to improve the Qt4
backend. Uses Qt's builtin toolbars and statusbars.
See bug 1828848 - DSD
2008-01-10 Moved toolkits to mpl_toolkits, made mpl_toolkits
a namespace package - JSWHIT
2008-01-10 Use setup.cfg to set the default parameters (tkagg,
numpy) when building windows installers - DSD
2008-01-10 Fix bug displaying [ and ] in mathtext - MGD
2008-01-10 Fix bug when displaying a tick value offset with scientific
notation. (Manifests itself as a warning that the \times
symbol can not be found). - MGD
2008-01-10 Use setup.cfg to set the default parameters (tkagg,
numpy) when building windows installers - DSD
2008-01-06 Released 0.91.2 at revision 4802
2007-12-26 Reduce too-late use of matplotlib.use() to a warning
instead of an exception, for backwards compatibility - EF
2007-12-25 Fix bug in errorbar, identified by Noriko Minakawa - EF
2007-12-25 Changed masked array importing to work with the upcoming
numpy 1.05 (now the maskedarray branch) as well as with
earlier versions. - EF
2007-12-16 rec2csv saves doubles without losing precision. Also, it
does not close filehandles passed in open. - JDH,ADS
2007-12-13 Moved rec2gtk to matplotlib.toolkits.gtktools and rec2excel
to matplotlib.toolkits.exceltools - JDH
2007-12-12 Support alpha-blended text in the Agg and Svg backends -
2007-12-10 Fix SVG text rendering bug. - MGD
2007-12-10 Increase accuracy of circle and ellipse drawing by using an
8-piece bezier approximation, rather than a 4-piece one.
Fix PDF, SVG and Cairo backends so they can draw paths
(meaning ellipses as well). - MGD
2007-12-07 Issue a warning when drawing an image on a non-linear axis. - MGD
2007-12-06 let widgets.Cursor initialize to the lower x and y bounds
rather than 0,0, which can cause havoc for dates and other
transforms - DSD
2007-12-06 updated references to mpl data directories for py2exe - DSD
2007-12-06 fixed a bug in rcsetup, see bug 1845057 - DSD
2007-12-05 Fix how fonts are cached to avoid loading the same one multiple times.
(This was a regression since 0.90 caused by the refactoring of - MGD
2007-12-05 Support arbitrary rotation of usetex text in Agg backend. - MGD
2007-12-04 Support '|' as a character in mathtext - MGD
2007-11-27 Released 0.91.1 at revision 4517
2007-11-27 Released 0.91.0 at revision 4478
2007-11-13 All backends now support writing to a file-like object, not
just a regular file. savefig() can be passed a file-like
object in place of a file path. - MGD
2007-11-13 Improved the default backend selection at build time:
SVG -> Agg -> TkAgg -> WXAgg -> GTK -> GTKAgg. The last usable
backend in this progression will be chosen in the default
config file. If a backend is defined in setup.cfg, that will
be the default backend - DSD
2007-11-13 Improved creation of default config files at build time for
traited config package - DSD
2007-11-12 Exposed all the build options in setup.cfg. These options are
read into a dict called "options" by Also, added
"-mpl" tags to the version strings for packages provided by
matplotlib. Versions provided by mpl will be identified and
updated on subsequent installs - DSD
2007-11-12 Added support for STIX fonts. A new rcParam,
mathtext.fontset, can be used to choose between:
The TeX/LaTeX Computer Modern fonts
The STIX fonts (see
The STIX fonts, using sans-serif glyphs by default
A generic Unicode font, in which case the mathtext font
must be specified using,,
mathtext.sf etc.
Added a new example, to show how to access
different fonts and unusual symbols.
2007-11-12 Options to disable building backend extension modules moved
from to setup.cfg - DSD
2007-11-09 Applied Martin Teichmann's patch 1828813: a QPainter is used in
paintEvent, which has to be destroyed using the method end(). If
matplotlib raises an exception before the call to end - and it
does if you feed it with bad data - this method end() is never
called and Qt4 will start spitting error messages
2007-11-09 Moved pyparsing back into matplotlib namespace. Don't use
system pyparsing, API is too variable from one release
to the next - DSD
2007-11-08 Made pylab use straight numpy instead of oldnumeric
by default - EF
2007-11-08 Added additional record array utilites to mlab (rec2excel,
rec2gtk, rec_join, rec_append_field, rec_drop_field) - JDH
2007-11-08 Updated pytz to version 2007g - DSD
2007-11-08 Updated pyparsing to version 1.4.8 - DSD
2007-11-08 Moved csv2rec to recutils and added other record array
utilities - JDH
2007-11-08 If available, use existing pyparsing installation - DSD
2007-11-07 Removed old enthought.traits from lib/matplotlib, added
Gael Varoquaux's enthought.traits-2.6b1, which is stripped
of setuptools. The package is installed to site-packages
if not already available - DSD
2007-11-05 Added easy access to minor tick properties; slight mod
of patch by Pierre G-M - EF
2007-11-02 Commited Phil Thompson's patch 1599876, fixes to Qt4Agg
backend and qt4 blitting demo - DSD
2007-11-02 Commited Phil Thompson's patch 1599876, fixes to Qt4Agg
backend and qt4 blitting demo - DSD
2007-10-31 Made log color scale easier to use with contourf;
automatic level generation now works. - EF
The primary goal of this refactoring was to make it easier
to extend matplotlib to support new kinds of projections.
This is primarily an internal improvement, and the possible
user-visible changes it allows are yet to come.
The transformation framework was completely rewritten in
Python (with Numpy). This will make it easier to add news
kinds of transformations without writing C/C++ code.
Transforms are composed into a 'transform tree', made of
transforms whose value depends on other transforms (their
children). When the contents of children change, their
parents are automatically updated to reflect those changes.
To do this an "invalidation" method is used: when children
change, all of their ancestors are marked as "invalid".
When the value of a transform is accessed at a later time,
its value is recomputed only if it is invalid, otherwise a
cached value may be used. This prevents unnecessary
recomputations of transforms, and contributes to better
interactive performance.
The framework can be used for both affine and non-affine
transformations. However, for speed, we want use the
backend renderers to perform affine transformations
whenever possible. Therefore, it is possible to perform
just the affine or non-affine part of a transformation on a
set of data. The affine is always assumed to occur after
the non-affine. For any transform:
full transform == non-affine + affine
Much of the drawing has been refactored in terms of
compound paths. Therefore, many methods have been removed
from the backend interface and replaced with a a handful to
draw compound paths. This will make updating the backends
easier, since there is less to update. It also should make
the backends more consistent in terms of functionality.
User visible changes:
- POLAR PLOTS: Polar plots are now interactively zoomable,
and the r-axis labels can be interactively rotated.
Straight line segments are now interpolated to follow the
curve of the r-axis.
- Non-rectangular clipping works in more backends and with
more types of objects.
- Sharing an axis across figures is now done in exactly
the same way as sharing an axis between two axes in the
same figure:
fig1 = figure()
fig2 = figure()
ax1 = fig1.add_subplot(111)
ax2 = fig2.add_subplot(111, sharex=ax1, sharey=ax1)
- linestyles now include steps-pre, steps-post and
steps-mid. The old step still works and is equivalent to
- Multiple line styles may be provided to a collection.
See API_CHANGES for more low-level information about this
2007-10-24 Added ax kwarg to Figure.colorbar and pyplot.colorbar - EF
2007-10-19 Removed a gsave/grestore pair surrounding _draw_ps, which
was causing a loss graphics state info (see "EPS output
problem - scatter & edgecolors" on mpl-dev, 2007-10-29)
2007-10-15 Fixed a bug in patches.Ellipse that was broken for
aspect='auto'. Scale free ellipses now work properly for
equal and auto on Agg and PS, and they fall back on a
polygonal approximation for nonlinear transformations until
we convince oursleves that the spline approximation holds
for nonlinear transformations. Added
unit/ to compare spline with vertex
approx for both aspects. JDH
2007-10-05 remove generator expressions from texmanager and mpltraits.
generator expressions are not supported by python-2.3 - DSD
2007-10-01 Made matplotlib.use() raise an exception if called after
backends has been imported. - EF
2007-09-30 Modified update* methods of Bbox and Interval so they
work with reversed axes. Prior to this, trying to
set the ticks on a reversed axis failed with an
uninformative error message. - EF
2007-09-30 Applied patches to axes3d to fix index error problem - EF
2007-09-24 Applied Eike Welk's patch reported on mpl-dev on 2007-09-22
Fixes a bug with multiple plot windows in the qt backend,
ported the changes to backend_qt4 as well - DSD
2007-09-21 Changed cbook.reversed to yield the same result as the
python reversed builtin - DSD
2007-09-13 The usetex support in the pdf backend is more usable now,
so I am enabling it. - JKS
2007-09-12 Fixed a unit bug - JDH
2007-09-10 Made skiprows=1 the default on csv2rec - JDH
2007-09-09 Split out the plotting part of pylab and put it in; removed numerix from the remaining,
which imports everything from The intention
is that apart from cleanups, the result of importing
from pylab is nearly unchanged, but there is the
new alternative of importing from pyplot to get
the state-engine graphics without all the numeric
Numpified examples; deleted two that were obsolete;
modified some to use pyplot. - EF
2007-09-08 Eliminated gd and paint backends - EF
2007-09-06 .bmp file format is now longer an alias for .raw
2007-09-07 Added clip path support to pdf backend. - JKS
2007-09-06 Fixed a bug in the embedding of Type 1 fonts in PDF.
Now it doesn't crash - JKS
2007-09-06 Refactored image saving code so that all GUI backends can
save most image types. See FILETYPES for a matrix of
backends and their supported file types.
Backend canvases should no longer write their own print_figure()
method -- instead they should write a print_xxx method for
each filetype they can output and add an entry to their
class-scoped filetypes dictionary. - MGD
2007-09-05 Fixed Qt version reporting in - DSD
2007-09-04 Embedding Type 1 fonts in PDF, and thus usetex support
via dviread, sort of works. To test, enable it by
renaming _draw_tex to draw_tex. - JKS
2007-09-03 Added ability of errorbar show limits via caret or
arrowhead ends on the bars; patch by Manual Metz. - EF
2007-09-03 Created, added features to AFM and FT2Font
(see API_CHANGES), started work on embedding Type 1 fonts
in pdf files. - JKS
2007-09-02 Continued work on - JKS
2007-08-16 Added a set_extent method to AxesImage, allow data extent
to be modified after initial call to imshow - DSD
2007-08-14 Fixed a bug in pyqt4 subplots-adjust. Thanks to
Xavier Gnata for the report and suggested fix - DSD
2007-08-13 Use pickle to cache entire fontManager; change to using
font_manager module-level function findfont wrapper for
the fontManager.findfont method - EF
2007-08-11 Numpification and cleanup of and some examples - EF
2007-08-06 Removed mathtext2
2007-07-31 Refactoring of distutils scripts.
- Will not fail on the entire build if an optional Python
package (e.g., Tkinter) is installed but its development
headers are not (e.g., tk-devel). Instead, it will
continue to build all other extensions.
