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-- Test merging from multiple branches.
-- ALMOST DONE : add print/save functionality. Currently you can save by right
clicking on the fig window, but you must have nothing in front of
the window. I suppose I need to first draw to a pixbuf. I would
also like to control the resolution.
UPDATE: high resolution printing. Resolution can be set from the
command line, but the GUI needs to be updated to allow resolution
to be set along with filename
-- DONE : fix text size calculations using pango layouts:
-- DROPPED : add a font selection dialog for the axis text
-- DONE enable vertical rendering for ylabels:
-- DONE with pango : enable anti aliasing for fonts
-- DONE enable fancy text labels (eg, greek letters, math symbols,
superscripts) ala TeX or unicode
-- DROPPED add a color selection dialog for the background, lines, and text
-- DONE allow interactive control of the plot from the python shell after
it has been launched using the cookbook thread recipe.
-- write a user guide
-- DONE allow more intelligent choice of tick labels and locs when panning and
-- figure out why the positioning of dialog boxes based on position
and size of main window and dialog window doesn't work exactly as
expected. For example, the width of the dialog box is being
reported as being much smaller than it is. Is window pixels the
unit being returned by for gtk.Dialogs.get_size? Also, this isn't
working cross platform. According to the docs this is better
handled using size hints -- but I don't know how to use them, yet.
-- vlines and hlines disappear in some instance due to improper
-- One the errorbar demo the hlines do not always appear symmetric
about the x values. Is there an tranformation or rounding problem
occurring somewhere?
-- DONE Clip patches outside view port
-- DONE: subplot now takes a kwarg axisbg with color format string
just as axes does : Allow background color to be set for subplots
-- DONE Expose bug on win32 for axis text
-- Fix floating point bug on panx/pany where 0 is computed as 5e-17
UPDATE: hack workaround. If the distance of the tickloc from the
nearest integer is a small fraction of the view lim, just use the
-- DONE: 2003-05-12 fixed _grab_next_args in : fmt process
bug on this kind of plot command (2nd of 3 has no format string)
plot(t1, p1, 'o', t2, p2, ogtt.times, ogtt.cpeptide, 's')
-- DONE xlabel is lower than it needs to be
-- DONE 2003-05-12 Removed some of the state handling of text labels
so they always redraw: interactive setting of x/ylabels doesn't
redraw all labels unless you click a forced redraw
-- CLOSED When you change a property using the OO interface in interactive,
the figure doesn't know to redraw.
Some possibilities:
1) redraw on all interactive commands. kind of heavy handled
2) override setattr on artist to signal a redraw event. kind of
heavy handled
3) allow derived classes to signal redraw events when nexessary.
kind of code intrusive.
-- DONE 2003-05-11 on exit from call gtk. mainquit
-- DONE 2003-05-11 pan/zoom on axes_demo flushes insets
-- DONE 2003-05-12 with window.window.raise_() : raise the figure
returned by figure but don't give it the focus
-- CLOSED when you toggle an axes for interactive navigation, make sure a
checked on appears as the default is one is checked
-- DONE compile pygtk for threads on win32.
-- DONE 2004-02-04 There is a bug in vertical rendering of text that is exposed in the
text, but not the ylabel, command. It looks like a pixmap or
images is not being properly initialized, resulting in pixel noise.
-- DONE Fix the way the color map allocs colors. Use only one DrawingArea
instead of creating a new one with each call to ColorDispatcher().
With this fix the bug in the logo code where the foreground text
doesn't render to the desired color
-- include manifest file for rpms
-- fix CTRL-z bug in
-- CLOSED Allow gca not gca(); ditto for gcf()
-- DONE Fix legend to take a vector of line handles
-- DONE Fix legend bug on win32 and stock_demo. This appears to be GTK
-- DONE with log scaling ticks too short with log scaling
-- arbitrary patches for scatter
-- DONE zoom x and y controls in wrong direction. tick labels not updating
with interactive zoom
-- DONE 2003-11-20 - add TM for matlab on website and in docs
-- Why are the pcolor PS files so large (45MB!). How to do interp
shapding with GTK. Look at the effect of linewidth on GTK plots --
what happens when linewidth < 1. Fix pcolor problem arising from
integer location error on the pcolor borders
-- DONE 2003-11-02 - Do a nearest neighbor color pick on GD when
allocate fails
-- DONE 2003-11-20 - make a nice errorbar and scatter screenshot
-- DONE finish contour
-- allow rectangle select region for zoom tool
-- update Debian section on web page
-- DONE 2003-11-20 - auto line style cycling for multiple line types
-- DONE 2003-11-18 (using inkrect) :logical rect too big on gtk backend
-- DONE 2003-11-18 ticks don't reach edge of axes in gtk mode --
rounding error?
