ASPNETCore Api that uses EF Core & PostgreSQL. Also includes tests with InMemory provider
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EF Core, ASPNETCore on CoreCLR RTM, Uses PostgreSQL and InMemory for tests

Current status (Nov 22, 2016):

*Updated to .NET Core 1.1
*Updated xunit version in tests project.json
*Modified WeatherEvent to leverage IEnumerable mapping and encapsulate reactions
*Modified repository to show that Find and Load were added to 1.1 (even though the single Include + FirstOrDefalt statement is more efficient!)
*Updated seed method to read json, update dates with current dates, then read the json into weatherevent types

August 2 and earlier changes
*Replaced seed data class with a simpler method that uses JSON seed data. See for details. *Master branch uses RTM that was released on June 27.
*The Npgsql driver is available for RTM so I've switched back to postgres. But left sqlite code in there so you can see it.
*Added settings in startup and appsettings.json to work with docker. Docker file in root path will build a reusable dotnet core rc2 image. Docker file in src path is for running the app. Use docker-compose from src to run after modifying the app to use the two mods noted inthe startup and appsettings files. *Removed the MovingToDocker branch that was old.

I wrote a detailed blog post about the steps (and some problems) I took to update my MacBook to use the new RC2 bits and to update this solution to use all of the new RC2 APIs.

Updating to RC2: Changes to EFCore, ASPNETCore, PostgreSQL driver & XUnit

I found Shayne Boyer's blog post, "Legion of Heroes: haproxy, nginx, Angular 2, ASP.NET Core, Redis and Docker" ( really helpful for figuring out the docker deployment.