- Provide an overview at the top of the output to display
what dependencies and their versions were found, and (by
extension) what will be built.
- Use pkg-config, when available, to find freetype2, since
this was broken on Mac OS-X when using MacPorts in a non-
standard location.
2007-07-30 Reorganized configuration code to work with traited config
objects. The new config system is located in the
matplotlib.config package, but it is disabled by default.
To enable it, set NEWCONFIG=True in
The new configuration system will still use the old
matplotlibrc files by default. To switch to the experimental,
traited configuration, set USE_TRAITED_CONFIG=True in
2007-07-29 Changed default pcolor shading to flat; added aliases
to make collection kwargs agree with setter names, so
updating works; related minor cleanups.
Removed quiver_classic, scatter_classic, pcolor_classic. - EF
2007-07-26 Major rewrite of, using the TeX box layout model.
There is one (known) backward incompatible change. The
font commands (\cal, \rm, \it, \tt) now behave as TeX does:
they are in effect until the next font change command or
the end of the grouping. Therefore uses of $\cal{R}$
should be changed to ${\cal R}$. Alternatively, you may
use the new LaTeX-style font commands (\mathcal, \mathrm,
\mathit, \mathtt) which do affect the following group,
e.g., $\mathcal{R}$.
Other new features include:
- Math may be interspersed with non-math text. Any text
with an even number of $'s (non-escaped) will be sent to
the mathtext parser for layout.
- Sub/superscripts are less likely to accidentally overlap.
- Support for sub/superscripts in either order, e.g., $x^i_j$
and $x_j^i$ are equivalent.
- Double sub/superscripts (e.g., $x_i_j$) are considered
ambiguous and raise an exception. Use braces to disambiguate.
- $\frac{x}{y}$ can be used for displaying fractions.
- $\sqrt[3]{x}$ can be used to display the radical symbol
with a root number and body.
- $\left(\frac{x}{y}\right)$ may be used to create
parentheses and other delimiters that automatically
resize to the height of their contents.
- Spacing around operators etc. is now generally more like
- Added support (and fonts) for boldface (\bf) and
sans-serif (\sf) symbols.
- Log-like function name shortcuts are supported. For
example, $\sin(x)$ may be used instead of ${\rm sin}(x)$
- Limited use of kerning for the easy case (same font)
Behind the scenes, the module used for doing
the math parsing was updated to the latest stable version
(1.4.6). A lot of duplicate code was refactored out of the
Font classes.
2007-07-19 completed numpification of most trivial cases - NN
2007-07-19 converted non-numpy relicts throughout the code - NN
2007-07-19 replaced the Python code in numerix/ by a minimal wrapper around
numpy that explicitly mentions all symbols that need to be
addressed for further numpification - NN
2007-07-18 make usetex respect changes to rcParams. texmanager used to
only configure itself when it was created, now it
reconfigures when rcParams are changed. Thank you Alexander
Schmolck for contributing a patch - DSD
2007-07-17 added validation to setting and changing rcParams - DSD
2007-07-17 bugfix segfault in transforms module. Thanks Ben North for
the patch. - ADS
2007-07-16 clean up some code in ticker.ScalarFormatter, use unicode to
render multiplication sign in offset ticklabel - DSD
2007-07-16 fixed a formatting bug in ticker.ScalarFormatter's scientific
notation (10^0 was being rendered as 10 in some cases) - DSD
2007-07-13 Add MPL_isfinite64() and MPL_isinf64() for testing
doubles in (the now misnamed) MPL_isnan.h. - ADS
2007-07-13 The matplotlib._isnan module removed (use numpy.isnan) - ADS
2007-07-13 Some minor cleanups in _transforms.cpp - ADS
2007-07-13 Removed the rest of the numerix extension code detritus,
numpified, and cleaned up the imports in
2007-07-13 Added legend.loc as configurable option that could in
future default to 'best'. - NN
2007-07-12 Bugfixes in to coerce inputs into numpy arrays. -ADS
2007-07-11 Added linespacing kwarg to text.Text - EF
2007-07-11 Added code to store font paths in SVG files. - MGD
2007-07-10 Store subset of TTF font as a Type 3 font in PDF files. - MGD
2007-07-09 Store subset of TTF font as a Type 3 font in PS files. - MGD
2007-07-09 Applied Paul's pick restructure pick and add pickers,
sourceforge patch 1749829 - JDH
2007-07-09 Applied Allan's draw_lines agg optimization. JDH
2007-07-08 Applied Carl Worth's patch to fix cairo draw_arc - SC
2007-07-07 fixed bug 1712099: xpdf distiller on windows - DSD
2007-06-30 Applied patches to tkagg, gtk, and wx backends to reduce
memory leakage. Patches supplied by Mike Droettboom;
see tracker numbers 1745400, 1745406, 1745408.
Also made unit/ more flexible with
command-line options. - EF
2007-06-30 Split defaultParams into separate file rcdefaults (together with
validation code). Some heavy refactoring was necessary to do so,
but the overall behavior should be the same as before. - NN
2007-06-27 Added MPLCONFIGDIR for the default location for mpl data
and configuration. useful for some apache installs where
HOME is not writable. Tried to clean up the logic in
_get_config_dir to support non-writable HOME where are
writable HOME/.matplotlib already exists - JDH
2007-06-27 Fixed locale bug reported at
by adding a cbook.unicode_safe function - JDH
2007-06-27 Applied Micheal's tk savefig bugfix described at
Thanks Michael!
2007-06-27 Patch for get_py2exe_datafiles() to work with new directory
layout. (Thanks Tocer and also Werner Bruhin.) -ADS
2007-06-27 Added a scroll event to the mpl event handling system and
implemented it for backends GTK* -- other backend
users/developers/maintainers, please add support for your
backend. - JDH
2007-06-25 Changed default to clip=False in colors.Normalize;
modified ColorbarBase for easier colormap display - EF
2007-06-13 Added maskedarray option to rc, numerix - EF
2007-06-11 Python 2.5 compatibility fix for - EF
2007-06-10 In matplotlibrc file, use 'dashed' | 'solid' instead
of a pair of floats for contour.negative_linestyle - EF
2007-06-08 Allow plot and fill fmt string to be any mpl string
colorspec - EF
2007-06-08 Added gnuplot file plotfile function to pylab -- see
examples/ - JDH
2007-06-07 Disable build of numarray and Numeric extensions for
internal MPL use and the numerix layer. - ADS
2007-06-07 Added csv2rec to matplotlib.mlab to support automatically
converting csv files to record arrays using type
introspection, and turned on native datetime support using
the new units support in matplotlib.dates. See
examples/ ! JDH
2007-06-07 Simplified internal code of _auto_legend_data - NN
2007-06-04 Added labeldistance arg to Axes.pie to control the raidal
distance of the wedge labels - JDH
2007-06-03 Turned mathtext in SVG into single <text> with multiple <tspan>
objects (easier to edit in inkscape). - NN
2007-06-02 Released 0.90.1 at revision 3352
2007-06-02 Display only meaningful labels when calling legend()
without args. - NN
2007-06-02 Have errorbar follow the color cycle even if line is not plotted.
Suppress plotting of errorbar caps for capsize=0. - NN
2007-06-02 Set markers to same alpha value as line. - NN
2007-06-02 Fix mathtext position in svg backend. - NN
2007-06-01 Deprecate Numeric and numarray for use as numerix. Props to
Travis -- job well done. - ADS
2007-05-18 Added LaTeX unicode support. Enable with the
'text.latex.unicode' rcParam. This requires the ucs and
inputenc LaTeX packages. - ADS
2007-04-23 Fixed some problems with polar -- added general polygon
clipping to clip the lines a nd grids to the polar axes.
Added support for set_rmax to easily change the maximum
radial grid. Added support for polar legend - JDH
2007-04-16 Added Figure.autofmt_xdate to handle adjusting the bottom
and rotating the tick labels for date plots when the ticks
often overlap - JDH
2007-04-09 Beginnings of usetex support for pdf backend. -JKS
2007-04-07 Fixed legend/LineCollection bug. Added label support
to collections. - EF
2007-04-06 Removed deprecated support for a float value as a gray-scale;
now it must be a string, like '0.5'. Added alpha kwarg to
ColorConverter.to_rgba_list. - EF
2007-04-06 Fixed rotation of ellipses in pdf backend
(sf bug #1690559) -JKS
2007-04-04 More matshow tweaks; documentation updates; new method
set_bounds() for formatters and locators. - EF
2007-04-02 Fixed problem with imshow and matshow of integer arrays;
fixed problems with changes to color autoscaling. - EF
2007-04-01 Made image color autoscaling work correctly with
a tracking colorbar; norm.autoscale now scales
unconditionally, while norm.autoscale_None changes
only None-valued vmin, vmax. - EF
2007-03-31 Added a qt-based subplot-adjustment dialog - DSD
2007-03-30 Fixed a bug in backend_qt4, reported on mpl-dev - DSD
2007-03-26 Removed colorbar_classic from; fixed bug in
Figure.clf() in which _axobservers was not getting
cleared. Modernization and cleanups. - EF
2007-03-26 Refactored some of the units support -- units now live in
the respective x and y Axis instances. See also
API_CHANGES for some alterations to the conversion
interface. JDH
2007-03-25 Fix masked array handling in for numpy. (Numeric
and numarray support for masked arrays is broken in other
ways when using quiver. I didn't pursue that.) - ADS
2007-03-23 Made close opened files. - JKS
2007-03-22 Made imshow default extent match matshow - EF
2007-03-22 Some more niceties for xcorr -- a maxlags option, normed
now works for xcorr as well as axorr, usevlines is
supported, and a zero correlation hline is added. See
examples/ Thanks Sameer for the patch. -
2007-03-21 Axes.vlines and Axes.hlines now create and returns a
LineCollection, not a list of lines. This is much faster.
The kwarg signature has changed, so consult the docs.
Modified Axes.errorbar which uses vlines and hlines. See
API_CHANGES; the return signature for these three functions
is now different
2007-03-20 Refactored units support and added new examples - JDH
2007-03-19 Added Mike's units patch - JDH
2007-03-18 Matshow as an Axes method; test version matshow1() in
pylab; added 'integer' Boolean kwarg to MaxNLocator
initializer to force ticks at integer locations. - EF
2007-03-17 Preliminary support for clipping to paths agg - JDH
2007-03-17 Text.set_text() accepts anything convertible with '%s' - EF
2007-03-14 Add masked-array support to hist. - EF
2007-03-03 Change barh to take a kwargs dict and pass it to bar.
Fixes sf bug #1669506.
2007-03-02 Add rc parameter pdf.inheritcolor, which disables all
color-setting operations in the pdf backend. The idea is
that you include the resulting file in another program and
set the colors (both stroke and fill color) there, so you
can use the same pdf file for e.g., a paper and a
presentation and have them in the surrounding color. You
will probably not want to draw figure and axis frames in
that case, since they would be filled in the same color. - JKS
2007-02-26 Prevent building with broken Mac OS X wxPython. - ADS
2007-02-23 Require setuptools for Python 2.3 - ADS
2007-02-22 WXAgg accelerator updates - KM
WXAgg's C++ accelerator has been fixed to use the correct wxBitmap
The backend has been updated to use new wxPython functionality to
provide fast blit() animation without the C++ accelerator. This
requires wxPython 2.8 or later. Previous versions of wxPython can
use the C++ acclerator or the old pure Python routines. no longer builds the C++ accelerator when wxPython >= 2.8
is present.
