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# by Akihiro Uchida *public domain*
# the original one is written by Paul Kienzle
# and published as public domain in [sphinx-dev]: $math$ extension
Allow $math$ markup in text and docstrings, ignoring \$.
The $math$ markup should be separated from the surrounding text by spaces.
To embed markup within a word, place backslash-space before and after.
For convenience, the final $ can be followed by punctuation
(period, comma or semicolon).
import re
dollar_pat = r"(?:^|(?<=\s))[$]([^\n]*?)(?<![\\])[$](?:$|(?=\s|[.,;\\]))"
_dollar = re.compile(dollar_pat)
_notdollar = re.compile(r"\\[$]")
def replace_dollar(content):
content = _dollar.sub(r":math:`\1`", content)
content = _notdollar.sub("$", content)
return content
def rewrite_rst(app, docname, source):
source[0] = replace_dollar(source[0])
def rewrite_autodoc(app, what, name, obj, options, lines):
lines[:] = [replace_dollar(L) for L in lines]
def setup(app):
app.connect('source-read', rewrite_rst)
if 'autodoc-process-docstring' in app._events:
app.connect('autodoc-process-docstring', rewrite_autodoc)
def test_expr(expr, expect):
result = replace_dollar(expr)
print 'A math expression: %s' % expr
print 'A expected output: %s' % expect
if result == expect:
print 'OK: A result match expected one'
print 'NG: A result %s does not match expected one!' % result
def test_dollar():
samples = {
u"no dollar": u"no dollar",
u"$only$": u":math:`only`",
u"$first$ is good": u":math:`first` is good",
u"so is $last$": u"so is :math:`last`",
u"and $mid$ too": u"and :math:`mid` too",
u"$first$, $mid$, $last$": u":math:`first`, :math:`mid`, :math:`last`",
u"dollar\$ escape": u"dollar$ escape",
u"dollar \$escape\$ too": u"dollar $escape$ too",
u"emb\ $ed$\ ed": u"emb\ :math:`ed`\ ed",
u"$first$a": u"$first$a",
u"a$last$": u"a$last$",
u"a $mid$dle a": u"a $mid$dle a",
for expr, expect in samples.items():
test_expr(expr, expect)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys, locale, codecs
encoding = locale.getpreferredencoding()
sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter(encoding)(sys.stdout)
sys.stdin = codecs.getreader(encoding)(sys.stdin)
import optparse
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage='usage: %prog [options]')
parser.add_option("-i", "--input", dest="expr", type="string",
help="input $math$ expression to test")
parser.add_option("-o", "--output", dest="expect", type="string",
help="output result you expect")
opts, args = parser.parse_args()
if opts.expr:
expression = unicode(opts.expr, encoding)
if opts.expect:
expected = unicode(opts.expect, encoding)
test_expr(expression, expected)
print replace_dollar(expression)
if opts.expect:
parser.error("output option requires input expression")