-- DONE 2003-11-20 - port Gary's errorbar code to new API before 0.40
-- DONE 2003-11-20 - problem with stale _set_font. legend axes box
doesn't resize on save in GTK backend -- see htdocs
-- DONE 2003-11-21 - make a dash-dot dict for the GC
-- dashes broken in GTK backend on win32?
-- finish XVFB architecture
-- write a PDF user's guide
-- Add Kishimoto's suggestions to hist
-- DONE 2003-12-15 - fix install path bug
-- DONE Scale line width with DPI
-- DONE 2004-02-06 allow pass of file handle to backend_gd
-- DONE check clipping for GD
-- Fix GD color allocation bug
-- DONE Write install instructions for Paint on win32 and linux
-- DONE Write install instructions for gd on win32
-- Separate out the backend web pages and get developers to maintain
-- DONE 2004-02-11 explaing the new interactive syntax on
-- DONE 2004-02-11 lost backend_gtk rotate_text fix - find it!
-- DONE GTK clipping broken?
-- DONE GTK facecolor reversed for line markers
-- DONE figure clear
-- DONE 2004-02-12 (used filledEllipse) gd filling is not working like
I think - see arctest
-- gd edge clipping is whacked - see arc test
-- DONE 2004-02-15 font manager for paint and agg
-- DONE - website docs for agg - eg, backends.html#Agg
-- DONE 2004-02-17 build win installer for agg matplotlib-0.50
-- DONE 2004-02-16 incorporate John Gill's PS patch
-- DONE 2004-02-13 agg bug; when repeated calls to savefig are made,
the dpi setting in the second one is ignored.
-- DONE alignment test: facecolor blue
-- axes_demo - strange line artifact in paint
-- DONE 2004-02-15 - figtext missing
-- table doesn't update on interactive
-- DONE update fonts page with TTFPATH and info on how to use win32 fonts.
-- DONE 2004-02-17 make legend attributes accessible
-- DONE decreasing axes - James Boyle <>
-- CLOSED check out Helge's contour
-- DONE 2004-02-23 with points_to_pixels. fonts too big on wx
-- test agg/freetype2 with ms freetype fonts in path. Be sure to
remove ~/.fonts.cache after changing yout ttfpath
-- why doesn't dir reveal any attrs on my Glyph and FT2Font objs?
-- get module docs for ft2font working right
-- DONE kwargs in plot to set lineprops?
-- DONE fix data clipping to per matthew' suggestion
-- DONE 2004-02-25 fix to build ft2
-- DONE TkAgg resize (test on win32)
-- DONE TkAgg interactive on win32
-- DONE test mathdemo on win32
-- DONE 2004-03-01 - figure out what you want to do about mathtext on GTK for next relase
-- DONE mathtext screenshot demo
-- DONE integrate numerix chooser with matplotlib.__init__
-- CLOSED figure out how to make draw if interactive play nicely
-- DONE - (Todd updated docs) - python2.2 no default tkinter
-- DONE check out wx
-- DONE 2004-03-02 - fix ft2font clipping on agg
-- DONE 2004-03-02 - why are aliased lines of varying widths on agg?
-- DONE update dynamic_demo_wx
-- DONE add figure legend
-- DONE - support partial window expose redraws in agg
-- fix datalim problem with aspect preserved for image backend
-- add get_xlim and get_ylim for patches
-- DONE - mathtext size not scaling with DPI
-- CLOSED implement Paul's mathtext parser fixes
-- DONE rotated mathtext
-- DONE fix mathtext sub and super layout
-- DONE get a sf request to remove fonttools and ttfquery
-- DONE add polar plots
-- add pie charts
-- DONE support fontdicts, with deprecation as necessary
-- DONE move text layout to front end and support newlines with rotation.
-- DONE aligment test of backend_ps and table_demo on all backends
-- fix the sqrt mathtext bug revealed by Flavio's example
-- fix the parser for sqrt,
-- DONE fix the parser for over/under subscripts
-- DONE add \/ for TeX
-- fix kerning for TeX
-- DONE - text_themes is segfaulting on gtkagg
-- DONE mathtext s l o w
-- DONE ps backend fails alignment test
-- DONE ps backend is slow! Almost all of this is eaten by parsing afm
-- decreasing log axes needs fix
-- DONE modify pcolor to allow custom cmap
-- Check for empty quote data returns
-- DONE toolbar not showing up in wx os x
-- fromstring examples need byte order in darwin
-- DONE PS not centering properly
-- DONE gary's win crash
-- get a standard way to show windows w/o entering mainloop
-- DONE wx tooltips
-- DONE close wx return to interpreter
-- allow sharing of locators
-- check out epydoc
-- DONE fix color on errorbar lines
-- DONE savefig to file handle.