The blit() method is now faster regardless of which agg/wxPython
conversion routines are used.
2007-02-21 Applied the PDF backend patch by Nicolas Grilly.
This impacts several files and directories in matplotlib:
- Created the directory lib/matplotlib/mpl-data/fonts/pdfcorefonts,
holding AFM files for the 14 PDF core fonts. These fonts are
embedded in every PDF viewing application.
- Added the directory pdfcorefonts to package_data.
- lib/matplotlib/ Added the default parameter
'pdf.use14corefonts'. When True, the PDF backend uses
only the 14 PDF core fonts.
- lib/matplotlib/ Added some keywords found in
recent AFM files. Added a little workaround to handle
Euro symbol.
- lib/matplotlib/ Added support for the 14
PDF core fonts. These fonts have a dedicated cache (file
pdfcorefont.cache), not the same as for other AFM files
(file .afmfont.cache). Also cleaned comments to conform
- lib/matplotlib/backends/
Added support for 14 PDF core fonts.
Fixed some issues with incorrect character widths and
encodings (works only for the most common encoding,
WinAnsiEncoding, defined by the official PDF Reference).
Removed parameter 'dpi' because it causes alignment issues.
-JKS (patch by Nicolas Grilly)
2007-02-17 Changed ft2font.get_charmap, and updated all the files where
get_charmap is mentioned - ES
2007-02-13 Added barcode demo- JDH
2007-02-13 Added binary colormap to cm - JDH
2007-02-13 Added twiny to pylab - JDH
2007-02-12 Moved data files into lib/matplotlib so that setuptools'
develop mode works. Re-organized the mpl-data layout so
that this source structure is maintained in the
installation. (I.e. the 'fonts' and 'images'
sub-directories are maintained in site-packages.) Suggest
removing site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data and
~/.matplotlib/ttffont.cache before installing - ADS
2007-02-07 Committed Rob Hetland's patch for qt4: remove
references to text()/latin1(), plus some improvements
to the toolbar layout - DSD
2007-02-06 Released 0.90.0 at revision 3003
2007-01-22 Extended the new picker API to text, patches and patch
collections. Added support for user customizable pick hit
testing and attribute tagging of the PickEvent - Details
and examples in examples/ - JDH
2007-01-16 Begun work on a new pick API using the mpl event handling
frameowrk. Artists will define their own pick method with
a configurable epsilon tolerance and return pick attrs.
All artists that meet the tolerance threshold will fire a
PickEvent with artist dependent attrs; e.g., a Line2D can set
the indices attribute that shows the indices into the line
that are within epsilon of the pick point. See
examples/ The implementation of pick
for the remaining Artists remains to be done, but the core
infrastructure at the level of event handling is in place
with a proof-of-concept implementation for Line2D - JDH
2007-01-16 src/_image.cpp: update to use Py_ssize_t (for 64-bit systems).
Use return value of fread() to prevent warning messages - SC.
2007-01-15 src/_image.cpp: combine buffer_argb32() and buffer_bgra32() into
a new method color_conv(format) - SC
2007-01-14 update draw_arc() so that
examples/ looks correct - SC
2007-01-12 enable clipping. Update draw_image() so that
examples/ looks correct - SC
2007-01-12 fix draw_image() so that examples/
now looks correct - SC
2007-01-11 Added Axes.xcorr and Axes.acorr to plot the cross
correlation of x vs y or the autocorrelation of x. pylab
wrappers also provided. See examples/ - JDH
2007-01-10 Added "Subplot.label_outer" method. It will set the
visibility of the ticklabels so that yticklabels are only
visible in the first column and xticklabels are only
visible in the last row - JDH
2007-01-02 Added additional kwarg documentation - JDH
2006-12-28 Improved error message for nonpositive input to log
transform; added log kwarg to bar, barh, and hist,
and modified bar method to behave sensibly by default
when the ordinate has a log scale. (This only works
if the log scale is set before or by the call to bar,
hence the utility of the log kwarg.) - EF
2006-12-27 update draw_image() and _draw_mathtext() to work
with numpy - SC
2006-12-20 Fixed xpdf dependency check, which was failing on windows.
Removed ps2eps dependency check. - DSD
2006-12-19 Added Tim Leslie's spectral patch - JDH
2006-12-17 Added rc param 'axes.formatter.limits' to control
the default threshold for switching to scientific
notation. Added convenience method
Axes.ticklabel_format() for turning scientific notation
on or off on either or both axes. - EF
2006-12-16 Added ability to turn control scientific notation
in ScalarFormatter - EF
2006-12-16 Enhanced boxplot to handle more flexible inputs - EF
2006-12-13 Replaced calls to where() in with much faster
clip() and putmask() calls; removed inappropriate
uses of getmaskorNone (which should be needed only
very rarely); all in response to profiling by
David Cournapeau. Also fixed bugs in my 2-D
array support from 12-09. - EF
2006-12-09 Replaced spy and spy2 with the new spy that combines
marker and image capabilities - EF
2006-12-09 Added support for plotting 2-D arrays with plot:
columns are plotted as in Matlab - EF
2006-12-09 Added linewidth kwarg to bar and barh; fixed arg
checking bugs - EF
2006-12-07 Made pcolormesh argument handling match pcolor;
fixed kwarg handling problem noted by Pierre GM - EF
2006-12-06 Made pcolor support vector X and/or Y instead of
requiring 2-D arrays - EF
2006-12-05 Made the default Artist._transform None (rather than
invoking identity_transform for each artist only to have it
overridden later). Use artist.get_transform() rather than
artist._transform, even in derived classes, so that the
default transform will be created lazily as needed - JDH
2006-12-03 Added LogNorm to as illustrated by
examples/, based on suggestion by
Jim McDonald. Colorbar modified to handle LogNorm.
Norms have additional "inverse" method. - EF
2006-12-02 Changed class names in to match convention:
normalize -> Normalize, no_norm -> NoNorm. Old names
are still available.
Changed rc defaults to match those in
matplotlibrc - EF
2006-11-22 Fixed bug in set_*lim that I had introduced on 11-15 - EF
2006-11-22 Added examples/, which shows how to clip line
data based on view limits -- it also changes the marker
style when zoomed in - JDH
2006-11-21 Some spy bug-fixes and added precision arg per Robert C's
suggestion - JDH
2006-11-19 Added semi-automatic docstring generation detailing all the
kwargs that functions take using the artist introspection
tools; e.g., 'help text now details the scatter kwargs
that control the Text properties - JDH
2006-11-17 Removed obsolete scatter_classic, leaving a stub to
raise NotImplementedError; same for pcolor_classic - EF
2006-11-15 Removed obsolete pcolor_classic - EF
2006-11-15 Fixed 1588908 reported by Russel Owen; factored
nonsingular method out of, put it into as a function, and used it in
set_xlim and set_ylim. - EF
2006-11-14 Applied patch 1591716 by Ulf Larssen to fix a bug in
apply_aspect. Modified and applied patch
1594894 by mdehoon to fix bugs and improve
formatting in Applied patch 1573008
by Greg Willden to make psd etc. plot full frequency
range for complex inputs. - EF
2006-11-14 Improved the ability of the colorbar to track
changes in corresponding image, pcolor, or
contourf. - EF
2006-11-11 Fixed bug that broke Numeric compatibility;
added support for alpha to colorbar. The
alpha information is taken from the mappable
object, not specified as a kwarg. - EF
2006-11-05 Added broken_barh function for makring a sequence of
horizontal bars broken by gaps -- see examples/
2006-11-05 Removed lineprops and markerprops from the Annotation code
and replaced them with an arrow configurable with kwarg
arrowprops. See examples/ - JDH
2006-11-02 Fixed a pylab subplot bug that was causing axes to be
deleted with hspace or wspace equals zero in
subplots_adjust - JDH
2006-10-31 Applied axes3d patch 1587359
2006-10-26 Released 0.87.7 at revision 2835
2006-10-25 Made "tiny" kwarg in Locator.nonsingular much smaller - EF
2006-10-17 Closed sf bug 1562496 update line props dash/solid/cap/join
styles - JDH
2006-10-17 Complete overhaul of the annotations API and example code -
See matplotlib.text.Annotation and
examples/ JDH
2006-10-12 Committed Manuel Metz's StarPolygon code and
examples/ - JDH
2006-10-11 commented out all default values in matplotlibrc.template
Default values should generally be taken from defaultParam in - the file matplotlib should only contain those values
that the user wants to explicitly change from the default.
(see thread "marker color handling" on matplotlib-devel)
2006-10-10 Changed default comment character for load to '#' - JDH
2006-10-10 deactivated rcfile-configurability of markerfacecolor
and markeredgecolor. Both are now hardcoded to the special value
'auto' to follow the line color. Configurability at run-time
(using function arguments) remains functional. - NN
2006-10-07 introduced dummy argument magnification=1.0 to
FigImage.make_image to satisfy unit test
The argument is not yet handled correctly, which should only
show up when using non-standard DPI settings in PS backend,
introduced by patch #1562394. - NN
2006-10-06 add backend-agnostic example: - NN
2006-09-29 fix line-breaking for SVG-inline images (purely cosmetic) - NN
2006-09-29 reworked set_linestyle and set_marker
markeredgecolor and markerfacecolor now default to
a special value "auto" that keeps the color in sync with
the line color
further, the intelligence of axes.plot is cleaned up,
improved and simplified. Complete compatibility cannot be
guaranteed, but the new behavior should be much more predictable
(see patch #1104615 for details) - NN
2006-09-29 changed implementation of clip-path in SVG to work around a
limitation in inkscape - NN
2006-09-29 added two options to matplotlibrc:
see patch #1533010 for details - NN
2006-09-29 cleaned up kwargs checking - NN
2006-09-29 cleaned up setup logic - NN
2006-09-29 check for required pygtk versions, fixes bug #1460783 - SC
2006-09-27 Released 0.87.6 at revision 2783
2006-09-24 Added line pointers to the Annotation code, and a pylab
interface. See matplotlib.text.Annotation,
examples/ and
examples/ - JDH
2006-09-18 The SVG backend now supports the same things that
the AGG backend does. Fixed some bugs with rendering, and out of
bounds errors in the AGG backend - ES. Changed the return values
of math_parse_s_ft2font_svg to support lines (fractions etc.)
