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nbconvert: conversion utilities for the IPython notebook format


nbconvert provides command line utilities to convert to and from IPython notebooks and standard formats:

  • ReST
  • Markdown
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Python script

As these tools mature, these utilities will be merged into IPython.


You will need the python markdown module

$ pip install markdown

as well as the latest development version of docutils. This can be installed via

$ curl > docutils.tgz
$ pip install -U docutils.tgz

Nbconvert also needs the pandoc multiformat converter to do the actual text conversions. Pandoc is included in most linux distributions package managers, and the author's website contains links to Mac OS X and Windows installers.

For conversion to HTML, pygments is also required

$ pip install pygments

Running Tests

$ pip install nose
$ nosetests

Using nbconvert

You will need to either put the source repository in your $PATH or symlink the script, as well as the css and js subdirectories to a directory in your $PATH. Once this is done, you can call it as:

nbconvert -f <FORMAT> notebook.ipynb

Use nbconvert -h for up to date help on the available formats.