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Public Samples

This repo is for any public published samples from presentations or blog articles.

Please feel free to utilize the code at will. As such there are no guarantees that any code provided in this repo will function properly in all cases, and is meant for educational use only.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Unless otherwise stipulated all of these examples are intended to be run inside the context of a SharePoint site collection. Where a 3rd party library was used I make an effort to point to a public CDN where available. Many of these examples have references to custom files that would be stored in a library in a site collection in my own tenant. Please make sure you review the locations of all reference libraries and make sure to adjust accordingly to your own needs.

Blog Posts - Most recent posts at the top.

Blog posts are linked here, with a link to the corresponding code to the right of the -> Conquer your dev toolchain in classic SharePoint -> DevelopmentToolchain

Creating a property pane for editing items in your SPFx web parts -> SPFXItemProperty

Utilizing ngOfficeUIFabric People Picker in SharePoint -> NGFabricUIPeoplePicker

SharePoint time, is not your time, is not their time. -> SPDateTime

Extending SharePoint with ADAL and the Microsoft Graph API -> MSGraph ADAL Intro

Conference Sessions - Most recent sessions at the top.

Develop and deploy Outlook Actionable Messages for optimize user productivity

Demo: Actionable Message Azure Functions -> AMFunctions

Excel automation scenarios with SharePoint client-side development

Demo: MSGraph Excel -> MSGraph Excel

BI for the Cobbler's Children - Client Side Charting and Graphing

Demo: C3 Chart -> C3 Chart

Demo: Highcharts Dashboard -> Highcharts Dashboard

Demo: Canvas Guage -> Canvas Guage

Leveraging Microsoft Graph API through Client Side Web Parts

Demo: Use adal.js library without a framework -> SPADALNoFramework

Demo: Use adal.js & adal-angular.js in AngularJS 1.x application -> SPADALAngular

Demo: Create Excel Spreadsheet from Client Side Widget -> SPADALMSGraphAPI

Getting Started with JavaScript Development Workshop

All Demos in the subfolder: SP Intro Client Dev

Build a Complete Business Solution using Microsoft Graph API through Client Side Web Parts

Demo: Get Manager/Peers/Direct Reports -> GetManagerPeerDR.ts

Demo: File from SharePoint to OneDrive -> FileSPtoOD.ts