2006-09-17 Added an Annotation class to facilitate annotating objects
and an examples file examples/ I want
to add dash support as in TextWithDash, but haven't decided
yet whether inheriting from TextWithDash is the right base
class or if another approach is needed - JDH
2006-09-05 Released 0.87.5 at revision 2761
2006-09-04 Added nxutils for some numeric add-on extension code --
specifically a better/more efficient inside polygon tester (see
unit/inside_poly_*.py) - JDH
2006-09-04 Made bitstream fonts the rc default - JDH
2006-08-31 Fixed alpha-handling bug in ColorConverter, affecting
collections in general and contour/contourf in
particular. - EF
2006-08-30 ft2font.cpp: Added draw_rect_filled method (now used by mathtext2
to draw the fraction bar) to FT2Font - ES
2006-08-29 wrap calls to tk.getvar() with str(). On some
systems, getvar returns a Tcl_Obj instead of a string - DSD
2006-08-28 Sub/superscripts can now be complex (i.e.
fractions etc.). The demo is also updated - ES
2006-08-28 Added /usr/local/share/fonts to list of
X11 font directories - DSD
2006-08-28 Initial support for complex fractions. Also,
rendering is now completely separated from parsing. The
sub/superscripts now work better.
Updated the - ES
2006-08-27 qt backends: don't create a QApplication when backend is
imported, do it when the FigureCanvasQt is created. Simplifies
applications where mpl is embedded in qt. Updated
embedding_in_qt* examples - DSD
2006-08-27 Now the fonts are searched in the OS font dir and
in the mpl-data dir. Also env is not a dict anymore. - ES
2006-08-26 minor changes to, Added matplotlibrc
key "mathtext.mathtext2" (removed the key "mathtext2") - ES
2006-08-21 Initial support for fractions
Updated the removed "\" from the unicode dicts Minor modification (because of ES
2006-08-20 Added Replacement for Supports _ ^,
\rm, \cal etc., \sin, \cos etc., unicode, recursive nestings,
inline math mode. The only backend currently supported is Agg added new rc params for mathtext2
added example - ES
2006-08-19 Added example - DSD
2006-08-11 Added scale free Ellipse patch for Agg - CM
2006-08-10 Added converters to and from julian dates to matplotlib.dates
(num2julian and julian2num) - JDH
2006-08-08 Fixed widget locking so multiple widgets could share the
event handling - JDH
2006-08-07 Added scale free Ellipse patch to SVG and PS - CM
2006-08-05 Re-organized imports in numerix for numpy 1.0b2 -- TEO
2006-08-04 Added draw_markers to PDF backend. - JKS
2006-08-01 Fixed a bug in postscript's rendering of dashed lines - DSD
2006-08-01 savefig() update docstring to add support for 'format'
argument. print_figure() add support 'format' argument. - SC
2006-07-31 Don't let postscript's xpdf distiller compress images - DSD
2006-07-31 Added shallowcopy() methods to all Transformations;
removed copy_bbox_transform and copy_bbox_transform_shallow
added offset_copy() function to to
facilitate positioning artists with offsets.
See examples/ - EF
2006-07-31 Don't let postscript's xpdf distiller compress images - DSD
2006-07-29 Fixed numerix polygon bug reported by Nick Fotopoulos.
Added inverse_numerix_xy() transform method.
Made autoscale_view() preserve axis direction
(e.g., increasing down).- EF
2006-07-28 Added shallow bbox copy routine for transforms -- mainly
useful for copying transforms to apply offset to. - JDH
2006-07-28 Added resize method to FigureManager class
for Qt and Gtk backend - CM
2006-07-28 Added subplots_adjust button to Qt backend - CM
2006-07-26 Use numerix more in collections.
Quiver now handles masked arrays. - EF
2006-07-22 Fixed bug #1209354 - DSD
2006-07-22 make scatter() work with the kwarg "color". Closes bug
1285750 - DSD
2006-07-20 require pycairo 1.2.0.
print_figure() update to output SVG using cairo.
2006-07-19 Added blitting for Qt4Agg - CM
2006-07-19 Added lasso widget and example examples/ - JDH
2006-07-18 Added blitting for QtAgg backend - CM
2006-07-17 Fixed bug #1523585: skip nans in semilog plots - DSD
2006-07-12 Add support to render the scientific notation label
over the right-side y-axis - DSD
2006-07-11 Released 0.87.4 at revision 2558
2006-07-07 Fixed a usetex bug with older versions of latex - DSD
2006-07-07 Add compatibility for NumPy 1.0 - TEO
2006-06-29 Added a Qt4Agg backend. Thank you James Amundson - DSD
2006-06-26 Fixed a usetex bug. On windows, usetex will prcess
postscript output in the current directory rather than
in a temp directory. This is due to the use of spaces
and tildes in windows paths, which cause problems with
latex. The subprocess module is no longer used. - DSD
2006-06-22 Various changes to bar(), barh(), and hist().
Added 'edgecolor' keyword arg to bar() and barh().
The x and y args in barh() have been renamed to width
and bottom respectively, and their order has been swapped
to maintain a (position, value) order ala matlab. left,
height, width and bottom args can now all be scalars or
sequences. barh() now defaults to edge alignment instead
of center alignment. Added a keyword arg 'align' to bar(),
barh() and hist() that controls between edge or center bar
alignment. Fixed ignoring the rcParams['patch.facecolor']
for bar color in bar() and barh(). Fixed ignoring the
rcParams['lines.color'] for error bar color in bar()
and barh(). Fixed a bug where patches would be cleared
when error bars were plotted if rcParams['axes.hold']
was False. - MAS
2006-06-22 Added support for numerix 2-D arrays as alternatives to
a sequence of (x,y) tuples for specifying paths in
collections, quiver, contour, pcolor, transforms.
Fixed contour bug involving setting limits for
color mapping. Added numpy-style all() to numerix. - EF
2006-06-20 Added custom FigureClass hook to pylab interface - see
2006-06-16 Added colormaps from gist (gist_earth, gist_stern,
gist_rainbow, gist_gray, gist_yarg, gist_heat, gist_ncar) - JW
2006-06-16 Added a pointer to parent in figure canvas so you can
access the container with fig.canvas.manager. Useful if
you want to set the window title, e.g., in gtk
fig.canvas.manager.window.set_title, though a GUI neutral
method would be preferable JDH
2006-06-16 Fixed to handle indexed colors (i.e.,
norm = no_norm()) by centering each colored region
on its index. - EF
2006-06-15 Added scalex and scaley to Axes.autoscale_view to support
selective autoscaling just the x or y axis, and supported
these command in plot so you can say plot(something,
scaley=False) and just the x axis will be autoscaled.
Modified axvline and axhline to support this, so for
example axvline will no longer autoscale the y axis. JDH
2006-06-13 Fix so numpy updates are backward compatible - TEO
2006-06-12 Updated numerix to handle numpy restructuring of
oldnumeric - TEO
2006-06-12 Updated numerix.fft to handle numpy restructuring
Added ImportError to numerix.linear_algebra for numpy -TEO
2006-06-11 Added quiverkey command to pylab and Axes, using
QuiverKey class in Changed pylab and Axes
to use quiver2 if possible, but drop back to the
newly-renamed quiver_classic if necessary. Modified
examples/ to illustrate the new quiver
and quiverkey. Changed LineCollection implementation
slightly to improve compatibility with PolyCollection. - EF
2006-06-11 Fixed a usetex bug for windows, running latex on files
with spaces in their names or paths was failing - DSD
2006-06-09 Made additions to numerix, changes to quiver to make it
work with all numeric flavors. - EF
2006-06-09 Added quiver2 function to pylab and method to axes,
with implementation via a Quiver class in
quiver2 will replace quiver before the next release;
it is placed alongside it initially to facilitate
testing and transition. See also
examples/ - EF
2006-06-08 Minor bug fix to make draw proper minus signs
with usetex - DSD
2006-06-06 Released 0.87.3 at revision 2432
2006-05-30 More partial support for polygons with outline or fill,
but not both. Made LineCollection inherit from
ScalarMappable. - EF
2006-05-29 Yet another revision of aspect-ratio handling. - EF
2006-05-27 Committed a patch to prevent stroking zero-width lines in
the svg backend - DSD
2006-05-24 Fixed colorbar positioning bug identified by Helge
Avlesen, and improved the algorithm; added a 'pad'
kwarg to control the spacing between colorbar and
parent axes. - EF
2006-05-23 Changed color handling so that collection initializers
can take any mpl color arg or sequence of args; deprecated
float as grayscale, replaced by string representation of
float. - EF
2006-05-19 Fixed bug: plot failed if all points were masked - EF
2006-05-19 Added custom symbol option to scatter - JDH
2006-05-18 New example,; colorbar fixed to show
offset text when the ScalarFormatter is used; FixedFormatter
augmented to accept and display offset text. - EF
2006-05-14 New colorbar; old one is renamed to colorbar_classic.
New colorbar code is in, with wrappers in and
Fixed aspect-handling bug reported by Michael Mossey.
Made backend_bases.draw_quad_mesh() run.- EF
2006-05-08 Changed handling of end ranges in contourf: replaced
"clip-ends" kwarg with "extend". See docstring for
details. -EF
2006-05-08 Added axisbelow to rc - JDH
2006-05-08 If using PyGTK require version 2.2+ - SC
2006-04-19 Added compression support to PDF backend, controlled by
new pdf.compression rc setting. - JKS
2006-04-19 Added Jouni's PDF backend
2006-04-18 Fixed a bug that caused agg to not render long lines
2006-04-16 Masked array support for pcolormesh; made pcolormesh support the
same combinations of X,Y,C dimensions as pcolor does;
improved (I hope) description of grid used in pcolor,
pcolormesh. - EF
2006-04-14 Reorganized - EF
2006-04-13 Fixed a bug Ryan found using usetex with sans-serif fonts and
exponential tick labels - DSD
2006-04-11 Refactored backend_ps and backend_agg to prevent module-level
texmanager imports. Now these imports only occur if text.usetex
rc setting is true - DSD
2006-04-10 Committed changes required for building mpl on win32
platforms with visual studio. This allows wxpython
blitting for fast animations. - CM
2006-04-10 Fixed an off-by-one bug in Axes.change_geometry.
2006-04-10 Fixed bug in pie charts where wedge wouldn't have label in
legend. Submitted by Simon Hildebrandt. - ADS
2006-05-06 Usetex makes temporary latex and dvi files in a temporary
directory, rather than in the user's current working
directory - DSD
2006-04-05 Apllied Ken's wx deprecation warning patch closing sf patch
#1465371 - JDH
2006-04-05 Added support for the new API in the postscript backend.
