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I am not fan of oo as synonym for compose and I don't like that we need to define a new operator to create an AppliedLens (>-), AppliedTraversal (>--) and so on.


I am thinking of using >> instead oo, so it will look like

Person("Roger", Address(10, "Great street")) >- address >> streetNumber get == 10

and >>L as an alias for lensCompose. I still don't have a good idea to replace >- and >--


I just updated syntax for lens, traversal, iso and prism. Now there is one operator for each that has an overloaded meaning:

  • alias to compose: lens1 |-> lens2 == lens1 compose lens2
  • create an AppliedX object: s |-> lens == AppliedLens(s, lens)
  • composition between AppliedX objects: appliedLens1 |-> appliedLens2

Here are the four operators:

  • Iso <->
  • Prism <-?
  • Lens |->
  • Traversal |->>

Still need to find some for Getter, Setter and Fold.


I don't think sure it is worth to have an alias for Getter, Setter and Fold composition as they will probably be used less often than Lens and Traversal.

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