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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This allows running the matplotlib tests from the command line: e.g.
# $ python -v -d
# The arguments are identical to the arguments accepted by nosetests.
# See for a detailed description of
# these options.
import os
import time
import matplotlib
import nose
from matplotlib.testing.noseclasses import KnownFailure
from matplotlib import default_test_modules
from matplotlib import font_manager
# Make sure the font caches are created before starting any possibly
# parallel tests
if font_manager._fmcache is not None:
while not os.path.exists(font_manager._fmcache):
plugins = [KnownFailure]
# Nose doesn't automatically instantiate all of the plugins in the
# child processes, so we have to provide the multiprocess plugin with
# a list.
from nose.plugins import multiprocess
multiprocess._instantiate_plugins = plugins
def run():
nose.main(addplugins=[x() for x in plugins],
if __name__ == '__main__':
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