Allows values to be masked using nan's, and faster file
creation - DSD
2006-04-05 Use python's subprocess module for usetex calls to
external programs. subprocess catches when they exit
abnormally so an error can be raised. - DSD
2006-04-03 Fixed the bug in which widgets would not respond to
events. This regressed the twinx functionality, so I
also updated subplots_adjust to update axes that share
an x or y with a subplot instance. - CM
2006-04-02 Moved PBox class to transforms and deleted;
made pylab axis command a thin wrapper for Axes.axis;
more tweaks to aspect-ratio handling; fixed Axes.specgram
to account for the new imshow default of unit aspect
ratio; made contour set the Axes.dataLim. - EF
2006-03-31 Fixed the Qt "Underlying C/C++ object deleted" bug. - JRE
2006-03-31 Applied Vasily Sulatskov's Qt Navigation Toolbar enhancement. - JRE
2006-03-31 Ported Norbert's rewriting of Halldor's stineman_interp
algorithm to make it numerix compatible and added code to
matplotlib.mlab. See examples/ - JDH
2006-03-30 Fixed a bug in aspect ratio handling; blocked potential
crashes when panning with button 3; added axis('image')
support. - EF
2006-03-28 More changes to aspect ratio handling; new PBox class
in new file to facilitate resizing and repositioning
axes; made PolarAxes maintain unit aspect ratio. - EF
2006-03-23 Refactored TextWithDash class to inherit from, rather than
delegate to, the Text class. Improves object inspection
and closes bug # 1357969 - DSD
2006-03-22 Improved aspect ratio handling, including pylab interface.
Interactive resizing, pan, zoom of images and plots
(including panels with a shared axis) should work.
Additions and possible refactoring are still likely. - EF
2006-03-21 Added another colorbrewer colormap (RdYlBu) - JSWHIT
2006-03-21 Fixed tickmarks for logscale plots over very large ranges.
Closes bug # 1232920 - DSD
2006-03-21 Added Rob Knight's arrow code; see examples/ - JDH
2006-03-20 Added support for masking values with nan's, using ADS's
isnan module and the new API. Works for *Agg backends - DSD
2006-03-20 Added contour.negative_linestyle rcParam - ADS
2006-03-20 Added _isnan extension module to test for nan with Numeric
2006-03-17 Added Paul and Alex's support for faceting with quadmesh
in sf patch 1411223 - JDH
2006-03-17 Added Charle Twardy's pie patch to support colors=None.
Closes sf patch 1387861 - JDH
2006-03-17 Applied sophana's patch to support overlapping axes with
toolbar navigation by toggling activation with the 'a' key.
Closes sf patch 1432252 - JDH
2006-03-17 Applied Aarre's linestyle patch for backend EMF; closes sf
patch 1449279 - JDH
2006-03-17 Applied Jordan Dawe's patch to support kwarg properties
for grid lines in the grid command. Closes sf patch
1451661 - JDH
2006-03-17 Center postscript output on page when using usetex - DSD
2006-03-17 subprocess module built if Python <2.4 even if subprocess
can be imported from an egg - ADS
2006-03-17 Added _subprocess.c from Python upstream and hopefully
enabled building (without breaking) on Windows, although
not tested. - ADS
2006-03-17 Updated to latest Python upstream and
reverted name back to - ADS
2006-03-16 Added John Porter's 3D handling code
2006-03-16 Released 0.87.2 at revision 2150
2006-03-15 Fixed bug in MaxNLocator revealed by
The main change is that Locator.nonsingular now adjusts
vmin and vmax if they are nearly the same, not just if
they are equal. A new kwarg, "tiny", sets the threshold. -
2006-03-14 Added import of compatibility library for newer numpy
linear_algebra - TEO
2006-03-12 Extended "load" function to support individual columns and
moved "load" and "save" into matplotlib.mlab so they can be
used outside of pylab -- see examples/ -
2006-03-12 Added AutoDateFormatter and AutoDateLocator submitted
by James Evans. Try the example for a
demo. - ADS
2006-03-11 Added subprocess module from python-2.4 - DSD
2006-03-11 Fixed landscape orientation support with the usetex
option. The backend_ps print_figure method was
getting complicated, I added a _print_figure_tex
method to maintain some degree of sanity - DSD
2006-03-11 Added "papertype" savefig kwarg for setting
postscript papersizes. papertype and ps.papersize
rc setting can also be set to "auto" to autoscale
pagesizes - DSD
2006-03-09 Apply P-J's patch to make pstoeps work on windows
patch report # 1445612 - DSD
2006-03-09 Make backend rc parameter case-insensitive - DSD
2006-03-07 Fixed bug in backend_ps related to C0-C6 papersizes,
which were causing problems with postscript viewers.
Supported page sizes include letter, legal, ledger,
A0-A10, and B0-B10 - DSD
2006-03-07 Released 0.87.1
fix get_rgb() bug reported by Keith Briggs.
Require pycairo 1.0.2.
Support saving png to file-like objects. - SC
2006-03-03 Fixed pcolor handling of vmin, vmax - EF
2006-03-02 improve page sizing with usetex with the latex
geometry package. Closes bug # 1441629 - DSD
2006-03-02 Fixed dpi problem with usetex png output. Accepted a
modified version of patch # 1441809 - DSD
2006-03-01 Fixed axis('scaled') to deal with case xmax < xmin - JSWHIT
2006-03-01 Added reversed colormaps (with '_r' appended to name) - JSWHIT
2006-02-27 Improved eps bounding boxes with usetex - DSD
2006-02-27 Test svn commit, again!
2006-02-27 Fixed two dependency checking bugs related to usetex
on Windows - DSD
2006-02-27 Made the rc deprecation warnings a little more human
2006-02-26 Update the previous gtk.main_quit() bug fix to use gtk.main_level()
- SC
2006-02-24 Implemented alpha support in contour and contourf - EF
2006-02-22 Fixed gtk main quit bug when quit was called before
mainloop. - JDH
2006-02-22 Small change to to workaround apparent
bug in numpy masked array module - JSWHIT
2006-02-22 Fixed bug in ScalarMappable.to_rgba() reported by
Ray Jones, and fixed incorrect fix found by Jeff
Whitaker - EF
2006-02-22 Released 0.87
2006-02-21 Fixed portrait/landscape orientation in postscript backend - DSD
2006-02-21 Fix bug introduced in yesterday's bug fix - SC
2006-02-20 FigureCanvasGTK.draw(): fix bug reported by
David Tremouilles - SC
2006-02-20 Remove the "pygtk.require('2.4')" error from
examples/ - SC
2006-02-18 FigureCanvasGTK.draw(): simplify to use (rather than
duplicate) the expose_event() drawing code - SC
2006-02-12 Added stagger or waterfall plot capability to LineCollection;
illustrated in examples/ - EF
2006-02-11 Massive cleanup of the usetex code in the postscript backend. Possibly
fixed the clipping issue users were reporting with older versions of
ghostscript - DSD
2006-02-11 Added autolim kwarg to axes.add_collection. Changed
collection get_verts() methods accordingly. - EF
2006-02-09 added a temporary rc parameter text.dvipnghack, to allow Mac users to get nice
results with the usetex option. - DSD
2006-02-09 Fixed a bug related to setting font sizes with the usetex option. - DSD
2006-02-09 Fixed a bug related to usetex's latex code. - DSD
2006-02-09 Modified behavior of font.size rc setting. You should define font.size in pts,
which will set the "medium" or default fontsize. Special text sizes like axis
labels or tick labels can be given relative font sizes like small, large,
x-large, etc. and will scale accordingly. - DSD
2006-02-08 Added py2exe specific datapath check again. Also added new
py2exe helper function get_py2exe_datafiles for use in py2exe scripts. - CM
2006-02-02 Added box function to pylab
2006-02-02 Fixed a problem in, tk library formatted in unicode
caused build problems - DSD
2006-02-01 Dropped TeX engine support in usetex to focus on LaTeX. - DSD
2006-01-29 Improved usetex option to respect the serif, sans-serif, monospace,
and cursive rc settings. Removed the font.latex.package rc setting,
it is no longer required - DSD
2006-01-29 Fixed tex's caching to include rc information - DSD
2006-01-29 Fixed subpixel rendering bug in *Agg that was causing
uneven gridlines - JDH
2006-01-28 Added fontcmd to backend_ps's RendererPS.draw_tex, to support other
font families in eps output - DSD
2006-01-28 Added MaxNLocator to, and changed to
use it by default. - EF
2006-01-28 Added fontcmd to backend_ps's RendererPS.draw_tex, to support other
font families in eps output - DSD
2006-01-27 Buffered reading of matplotlibrc parameters in order to allow
'verbose' settings to be processed first (allows
during rc validation process) - DSD
2006-01-27 Removed setuptools support from and created a
separate file to replace it. - CM
2006-01-26 Replaced the ugly datapath logic with a cleaner approach from
Overrides the install_data command. - CM
2006-01-24 Don't use character typecodes in cntr.c --- changed to use
defined typenumbers instead. - TEO
2006-01-24 Fixed some bugs in usetex's and ps.usedistiller's dependency
2006-01-24 Added masked array support to scatter - EF
2006-01-24 Fixed some bugs in usetex's and ps.usedistiller's dependency
checking - DSD
2006-01-24 Released 0.86.2
2006-01-20 Added a converters dict to pylab load to convert selected
coloumns to float -- especially useful for files with date
strings, uses a datestr2num converter - JDH
2006-01-20 Added datestr2num to matplotlib dates to convert a string
or sequence of strings to a matplotlib datenum
2006-01-18 Added quadrilateral pcolormesh patch 1409190 by Alex Mont
and Paul Kienzle -- this is *Agg only for now. See
examples/ - JDH
2006-01-18 Added Jouni's boxplot patch - JDH
2006-01-18 Added comma delimiter for pylab save - JDH
2006-01-12 Added Ryan's legend patch - JDH
2006-1-12 Fixed numpy / numeric to use .dtype.char to keep in SYNC with numpy SVN
2006-1-11 Released 0.86.1
2006-1-11 Fixed for win32 build and added rc template to the
2006-1-10 Added xpdf distiller option. matplotlibrc ps.usedistiller can now be
none, false, ghostscript, or xpdf. Validation checks for
dependencies. This needs testing, but the xpdf option should produce
the highest-quality output and small file sizes - DSD
2006-01-10 For the usetex option, backend_ps now does all the LaTeX work in the
os's temp directory - DSD
2006-1-10 Added checks for usetex dependencies. - DSD
2006-1-9 Released 0.86
2006-1-4 Changed to support numpy (new name for scipy_core) - TEO
2006-1-4 Added Mark's scaled axes patch for shared axis
2005-12-28 Added Chris Barker's build_wxagg patch - JDH
2005-12-27 Altered numerix/scipy to support new scipy package
structure - TEO
2005-12-20 Fixed Jame's Boyles date tick reversal problem - JDH
2005-12-20 Added Jouni's rc patch to support lists of keys to set on -
2005-12-12 Updated pyparsing and mathtext for some speed enhancements
(Thanks Paul McGuire) and minor fixes to scipy numerix and
2005-12-12 Matplotlib data is now installed as package_data in
the matplotlib module. This gets rid of checking the
many possibilities in matplotlib._get_data_path() - CM
2005-12-11 Support for setuptools/pkg_resources to build and use
matplotlib as an egg. Still allows matplotlib to exist
using a traditional distutils install. - ADS
2005-12-03 Modified setup to build matplotlibrc based on compile time
findings. It will set numerix in the order of scipy,
numarray, Numeric depending on which are founds, and
backend as in preference order GTKAgg, WXAgg, TkAgg, GTK,
Agg, PS
2005-12-03 Modified scipy patch to support Numeric, scipy and numarray
Some work remains to be done because some of the scipy
imports are broken if only the core is installed. e.g.,
apparently we need from scipy.basic.fftpack import * rather
than from scipy.fftpack import *
2005-12-03 Applied some fixes to Nicholas Young's nonuniform image
2005-12-01 Applied Alex Gontmakher hatch patch - PS only for now
2005-11-30 Added Rob McMullen's EMF patch
2005-11-30 Added Daishi's patch for scipy
2005-11-30 Fixed out of bounds draw markers segfault in agg
2005-11-28 Got TkAgg blitting working 100% (cross fingers) correctly. - CM
2005-11-27 Multiple changes in,,,,,; new, examples/
1) Separated the color table data from out into
a new file,, to make it easier to find the actual
code in and to add new colormaps. Also added
some line breaks to the color data dictionaries. Everything
from is imported by, so the split should be
2) Enabled automatic generation of a colormap from
a list of colors in contour; see modified
3) Support for imshow of a masked array, with the
ability to specify colors (or no color at all) for
masked regions, and for regions that are above or
below the normally mapped region. See
4) In support of the above, added two new classes,
ListedColormap, and no_norm, to, and modified
the Colormap class to include common functionality. Added
a clip kwarg to the normalize class. Reworked color
handling in, especially in the ContourLabeller
- EF
2005-11-25 Changed to ensure color is hashable. EF
2005-11-16 Released 0.85
2005-11-16 Changed the default default linewidth in rc to 1.0
2005-11-16 Replaced agg_to_gtk_drawable with pure pygtk pixbuf code in
backend_gtkagg. When the equivalent is doe for blit, the
agg extension code will no longer be needed
2005-11-16 Added a maxdict item to cbook to prevent caches from
growing w/o bounds
2005-11-15 Fixed a colorup/colordown reversal bug in --
Thanks Gilles
2005-11-15 Applied Jouni K Steppanen's boxplot patch SF patch#1349997
2005-11-09 added axisbelow attr for Axes to determine whether ticks and such
are above or below the actors
2005-11-08 Added Nicolas' irregularly spaced image patch
2005-11-08 Deprecated HorizontalSpanSelector and replaced with
SpanSelection that takes a third arg, direction. The
new SpanSelector supports horizontal and vertical span
selection, and the appropriate min/max is returned. - CM
2005-11-08 Added lineprops dialog for gtk
2005-11-03 Added FIFOBuffer class to mlab to support real time feeds
and examples/
2005-11-01 Contributed Nickolas Young's patch for afm mathtext to
support mathtext based upon the standard postscript Symbol
font when ps.usetex = True.