-- add agg and and image generic tostring methods
-- DONE expose line set dashes
-- DONE fix vertical layout in PS
-- DONE y clipping broken
-- DONE fix data lim problem with image; see image_demo2
-- DONE handle space in roman/font text
-- DONE scatter demos whacked
-- DONE fix small artist bboxing problems
-- DONE fix backend image area problem for vert text in GTK - related to
ascender I think - same problem as above
-- Tim's log y on hist.
-- DONE test numarray with default draw collections
-- DONE clipping for collections
-- DONE Todd's nx stuff
-- DONE fix object picker and eeg demo
-- DONE axes bg color
-- check paint vs gd/agg tick locations
-- DONE PS text vert centering off
-- DONE - pcolor edge color
-- DONE fix log bar - worked on OSX?
-- DONE convert rank 1 arrays as per Flaviu's post
-- email tim log bar code after release
-- fix + 2 hack in width, height of ft2font and backend_agg and GTK
-- DONE check mathtext in GTK
-- DONE axes frame dim
-- DONE image data scaling
-- DONE y tick outside frame?
-- DONE incorporate gary's errorbar
-- DONE bug in -45 newline text
-- write to stream in Agg
-- DONE gtkagg bug in win98
-- DONE fix try in errorbar
-- add collections to lines
-- some strangeness in table when multiple saves are called
-- use RGBA throughout lib
-- DONE fix wrt log and recommit cvs
-- check Fernando's bounds problem with pcolor.
-- DONE Write John's Letter
-- DONE add default args to imshow per Fernando's suggestion
-- DONE - check out Fernando's wx prob
-- DONE add interp and aspect info to imshow doc
-- add write png method to image module
-- change the viewlim on call to log if min ax <=0
-- DONE fix set_def font example and update API_CHANGES
-- CLOSED upload 0.54.2 zip
-- DONE need a new way to indicate linestyle
-- DONE update website re debian
-- DONE Fix stale link on GTK FAQ entry
-- DONE flush all traces of gtkgd
-- DONE run backend_driver with numeric and numarray (the latter only
with agg)
-- DONE fix vlines raise in
-- DONE fix imshow/figlegend try/except raise in
-- DONE fix colorbar
-- DONE add rc, figlegend to headers and docs
-- DONE clear agg bg to 0 alpha
-- DONE reset build flags in
-- add wxagg extension code to goals
-- DONE major and minor ticks for log and major and minor grid on/off
-- make the subplot slider function
-- add colorbar to screenshots
-- add jim's legend patch
-- DONE clear clip for agg
-- DONE layer images broken
-- font dict in wx is broken w/ respect to new font names
-- DONE update nav section of tutorial
-- DONE track down transforms memleak
-- DONE make sure you handle cacheing of rotated mathtext properly
-- handle deprecated connect across backends graciously
-- embedding_in_wx3 seems broken with numeric
-- DONE add new connect to API_CHANGES
-- DONE port new toolbar to embedding examples
-- DONE \sum height problem - see mathtext_tut
-- DONE check for zero zoom to rect
-- make sure toolbar events and user events can coexist happily
-- DONE copy in axis and text return undo
-- repeated zoom in to rect causes tick labels to stop updating and
eventual crash with
ZeroDivisionError: SeparableTransformation::eval_scalars yin interval is zero; cannot transform
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/backends/", line 713, in wrapper
xdata, ydata = a.transData.inverse_xy_tup((thisEvent.x, thisEvent.y))
ZeroDivisionError: SeparableTransformation::eval_scalars yin interval is zero; cannot transform
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages/matplotlib/backends/", line 713, in wrapper
xdata, ydata = a.transData.inverse_xy_tup((thisEvent.x, thisEvent.y))
ZeroDivisionError: SeparableTransformation::eval_scalars yin interval is zero; cannot transform
-- DONE some backends (ps and svg) appear to layout legend_demo2 text
-- DONE text colors for svg
-- DONE update installing.html from INSTALL
-- DONE rubberbanding broken on subplot_demo/gtk
-- PARTIAL - need to copy function type - add copy/deepcopy support
for transforms
-- DONE (added stroke width) text looks funky in SVG - stroke width?
-- DONE blit on gtkagg after print is whacked
-- investigate matfile inclusion
-- offset ps and svg text by max descender
-- DONE mathtext PROD offset spi dependent!
-- DONE layer image whacked
-- DONE scatter demo2 whacked
-- fail intelligently when matplotlib data is not found
-- \cal{B} doesn't parse in s =
r'$\cal{R}\prod_{i=\alpha\cal{B}}^\infty a_i\rm{sin}(2 \pi f x_i)$'
-- user events and nav event clashing on tkagg coords_demo/win32
-- DONE check signal connect and disconnect in interactive use with
multiple figure creation / deletion etc.
