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import sys, rearrange, trie, math
some anagrams for testing: are, earth, fringe, impart, limped
def generateArrayOfWordsFromWordsTextFile():
# open the words file
f = open('/usr/share/dict/words', 'r')
# read the file, store the string in var called words
words =
# create array of words
listOfWords = words.split('\n')
# close the file
# f.close() -> file is automatically closed once file processes stop running
# return list of words
return listOfWords
# this returns a new string which is the argument string with its characters shuffled to form a new word
def shuffleCharactersOf(string):
# create a list from the string, each element being a single character in the string
listOfCharacters = list(string)
# using my own shuffle function to rearrange the order of elements in the list of characters
# return new string
return ''.join(listOfCharacters)
# this generates an anagram from the string arg
# might give a false negative because even though there are n! possibilities, the characters
# are being shuffled randomly and won't always reach every possibility always.
# possibility of getting a false positive is greater with smaller word length
def generateAnagram(string):
# create dictionary from language
# generate words array
wordsArray = generateArrayOfWordsFromWordsTextFile()
# use my own trie algo to generate trie from words array
languageDict = trie.generateTrieFromWordsArray(wordsArray)
# iterate n! times, where n is the number of characters in the string
numberOfPossibleCombinationsForString = math.factorial(len(string))
for i in range(0, numberOfPossibleCombinationsForString):
# shuffle characters in the string
wordWithShuffledCharacters = shuffleCharactersOf(string)
# this won't prevent all cases of when the shuffle returns the same order, but it'll shuffle it again
if wordWithShuffledCharacters == string:
wordWithShuffledCharacters = shuffleCharactersOf(string)
# use my own trie check algo to check if the word is in the trie
if trie.isWordPresentInTrie(languageDict, wordWithShuffledCharacters):
# return it
return wordWithShuffledCharacters
# if the characters were shuffled n! times and didn't get a match, return out with message.
return "There is no anagram for %s." % (string)
# if run from terminal, take first command line arg and attempt to generate anagram, return the result
if __name__ == '__main__':
string = sys.argv[1]
anagram = generateAnagram(string)
print anagram
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