2005-10-26 Added support for scatter legends - thanks John Gill
2005-10-20 Fixed image clipping bug that made some tex labels
disappear. JDH
2005-10-14 Removed sqrt from dvipng 1.6 alpha channel mask.
2005-10-14 Added width kwarg to hist function
2005-10-10 Replaced all instances of os.rename with shutil.move
2005-10-05 Added Michael Brady's ydate patch
2005-10-04 Added rkern's texmanager patch
2005-09-25 modified to use a single ContourSet class
that handles filled contours, line contours, and labels;
added keyword arg (clip_ends) to contourf.
Colorbar modified to work with new ContourSet object;
if the ContourSet has lines rather than polygons, the
colorbar will follow suit. Fixed a bug introduced in
0.84, in which contourf(...,colors=...) was broken - EF
2005-09-19 Released 0.84
2005-09-14 Added a new 'resize_event' which triggers a callback with a
backend_bases.ResizeEvent object - JDH
2005-09-14 removed chkfontpath from x11FontDirectory() - SC
2005-09-14 Factored out auto date locator/formatter factory code into; applies John Bryne's
quiver patch.
2005-09-13 Added Mark's axes positions history patch #1286915
2005-09-09 Added support for auto canvas resizing with
fig.set_figsize_inches(9,5,forward=True) # inches
fig.resize(400,300) # pixels
2005-09-07 update Figure.draw() to use the updated
renderer.draw_image() so that examples/ works again.
examples/ remove data_clipping (which no longer
exists) - SC
2005-09-06 Added Eric's tick.direction patch: in or out in rc
2005-09-06 Added Martin's rectangle selector widget
2005-09-04 Fixed a logic err in that was preventing rgxsuper
from matching - JDH
2005-08-29 Committed Ken's wx blit patch #1275002
2005-08-26 colorbar modifications - now uses contourf instead of imshow
so that colors used by contourf are displayed correctly.
Added two new keyword args (cspacing and clabels) that are
only relevant for ContourMappable images - JSWHIT
2005-08-24 Fixed a PS image bug reported by Darren - JDH
2005-08-23 change hex2color() to accept unicode strings as well as
normal strings. Use isinstance() instead of types.IntType etc - SC
2005-08-16 removed data_clipping line and rc property - JDH
2005-08-22 Remove redundant "x=0.0 y=0.0" from svg element.
Increase svg version from 1.0 to 1.1. Add viewBox attribute to svg
element to allow SVG documents to scale-to-fit into an arbitrary
viewport - SC
2005-08-16 Added Eric's dot marker patch - JDH
2005-08-08 Added blitting/animation for TkAgg - CM
2005-08-05 Fixed duplicate tickline bug - JDH
2005-08-05 Fixed a GTK animation bug that cropped up when doing
animations in gtk//gtkagg canvases that had widgets packed
above them
2005-08-05 Added Clovis Goldemberg patch to the tk save dialog
2005-08-04 Removed origin kwarg from backend.draw_image. origin is
handled entirely by the frontend now.
2005-07-03 Fixed a bug related to TeX commands in backend_ps
2005-08-03 Fixed SVG images to respect upper and lower origins.
2005-08-03 Added flipud method to image and removed it from to_str.
2005-07-29 Modified figure.figaspect to take an array or number;
modified backend_svg to write utf-8 - JDH
2005-07-30 embed png image files in svg rather than linking
to a separate png file, fixes bug #1245306 (thanks to Norbert Nemec
for the patch) - SC
2005-07-29 Released 0.83.2
2005-07-27 Applied SF patch 1242648: minor rounding error in
IndexDateFormatter in
2005-07-27 Applied sf patch 1244732: Scale axis such that circle
looks like circle - JDH
2005-07-29 Improved message reporting in texmanager and backend_ps - DSD
2005-07-28 update FigureCanvasGTK.draw() (needed due to the
recent expose_event() change) so that examples/ works in the
usual way - SC
2005-07-26 Added new widgets Cursor and HorizontalSpanSelector to
matplotlib.widgets. See examples/widgets/ and
examples/widgets/ - JDH
2005-07-26 added draw event to mpl event hierarchy -- triggered on
2005-07-26 allow 'f' key to toggle window fullscreen mode
2005-07-26 write "<.../>" elements all on one line and remove
surplus spaces - SC
2005-07-25 simplify code by deleting GraphicsContextSVG and
RendererSVG.new_gc(), and moving the gc.get_capstyle() code into
RendererSVG._get_gc_props_svg() - SC
2005-07-24 call FigureCanvasBase.motion_notify_event() on
all motion-notify-events, not just ones where a modifier key or
button has been pressed (fixes bug report from Niklas Volbers) - SC
2005-07-24 modify print_figure() use own pixmap, fixing
problems where print_figure() overwrites the display pixmap.
return False from all button/key etc events - to allow the event
to propagate further - SC
2005-07-23 change expose_event from using set_back_pixmap();
clear() to draw_drawable() - SC
2005-07-23 removed pygtk.require()
matplotlib/ delete 'FROZEN' and 'McPLError' which are
no longer used - SC
2005-07-22 removed pygtk.require() - SC
2005-07-21 Remove unused imports. Remove methods doc strings
which just duplicate the docs from Rename
draw_mathtext to _draw_mathtext. - SC
2005-07-17 examples/ new example demonstrating placing
a FigureCanvas in a gtk.ScrolledWindow - SC
2005-07-14 Fixed a Windows related bug (#1238412) in texmanager - DSD
2005-07-11 Fixed color kwarg bug, setting color=1 or 0 caused an
exception - DSD
2005-07-07 Added Eric's MA set_xdata Line2D fix - JDH
2005-07-06 Made HOME/.matplotlib the new config dir where the
matplotlibrc file, the ttf.cache, and the tex.cache live.
The new default filenames in .matplotlib have no leading
dot and are not hidden. e.g., the new names are matplotlibrc
tex.cache ttffont.cache. This is how ipython does it so it
must be right. If old files are found, a warning is issued
and they are moved to the new location. Also fixed
texmanager to put all files, including temp files in
~/.matplotlib/tex.cache, which allows you to usetex in
non-writable dirs.
2005-07-05 Fixed bug #1231611 in subplots adjust layout. The problem
was that the text cacheing mechanism was not using the
transformation affine in the key. - JDH
2005-07-05 Fixed default backend import problem when using API (SF bug
# 1209354 - see API_CHANGES for more info - JDH
2005-07-04 require PyGTK version 2.0.0 or higher - SC
2005-06-30 added numarray_inc_dirs for building against
numarray when not installed in standard location - ADS
2005-06-27 write figure width, height as int, not float.
Update to fix some of the pychecker warnings - SC
2005-06-23 Updated examples/ to demonstrate curved paths
and fills - JDH
2005-06-21 Moved some texmanager and backend_agg tex caching to class
level rather than instance level - JDH
2005-06-20 fix problem where _nc_backend_gdk is installed to the
wrong directory - SC
2005-06-19 Added 10.4 support for CocoaAgg. - CM
2005-06-18 Move Figure.get_width_height() to FigureCanvasBase and return
int instead of float. - SC
2005-06-18 Applied Ted Drain's QtAgg patch: 1) Changed the toolbar to
be a horizontal bar of push buttons instead of a QToolbar
and updated the layout algorithms in the main window
accordingly. This eliminates the ability to drag and drop
the toolbar and detach it from the window. 2) Updated the
resize algorithm in the main window to show the correct
size for the plot widget as requested. This works almost
correctly right now. It looks to me like the final size of
the widget is off by the border of the main window but I
haven't figured out a way to get that information yet. We
could just add a small margin to the new size but that
seems a little hacky. 3) Changed the x/y location label to
be in the toolbar like the Tk backend instead of as a
status line at the bottom of the widget. 4) Changed the
toolbar pixmaps to use the ppm files instead of the png
files. I noticed that the Tk backend buttons looked much
nicer and it uses the ppm files so I switched them.
2005-06-17 Modified the gtk backend to not queue mouse motion events.
