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Extend Lens macro to generate lenses for all accessors at once #18

julien-truffaut opened this Issue · 2 comments

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@xeno-by mentioned that macro annotation would be a good candidate

@julien-truffaut julien-truffaut referenced this issue from a commit
@dwijnand dwijnand Add the @Lenses macro annotation
Fixes #18

Please note:
* add paradise compiler plugin for 2.11+, as it's need for annotations
* unfortunately it seems like annotation users need to add the paradise
  plugin too :( see
* Bumped paradise/quasiquotes to 2.0.1
* Fails with a slightly obscure message when annotating a non-case class
* Slightly verbose, especially the quasiquote unlift of classDef..
* I eliminated the boilerplate in the test, instead of adding more tests
* I'm happy to redo anything, names, split commits, tests, etc..
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