-- DONE add xlim, ylim
-- tick bug on preserve, possibly center preserved image, flagt to
reshape axes on preserve
-- test rellinks in pydoc
-- port transforms to backend and break up long arrays in agg and svg
-- clickable plot elements with labels, attributes in collections
-- 'g' grid, 'l' log, SHIFT l, log closest to axis, coords always
available, middle click annotates, p, n, h for view stack,
-- relative distance mode
-- backend dependent cursoring
-- relative distance measures
-- on/off for button in status bar
-- interactive drawing and palletes
-- bk:// for py configure
-- post hacking points memo on site, ann and send copy to Fernando
-- loadrc() function, possibly replacing per-directory .matplotlibrc
-- file save dialog for Tk? See Mayavi for the right call to make.
-- colorbar for dynamic images.
-- DONE Finish the coords notification for all backends - allow custom
formatters for toolbar
-- DONE an rrulewrapper demo
-- implement a new data clipping method with more exensive cache
-- Humufr errobar
-- DONE why is tkagg loading init 2x
-- DONE add ishold and spy
-- Humufr's shared ticker bug
-- DONE figure should increment the figure if one already exists
-- CLOSED oplot
-- CLOSED override setattr in matlab interface for artists.
-- DONE cmap observer bug - see
-- DONE add connect function.
-- DONE add silent list
-- xmajor and xminor kwargs
-- DONE add hold option to plot
-- fix linestyle for collections
-- update ticklabels and range for colorbar when clim changes
-- DONE agg rotation bug for angles > 180
-- DONE mathtext color is wrong in PS
-- CLOSED reverse pie rotation
-- check keypress event handling on tooggle_images.
-- imshow tick labeling buck with aspect preserve
-- scatter_demo2 svg colorbar placement bug
-- tex_rotation svg line bug (clipping??)
-- lag in release events makes key press nav difficult
-- Jim's tick bug in non-interactive mode
-- more flexible tick placement.
-- DONE fix horizontal colorbar axes resize if cax is None
-- mathtext layout bug
from pylab import *
title(r'$This\ is\ a\ test$')
-- DONE fix contour mappable to work under changes in clim, cmap
-- DONE make subplot delaxes on other subplots under it.
-- DONE fix transoffset->operator calls in _backend_agg.cpp to handle
-- keypress mods on pan/zoom broken in QT in linux
-- DONE linestyles in contour
-- check stabar in wx with toolbar = None or classic
-- nan handling?
-- kwarg processing - eg raise on unrecognized kwargs
-- provide a literal kwarg for text strings to pass thru directly to
the backend, eg ps symbol formatting
-- add gc warning to oo agg and FAQ
-- DONE check why lowest contour is not labeled in contour_demo2 and why
the colormap is still not applying to the contour.
-- the problem with attaching a mappable to the silent_list for
contours is that it doesn't carry over when the list is sliced, eg
when passing every 2nd contour and level to the labeler.
-- colorbar image origin with contour is broken in SVG; test PS
-- Bryan Cole's CXX type segfault
-- DONE japanese ft2font bug
-- Add backend draw cursor method
-- coords kwargs, 'axes', 'figure'
-- axes packing sizes
-- DONE direction fields
-- DONE add a force option to the add_axes code.
-- DONE move object inspector into Artist method
-- make toolbar visible or not
-- DONE hide lazy values make dpi and friends setters
-- CLOSED add a get description to axes which returns the args and kwargs to
construct it
-- restore __all__ to pylab and add ArtistInspector
-- create set_window_title in the figure manager interface expose this
in the figure command
-- multiple tick marks
-- DONE colorbar not updating in CVS
-- DONE tkagg figure not launching new figure until plot is called?
-- clipping off in date_demo_rrule (agg 0.5 offset bug?)
-- DONE merge qt patch.
-- properly handle sys.arv, so that it does not conflict with library
usage of mpl. mpl processes -Dagg, --verbose-helpful, etc, itself,
which can conflict with code that uses mpl as a library and process
options itself.
-- DONE Darren's black band ps image problem.
-- Martin's zoomhist bug
-- Add shading for patches and patch collections.
-- tex system call problem
-- tex rendering looks fuzzy (dvipng version or flag problem)
-- Martin's zoomhist bug
-- restore robert leftwich's tutorial link to FAQ
-- JPL and NIST screenshots...
-- John Gill's patch!
-- Fix latex texmanager caching bug that is preventing the cache from
recognizing a font change
-- handle install file
-- support zoom to rect in x or y only
-- add Ryan's patch