This allows for live updates when dragging a slider. - CM
2005-06-17 Added starter CocoaAgg backend. Only works on OS 10.3 for
now and requires PyObjC. (10.4 is high priority) - CM
2005-06-17 Upgraded pyparsing and applied Paul McGuire's suggestions
for speeding things up. This more than doubles the speed
of mathtext in my simple tests. JDH
2005-06-16 Applied David Cooke's subplot make_key patch
2005-06-15 0.82 released
2005-06-15 Added subplot config tool to GTK* backends -- note you must
now import the NavigationToolbar2 from your backend of
choice rather than from backend_gtk because it needs to
know about the backend specific canvas -- see
examples/ Ditto for wx backend -- see
2005-06-15 updated to use pycairo 0.5.0 - SC
2005-06-14 Wrote some GUI neutral widgets (Button, Slider,
RadioButtons, CheckButtons) in matplotlib.widgets. See
examples/widgets/*.py - JDH
2005-06-14 Exposed subplot parameters as rc vars and as the fig
SubplotParams instance subplotpars. See
figure.SubplotParams, figure.Figure.subplots_adjust and the
pylab method subplots_adjust and
examples/ . Also added a GUI neutral
widget for adjusting subplots, see
examples/ - JDH
2005-06-13 Exposed cap and join style for lines with new rc params and
line properties
lines.dash_joinstyle : miter # miter|round|bevel
lines.dash_capstyle : butt # butt|round|projecting
lines.solid_joinstyle : miter # miter|round|bevel
lines.solid_capstyle : projecting # butt|round|projecting
2005-06-13 Added kwargs to Axes init
2005-06-13 Applied Baptiste's tick patch - JDH
2005-06-13 Fixed rc alias 'l' bug reported by Fernando by removing
aliases for mainlevel rc options. - JDH
2005-06-10 Fixed bug #1217637 in - DSD
2005-06-07 Fixed a bug in .aux files not being removed - DSD
2005-06-08 Added Sean Richard's hist binning fix -- see API_CHANGES - JDH
2005-06-07 Fixed a bug in .aux files not being removed
2005-06-07 matplotlib-0.81 released
2005-06-06 Added autoscale_on prop to axes
2005-06-06 Added Nick's picker "among" patch - JDH
2005-06-05 Fixed a TeX/LaTeX font discrepency in backend_ps. - DSD
2005-06-05 Added a ps.distill option in rc settings. If True, postscript
output will be distilled using ghostscript, which should trim
the file size and allow it to load more quickly. Hopefully this
will address the issue of large ps files due to font
definitions. Tested with gnu-ghostscript-8.16. - DSD
2005-06-03 Improved support for tex handling of text in backend_ps. - DSD
2005-06-03 Added rc options to render text with tex or latex, and to select
the latex font package. - DSD
2005-06-03 Fixed a bug in causing a ZeroDivisionError
2005-06-02 remove DBL_BUFFER, add line to expose_event to
try to fix pygtk 2.6 redraw problem - SC
2005-06-01 The default behavior of ScalarFormatter now renders scientific
notation and large numerical offsets in a label at the end of
the axis. - DSD
2005-06-01 Added Nicholas' frombyte image patch - JDH
2005-05-31 Added vertical TeX support for agg - JDH
2005-05-31 Applied Eric's cntr patch - JDH
2005-05-27 Finally found the pesky agg bug (which Maxim was kind
enough to fix within hours) that was causing a segfault in
the win32 cached marker drawing. Now windows users can get
the enormouse performance benefits of caced markers w/o
those occasional pesy screenshots. - JDH
2005-05-27 Got win32 build system working again, using a more recent
version of gtk and pygtk in the win32 build, gtk 2.6 from (you
will also need libpng12.dll to use these). I haven't
tested whether this binary build of mpl for win32 will work
with older gtk runtimes, so you may need to upgrade.
2005-05-27 Fixed bug where 2nd wxapp could be started if using wxagg
backend. - ADS
2005-05-26 Added Daishi text with dash patch -- see examples/
2005-05-26 Moved backend_latex functionality into backend_ps. If
text.usetex=True, the PostScript backend will use LaTeX to
generate the .ps or .eps file. Ghostscript is required for
eps output. - DSD
2005-05-24 Fixed alignment and color issues in latex backend. - DSD
2005-05-21 Fixed raster problem for small rasters with dvipng -- looks
like it was a premultipled alpha problem - JDH
2005-05-20 Added linewidth and faceted kwarg to scatter to control
edgewidth and color. Also added autolegend patch to
inspect line segments.
2005-05-18 Added Orsay and JPL qt fixes - JDH
2005-05-17 Added a psfrag latex backend -- some alignment issues need
to be worked out. Run with -dLaTeX and a *.tex file and
*.eps file are generated. latex and dvips the generated
latex file to get ps output. Note xdvi *does* not work,
you must generate ps.- JDH
2005-05-13 Added Florent Rougon's Axis set_label1
2005-05-17 pcolor optimization, fixed bug in previous pcolor patch - JSWHIT
2005-05-16 Added support for masked arrays in pcolor - JSWHIT
2005-05-12 Started work on TeX text for antigrain using pngdvi -- see
examples/ and the new module
matplotlib.texmanager. Rotated text not supported and
rendering small glyps is not working right yet. BUt large
fontsizes and/or high dpi saved figs work great.
2005-05-10 New image resize options interpolation options. New values
for the interp kwarg are
'nearest', 'bilinear', 'bicubic', 'spline16', 'spline36',
'hanning', 'hamming', 'hermite', 'kaiser', 'quadric',
'catrom', 'gaussian', 'bessel', 'mitchell', 'sinc',
'lanczos', 'blackman'
See help(imshow) for details, particularly the
interpolation, filternorm and filterrad kwargs
2005-05-10 Applied Eric's contour mem leak fixes - JDH
2005-05-10 Extended python agg wrapper and started implementing
backend_agg2, an agg renderer based on the python wrapper.
This will be more flexible and easier to extend than the
current backend_agg. See also examples/ - JDH
2005-05-09 Added Marcin's no legend patch to exclude lines from the
autolegend builder
plot(x, y, label='nolegend')
2005-05-05 Upgraded to agg23
2005-05-05 Added to examples. -DSD
2005-05-04 Added NewScalarFormatter. Improved formatting of ticklabels,
scientific notation, and the ability to plot large large
numbers with small ranges, by determining a numerical offset.
See ticker.NewScalarFormatter for more details. -DSD
2005-05-03 Added the option to specify a delimiter in pylab.load -DSD
2005-04-28 Added Darren's line collection example
2005-04-28 Fixed aa property in agg - JDH
2005-04-27 Set postscript page size in .matplotlibrc - DSD
2005-04-26 Added embedding in qt example. - JDH
2005-04-14 Applied Michael Brady's qt backend patch: 1) fix a bug
where keyboard input was grabbed by the figure and not
released 2) turn on cursor changes 3) clean up a typo
and commented-out print statement. - JDH
2005-04-14 Applied Eric Firing's masked data lines patch and contour
patch. Support for masked arrays has been added to the
plot command and to the Line2D object. Only the valid
points are plotted. A "valid_only" kwarg was added to the
get_xdata() and get_ydata() methods of Line2D; by default
it is False, so that the original data arrays are
returned. Setting it to True returns the plottable points.
- see examples/ - JDH
2005-04-13 Applied Tim Leslie's arrow key event handling patch - JDH
0.80 released
2005-04-11 Applied a variant of rick's xlim/ylim/axis patch. These
functions now take kwargs to let you selectively alter only
the min or max if desired. e.g., xlim(xmin=2) or
axis(ymax=3). They always return the new lim. - JDH
2005-04-11 Incorporated Werner's wx patch -- wx backend should be
compatible with wxpython2.4 and recent versions of 2.5.
Some early versions of wxpython 2.5 will not work because
there was a temporary change in the dc API that was rolled
back to make it 2.4 compliant
2005-04-11 modified tkagg show so that new figure window pops up on
call to figure
2005-04-11 fixed wxapp init bug
2005-04-02 updated backend_ps.draw_lines, draw_markers for use with the
new API - DSD
2005-04-01 Added editable polygon example
2005-03-31 0.74 released
2005-03-30 Fixed and added checks for floating point inaccuracy in
ticker.Base - DSD
2005-03-30 updated /ellipse definition in to address bug
#1122041 - DSD
2005-03-29 Added unicode support for Agg and PS - JDH
2005-03-28 Added Jarrod's svg patch for text - JDH
2005-03-28 Added Ludal's arrow and quiver patch - JDH
2005-03-28 Added label kwarg to Axes to facilitate forcing the
creation of new Axes with otherwise identical attributes
2005-03-28 Applied boxplot and OSX font search patches
2005-03-27 Added ft2font NULL check to fix Japanase font bug - JDH
2005-03-27 Added sprint legend patch plus John Gill's tests and fix --
see examples/ - JDH
2005-03-19 0.73.1 released
2005-03-19 Reverted wxapp handling because it crashed win32 - JDH
2005-03-18 Add .number attribute to figure objects returned by figure() - FP
2005-03-18 0.73 released
2005-03-16 Fixed labelsep bug
2005-03-16 Applied Darren's ticker fix for small ranges - JDH
2005-03-16 Fixed tick on horiz colorbar - JDH
2005-03-16 Added Japanses winreg patch - JDH
2005-03-15 changed to use double buffering, this fixes
the problem reported Joachim Berdal Haga - "Parts of plot lagging
from previous frame in animation". Tested with and it makes
no noticable difference to performance (23.7 before, 23.6 after)
- SC
2005-03-14 add src/_backend_gdk.c extension to provide a substitute function
for pixbuf.get_pixels_array(). Currently pixbuf.get_pixels_array()
only works with Numeric, and then only works if pygtk has been
compiled with Numeric support. The change provides a function
pixbuf_get_pixels_array() which works with Numeric and numarray and
is always available. It means that backend_gtk should be able to
display images and mathtext in all circumstances. - SC
2005-03-11 Upgraded CXX to 5.3.1
2005-03-10 remove GraphicsContextPS.set_linestyle()
and GraphicsContextSVG.set_linestyle() since they do no more than
the base class GraphicsContext.set_linestyle() - SC
2005-03-09 Refactored contour functionality into dedicated module
2005-03-09 Added Eric's contourf updates and Nadia's clabel functionality
2005-03-09 Moved colorbar to figure.Figure to expose it for API developers
2005-03-09 implemented draw_markers() - SC
2005-03-09 only use enumerate() (the python version) if the builtin
version is not available.
Add new function 'izip' which is set to itertools.izip if available
and the python equivalent if not available. - SC
2005-03-07 remove PIXELS_PER_INCH from points_to_pixels(), but
still use it to adjust font sizes. This allows the GTK version of to more closely match GTKAgg, previously the markers
were being drawn too large. - SC
2005-03-01 Added Eric's contourf routines
2005-03-01 Added start of proper agg SWIG wrapper. I would like to
expose agg functionality directly a the user level and this
module will serve that purpose eventually, and will
hopefully take over most of the functionality of the
current _image and _backend_agg modules. - JDH
2005-02-28 Fixed polyfit / polyval to convert input args to float
arrays - JDH
2005-02-25 Add experimental feature to to enable/disable
double buffering (DBL_BUFFER=True/False) - SC
2005-02-24 change ColorConverter.to_rgb() so it always returns rgb
(and not rgba), allow cnames keys to be cached, change the exception
raised from RuntimeError to ValueError (like hex2color())
hex2color() use a regular expression to check the color string is
valid - SC
2005-02-23 Added rc param ps.useafm so backend ps can use native afm
fonts or truetype. afme breaks mathtext but causes much
smaller font sizes and may result in images that display
better in some contexts (e.g., pdfs incorporated into latex
docs viewed in acrobat reader). I would like to extend
this approach to allow the user to use truetype only for
mathtext, which should be easy.
