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OpenID Connect demo with Azure Active Directory
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OpenID Connect and Azure AD - Demo App

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This demo Node.js app shows how to use passport.js to implement OpenID Connect against Azure Active Directory (AD)

OpenID Connect Demo Preview

Try it out at with any of the following test accounts:

Name Username Password
Alice Samson WalterGropius5
Phoebe Buffay WalterGropiusStrasse5
Rachel Gabor WalterGropiusStrasse5
Ross Smith WalterGropiusStrasse5
Joey Taylor WalterGropiusStrasse5

Local Demo

First clone this repository


If you want to try the demo locally you need to register an application with your Azure AD tenant. Once you've done that, note the client ID and secret.

Azure AD > App Registrations

For local development, create an .env file based on template .env.sample and fill it out with your application values, esp. the Azure AD Tenant IDs and the Client ID.


Generate Secrets for Session

If you open app/config/oidc.js you will notice the app requires encryption keys for the cookie. To help you out, you can use this helper to generate keys

npm run generate-keys

Once you've configured everything, start up the nodejs application and redis server for sessions store.

docker-compose up --build
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