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vertxbuspp is a C++11 Vert.x 3.x event bus client using websocket only transport and consisting of two files (VertxBus header and source) plus lightweight main dependencies (Websocketpp, ASIO and JsonCPP).

Using vertxbuspp

  • Copy the content of vertxbuspp: VertxBus.h, VertxBus.cpp and the folders asio, websocketpp and json to your project.
  • Add asio/include, websocket and json to your include dirs and compile jsoncpp.cpp and VertxBus.cpp.
  • Check the examples to open a connection and communicate with your Vert.x server.
  • You can build the examples with cmake plus your favourite compiler and test them with vertx run Server.java.

Using vertxbuspp with TLS support

  • Link with libssl/OpenSSL.
  • Add VERTXBUSPP_TLS to your preprocessor definitions.
  • The example ssl_tls can be added to the cmake build with SSL_EXAMPLE=ON (on Windows, don't forget to copy your OpenSSJL DLLs to avoid an Ordinal 313 error).


  • Windows / Visual Studio : rpcrt4.lib (already pragma'ed).
  • Windows / Cygwin : libuuid, pthread
  • Linux : libuuid, pthread
  • MacOSX : pthread
  • Add OpenSSL to your dependencies if using TLS support.


ASIO and JsonCPP have been patched to ensure a compatibility with Cygwin.
The examples have been tested on Windows (Visual Studio 2013, Cygwin), Linux and MacOSX.