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Sets up the Zeit integration for use with Twilio
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Twilio Zeit Integration

Brandon Gardner Julie Jonak
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This integration connects a user's Twilio account to Zeit to:

  • Simplify adding their Twilio Account SID and Auth Token to their project ENV variables

  • Send SMS messages to verify the connection

  • View SMS and Call logs to ensure their project's Twilio integration is working without logging into Twilio

New users will be prompted to input their Twilio SID and Auth Token when the integration is first added to their account.

Afterwards, the Zeit Meta Store will store these credentials until the user resets them or disconnects the integration.

Twilio Zeit Integration

ENV Credentials - set easily!

Users can add their Twilio credentials once and store them for future use. Add them as ENV variables to any Zeit project so you no longer have to log into your Twilio dashboard just to integrate Twilio into a project.

Simply use the dropdown menu to swap between projects.

Send a test message

Want to make sure your credentials are still working? Simply send a message from your dashboard. This quick sanity test while developing can help make sure that Twilio is working, even if your code might not...

View SMS and Call Logs

Live deploys can be difficult to track whether or not the call or SMS integration is working as anticipated when users visit.

With the on hand SMS and Call logs, you can see what messages or calls have been placed on your Twilio account to verify user activity - or easily see when something has broken.

Call logs share the to and from numbers, as well as the call duration, date and time, if the call was inbound or outbound, and the success status.

SMS logs share the sent to number, message, date, time and delivery status.

What's coming next?

Some features we'd like to implement (or receive contributions for):

  • Integrate SendGrid logs and capability
  • Add additional styling, like hovers on the logs
  • Implement pagination with Twilio (previously supported feature that appears to no longer exist)
  • Use OAuth to integrate fully with Twilio

What is the Twilio Connect directory?

Our initial plan was to use Twilio Connect to give users access to their accounts, more securely, however, it didn't work as planned.

The end result though was a (nearly) finished Twilio Connect integration. While it doesn't fit the use case envisioned, it could easily be its own integration with one or two more features.

For developers who want to integrate Twilio Connect's capabilities, this integration is easy to spin up and start working on.

It also demonstrates our development work at the beginning of the Zeit hackathon -- despite the use case not fitting, we felt it was a good example of what else can be done with Twilio.

Help! I'm getting strange errors with Twilio

Double check that your SID and Auth Tok credentials are logging correctly from the ENV variables. If not, you may need to check the logs within your Twilio dashboard to ensure there are no issues on your account.

If you're still experiencing problems, let us know!

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