2005-02-23 Used sequence protocol rather than tuple in agg collection
drawing routines for greater flexibility - JDH
2005-02-22 0.72.1 released
2005-02-21 fixed linestyles for collections -- contour now dashes for
levels <0
2005-02-21 fixed ps color bug - JDH
2005-02-15 fixed missing qt file
2005-02-15 banished error_msg and report_error. Internal backend
methods like error_msg_gtk are preserved. backend writers,
check your backends, and diff against 0.72 to make sure I
did the right thing! - JDH
2005-02-14 Added enthought traits to matplotlib tree - JDH
2005-02-14 0.72 released
2005-02-14 fix bug in cbook alltrue() and onetrue() - SC
2005-02-11 updated qtagg backend from Ted - JDH
2005-02-11 matshow fixes for figure numbering, return value and docs - FP
2005-02-09 new zorder example for fine control in - FP
2005-02-09 backend renderer draw_lines now has transform in backend,
as in draw_markers; use numerix in _backend_agg, aded small
line optimization to agg
2005-02-09 subplot now deletes axes that it overlaps
2005-02-08 Added transparent support for gzipped files in load/save - Fernando
Perez (FP from now on).
2005-02-08 Small optimizations in PS backend. They may have a big impact for
large plots, otherwise they don't hurt - FP
2005-02-08 Added transparent support for gzipped files in load/save - Fernando
Perez (FP from now on).
2005-02-07 Added newstyle path drawing for markers - only implemented
in agg currently - JDH
2005-02-05 Some superscript text optimizations for ticking log plots
2005-02-05 Added some default key press events to pylab figures: 'g'
toggles grid - JDH
2005-02-05 Added some support for handling log switching for lines
that have nonpos data - JDH
2005-02-04 Added Nadia's contour patch - contour now has matlab
compatible syntax; this also fixed an unequal sized contour
array bug- JDH
2005-02-04 Modified GTK backends to allow the FigureCanvas to be resized
smaller than its original size - SC
2005-02-02 Fixed a bug in dates mx2num - JDH
2005-02-02 Incorporated Fernando's matshow - JDH
2005-02-01 Added Fernando's figure num patch, including experemental
support for pylab backend switching, LineCOllection.color
warns, savefig now a figure method, fixed a close(fig) bug
2005-01-31 updated datalim in contour - JDH
2005-01-30 Added provided by Sigve Tjora - SC
2005-01-28 Added tk.inspect rc param to .matplotlibrc. IDLE users
should set tk.pythoninspect:True and interactive:True and
2005-01-28 Replaced examples/ with an updated script from
Fernando Perez - SC
2005-01-27 Added support for shared x or y axes. See
examples/ and examples/
2005-01-27 Added Lee's patch for missing symbols \leq and \LEFTbracket
to _mathtext_data - JDH
2005-01-26 Added Baptiste's two scales patch -- see help(twinx) in the
pylab interface for more info. See also
2005-01-24 Fixed a mathtext parser bug that prevented font changes in
sub/superscripts - JDH
2005-01-24 Fixed contour to work w/ interactive changes in colormaps,
clim, etc - JDH
2005-01-21 matplotlib-0.71 released
2005-01-21 Refactored numerix to solve vexing namespace issues - JDH
2005-01-21 Applied Nadia's contour bug fix - JDH
2005-01-20 Made some changes to the contour routine - particularly
region=1 seems t fix a lot of the zigzag strangeness.
Added colormaps as default for contour - JDH
2005-01-19 Restored builtin names which were overridden (min, max,
abs, round, and sum) in pylab. This is a potentially
significant change for those who were relying on an array
version of those functions that previously overrode builtin
function names. - ADS
2005-01-18 Added accents to mathtext: \hat, \breve, \grave, \bar,
\acute, \tilde, \vec, \dot, \ddot. All of them have the
same syntax, e.g., to make an overbar you do \bar{o} or to
make an o umlaut you do \ddot{o}. The shortcuts are also
provided, e.g., \"o \'e \`e \~n \.x \^y - JDH
2005-01-18 Plugged image resize memory leaks - JDH
2005-01-18 Fixed some mathtext parser problems relating to superscripts
2005-01-17 Fixed a yticklabel problem for colorbars under change of
clim - JDH
2005-01-17 Cleaned up Destroy handling in wx reducing memleak/fig from
approx 800k to approx 6k- JDH
2005-01-17 Added kappa to latex_to_bakoma - JDH
2005-01-15 Support arbitrary colorbar axes and horizontal colorbars - JDH
2005-01-15 Fixed colormap number of colors bug so that the colorbar
has the same discretization as the image - JDH
2005-01-15 Added Nadia's x,y contour fix - JDH
2005-01-15 backend_cairo: added PDF support which requires pycairo 0.1.4.
Its not usable yet, but is ready for when the Cairo PDF backend
matures - SC
2005-01-15 Added Nadia's x,y contour fix
2005-01-12 Fixed set clip_on bug in artist - JDH
2005-01-11 Reverted pythoninspect in tkagg - JDH
2005-01-09 Fixed a backend_bases event bug caused when an event is
triggered when location is None - JDH
2005-01-07 Add patch from Stephen Walton to fix bug in pylab.load()
when the % character is included in a comment. - ADS
2005-01-07 Added markerscale attribute to Legend class. This allows
the marker size in the legend to be adjusted relative to
that in the plot. - ADS
2005-01-06 Add patch from Ben Vanhaeren to make the FigureManagerGTK vbox a
public attribute - SC
2004-12-30 Release 0.70
2004-12-28 Added coord location to key press and added a
2004-12-28 Fixed coords notification in wx toolbar - JDH
2004-12-28 Moved connection and disconnection event handling to the
FigureCanvasBase. Backends now only need to connect one
time for each of the button press, button release and key
press/release functions. The base class deals with
callbacks and multiple connections. This fixes flakiness
on some backends (tk, wx) in the presence of multiple
connections and/or disconnect - JDH
2004-12-27 Fixed PS mathtext bug where color was not set - Jochen
please verify correct - JDH
2004-12-27 Added Shadow class and added shadow kwarg to legend and pie
for shadow effect - JDH
2004-12-27 Added pie charts and new example/
2004-12-23 Fixed an agg text rotation alignment bug, fixed some text
kwarg processing bugs, and added examples/
to explain and demonstrate how text rotations and alignment
work in matplotlib. - JDH
2004-12-22 0.65.1 released - JDH
2004-12-22 Fixed colorbar bug which caused colorbar not to respond to
changes in colormap in some instances - JDH
2004-12-22 Refactored NavigationToolbar in tkagg to support app
embedding , init now takes (canvas, window) rather than
(canvas, figman) - JDH
2004-12-21 Refactored axes and subplot management - removed
add_subplot and add_axes from the FigureManager. classic
toolbar updates are done via an observer pattern on the
figure using add_axobserver. Figure now maintains the axes
stack (for gca) and supports axes deletion. Ported changes
to GTK, Tk, Wx, and FLTK. Please test! Added delaxes - JDH
2004-12-21 Lots of image optimizations - 4x performance boost over
0.65 JDH
2004-12-20 Fixed a figimage bug where the axes is shown and modified
tkagg to move the destroy binding into the show method.
2004-12-18 Minor refactoring of NavigationToolbar2 to support
embedding in an application - JDH
2004-12-14 Added linestyle to collections (currently broken) - JDH
2004-12-14 Applied Nadia's setupext patch to fix libstdc++ link
problem with contour and solaris -JDH
2004-12-14 A number of pychecker inspired fixes, including removal of
True and False from cbook which I erroneously thought was
needed for python2.2 - JDH
2004-12-14 Finished porting doc strings for set introspection.
Used silent_list for many get funcs that return
lists. JDH
2004-12-13 removed all timezone() calls, except for UTC - SC
2004-12-13 0.65 released - JDH
2004-12-13 rgb2hex(), hex2color() made simpler (and faster), also
rgb2hex() - added round() instead of integer truncation
hex2color() - changed 256.0 divisor to 255.0, so now
'#ffffff' becomes (1.0,1.0,1.0) not (0.996,0.996,0.996) - SC
2004-12-11 Added ion and ioff to pylab interface - JDH
2004-12-11 delete FigureCanvasTemplate.realize() - most
backends don't use it and its no longer needed, delete show() and
draw_if_interactive() - they are not needed for image backends write direct to file instead of StringIO
- SC
2004-12-10 Added zorder to artists to control drawing order of lines,
patches and text in axes. See examples/ - JDH
2004-12-10 Fixed colorbar bug with scatter - JDH
2004-12-10 Added Nadia Dencheva <> contour code - JDH
2004-12-10 got mathtext working - SC
2004-12-09 Added Norm Peterson's svg clipping patch
2004-12-09 Added Matthew Newville's wx printing patch
2004-12-09 Migrated matlab to pylab - JDH
2004-12-09 split into two parts
- - an image backend
- - A GUI backend that uses GDK - SC
2004-12-08 remove quit_after_print_xvfb(*args), show_xvfb(),
Dialog_MeasureTool(gtk.Dialog) one month after sending mail to
matplotlib-users asking if anyone still uses these functions - SC
2004-12-02, updated some of the method
documentation to make them consistent with each other - SC
2004-12-04 Fixed multiple bindings per event for TkAgg mpl_connect and
mpl_disconnect. Added a "test_disconnect" command line
parameter to JTM
2004-12-04 Fixed some legend bugs JDH
2004-11-30 Added over command for oneoff over plots. e.g., over(plot, x,
y, lw=2). Works with any plot function.
2004-11-30 Added bbox property to text - JDH
2004-11-29 Zoom to rect now respect reversed axes limits (for both
linear and log axes). - GL
2004-11-29 Added the over command to the matlab interface. over
allows you to add an overlay plot regardless of hold
state. - JDH
2004-11-25 Added Printf to mplutils for printf style format string
formatting in C++ (should help write better exceptions)
2004-11-24 IMAGE_FORMAT: remove from agg and gtkagg backends as its no longer
used - SC
2004-11-23 Added matplotlib compatible set and get introspection. See
2004-11-23 applied Norbert's patched and exposed legend configuration
to kwargs - JDH
2004-11-23 added a default exception handler - SC
2004-11-18 change so that the backend knows about all image
formats and does not need to use IMAGE_FORMAT in other backends - SC
2004-11-18 Fixed some report_error bugs in string interpolation as
reported on SF bug tracker- JDH
2004-11-17 change so all print_figure() calls render using
Cairo and get saved using backend_gtk.print_figure() - SC
2004-11-13 Discovered the magic number (96) required for
Cairo PS plots to come out the right size. Restored Cairo PS output
and added support for landscape mode - SC
2004-11-13 Added ishold - JDH
2004-11-12 Added many new matlab colormaps - autumn bone cool copper
flag gray hot hsv jet pink prism spring summer winter - PG
2004-11-11 greatly simplify the emitted postscript code - JV