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@julianxhokaxhiu julianxhokaxhiu released this 25 Sep 11:37



  • dad7ea1 1.14.0
  • 499e413 CI: Migrate to NuGetAuthenticate@1
  • b0bec44 Widescreen: Avoid clipping world Y position for FIELD mode world script movements [ #474 ]
  • 3977d5c Update
  • c032399 SFX: Release DirectSound buffer when required [ #495 ]
  • e2dd93c Audio: Fix weird click sound on Ogg music loops [ #497 ]
  • 7309c67 vgmstream,openpsf: Update mOffset offset value when seeking
  • de4ba37 Gardening: Fix indentation
  • 0e034ec FF7: Improve trace_direct log messages
  • 6ab1a7b Revert animated_textures key to string and use key based on partial path
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  • 7c5199b CI: Minor improvements
  • ff88943 Renderer: Fix advanced lighting handles
  • 0b54df8 FF7: Improve texture loading speed and caching
  • 559d8f2 FF7: Refactor world module by adding namespace and its own folder
  • 06cacfb FF7: Refactor field module namespace into ff7::field
  • 3666a46 FF7: Refactor battle module into its folder and multiple files
  • 97ea9cc FF7: Refactor field.cpp into multiple files
  • 13d9b60 60FPS: Fix first frame for partial animation opcodes
  • 7aa3791 VSCode: Add launch config for attach process
  • 4326c1d FF7: Move vertical center hext into FFNx code as toml config option
  • 28c949b Widescreen: Added logic for vertical offset in movies and other minor fixes
  • dd60260 CMake: Print current CPU info and ISA capabilities on build
  • 7f370df FF7: Lookup for *-us or *_us lgp files too
  • 8b9479e Update
  • 0e187d3 FF7: Improve traceability
  • 4ca0847 FF7: Add support for chunked field files
  • d9ad607 FF7: Add support for direct/*.lgp folders
  • 8e0eb0c VSCode: Add an easy Debug launch of games
  • 6990377 Renderer: Safely namespace the enum to avoid member names conflict with other enums
  • ada4b72 Common: Handle correctly the switch between normal -> fullscreen window style
  • 26b3870 Common: Recalculate correctly the game window size when using title bar and border
  • b343e36 Common: Ensure window size is equal to the given user resolution in borderless
  • 545bb5c Update
  • 0a6155f Common: Preserve Game WxH aspect ratio when using borderless
  • 1ba4a15 Common: Show info dump like in fullscreen when using borderless
  • 5673c86 Widescreen: Added logic to offset camera scrolling and minor other fixes
  • 7adad4e Renderer: Minor speed improvement when trying to resolve depth textures
  • f468065 Renderer: Explicitely set which texture to get
  • dcb55fe vcpkg: Bump baseline and port versions
  • 72a9b45 Update
  • 124ccd1 Widescreen: Added config logic and zoom implementation
  • cd3da96 .vcpkg/ports: Bump soloud stack [ #452 ]
  • 250bf03 Audio: Minor decoder optimizations
  • 59475d6 Log: Streamline the buffer size across logging functions
  • c162701 60FPS: Fix FIELD and WORLD mode text box animation speed (opening, closing, next paging)
  • 44c7489 CI: Publish PR artifacts for an easier testing
  • 7b8bdde Gardening: Add PR template
  • 9463871 Update
  • c8ce94e .vcpkg/ports: Bump bgfx stack
  • 7f0b3be FF8: Fix crash at exit
  • cab938e Lighting: Fixed draw call order for framebuffer effects
  • dacf5da FF7: Fix Rex XIII blinking
  • fd4970c Common: Rework the cursor show/hide logic
  • 7d757f9 Common: Do not hide cursor when DevTools are enabled
  • 937bcf1 Widescreen: Fix quad about water effect in CHOCOBO mode
  • da32c45 .vcpkg/ports: Bump bgfx stack
  • 68c0e06 Lighting: fixed visual glitch when enabling both lighting and anti-aliasing
  • 575568f Lighting: reworked field shadow rendering to preserve original draw call order
  • d51673b FF7: Detect which is the current char talking
  • 24f24c7 Common: Rework aspect ratio toggle and disable it when AR_WIDESCEEN is used
  • a9306fc Renderer: Fix 16:9 horizontal centering
  • 42f80e6 FF7: Define new values that are easier to use for calculations
  • 1089189 Renderer: Re-calculate aspect ratio values for 16:9 as well
  • 37016e4 Common: Prevent FF8 from using Widescreen mode for now
  • 0e800f5 Common: Fix aspect_ratio toggle using Shift+Left/Right shortcut
  • 8025794 Widescreen: Add support for highway, snowboard, and chocobo mode
  • 6327cb0 Widescreen: Remove unnecessary widescreen condition
  • e55d885 Widescreen: Fix text appearing outside movie image in CREDITS mode
  • 83ff153 FF7: Added new 16:9 widescreen mode without scretching

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