A simple Json Package Manager
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A simple Json Package Manager

##What is this? It's just a simple Package Manager which uses JSON syntax to keep the work done. Also, it's a small library which give developers the freedom to choose what to do once a package should be Installed/Updated or Removed.

##How to use This library is meant to be used in a working Application (intended as an executable binary). To use it just include this library to your project, then to create an instance just do

var packageManager = new JPM("C:\\path\\to\\your\\sources.json");

where sources.json is just an Array of strings. For example:


Until now it supports multiple sources, and merge all the packages defined in the URLs inside a list. Then you can use defined methods to refresh packages, install/update or remove a single package.

The structure of packages.json would be:

		"name": "Package Name",
		"version": "0.1",

notice that ONLY name and version are required, all the other fields are at your glance.

##FAQ ###Does it have any dependence? Yes it does. Actually, it needs NewtonSoft JSON.NET to be included in your working project.

###Does this works on a WebSite Application (ASP.NET)? I didn't test it. But it could work.

###Will it be forever only for .NET? Nope, if you like it, i'll port this to other languages too (Java, PHP, Javascript, Python and so on).

###Where can i find the documentation? Since it's the first day of its life, it's currently a WIP library. When it will be stable, I'll do my best to create a good documentation.

###Err...no comments in the source? Yeah, sorry. I'll do my best to fix this also.

##License See LICENSE.