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A testing utility for your RESTful APIs
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REST testing utility

If you are building a RESTful API this tool is for you. It provides a quick access to your (wip) API and nicely formats common output formats.


Just clone this repository into a folder on the vhost of the API you are going to test. That's it!


Here's a screenshot:

To start, choose an HTTP verb to use, enter a URL and press Send. You will see the call's output in the Response area together with all headers received.

If you need custom parameters you can add them in the according textarea. Each line represents a key=value pair.



To see a nicely formatted presentation of your API call, press the Show Output button.

Tips & Tricks

  • Most fields have an accesskey set, allowing you to use the toll with almost no mouse interaction:

    • Method: M
    • URL: U
    • Parameters: P
    • Send: S
    • Show/Hide Output: O
  • If you don't need some headers (I bet you don't need the Server: Apache/2.. header all the time) you can specify those in the Ignore headers field below the output as a comma separated list. They will get saved in localStorage so don't worry about always setting them again.

  • You can also set additional headers that are sent with each request, to test e.g. against OAuth. Just specify the headers in the according field in the Options panel as key=value pairs


This utility uses the following third party contents:


  • Format XML output
  • -Specify additional headers for requests- done!

Have fun testing!

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