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A yeoman generator for phaser games
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A Yeoman generator to generate HTML5 games with phaser.


  • Install Node.js

  • Install the required npm modules by issuing these commands:

    npm install -g yo generator-phaser

    You can optionally install Gulp globally npm install -g gulp but you don't have to.

  • Create a new directory for your game:

    • Unix/OSX : mkdir ~/Desktop/mygame && cd $_
    • Windows : mkdir %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\mygame && cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\mygame
  • Invoke the generator:

    yo phaser

  • Add new Phaser state (optional, generator creates basic initial states):

    yo phaser:state

    You will be asked for a new state name.

  • Run a local development server (livereload enabled) with this command:

    npm start

    If you have Gulp installed globally you can also use: gulp

  • Package your game (i.e. minify css, html and js) with:

    npm run build

    If you have Gulp installed globally you can also use: gulp build


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