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This is a Javascript API that allows you to build a "subscription widget" to be integrated on any webpage.
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Notifixious Subscription API in Javascript


This is a very convenient Javascript Library to integrate a Subscription form for Notifixious in any website. With this form, your readers can subscribe to the website’s content with the channels they like: Email, Text Message, Gtalk Jabber, AIM, ICQ, Y! Messenger… and much more.

As soon as new content is available, your readers will receive a notification (a message) with a link to access it.

Also, if your readers are already Notifixious users, the form will show them the channels they are already using so that they don’t need to re-enter their information again and again.

Do you want to know how it looks like? Check our blog (left column) or our mashups .

How to use it

(optional) Download the library if you don’t want to load it from our servers.

Integrate the following code in your HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="notifixious.js"></script>

Prepare a spot for the Subscription form in your page, by embedding the following divs and an element with id=“notifixious_loading” :

<div id="notifixious"></div>

<img src="" id="notifixious_loading" />

In your code, where you want to call it, make a javascript call to the following Javascript function. (it can be in a button’s “onclick”, or “onload”…)


You need to replace feed_url with the url of the (RSS or Atom) feed which contains the content you want to send to your readers or users. Of course, you can “build” this url on the fly with a user’s input (see Example below).

This “form” is build with HTML and of course, this HTML can be “styled” with CSS.

Basic Example

Here is an example to create a subscription form for any Delicious account.

<div id="notifixious"><h2>Enter a Delicious username</h2><form><input type="text" id="delicious_username" value="" /><input type="button" value="Go!" onclick="notifixious.getSubscriptionForFeed(''+document.getElementById('delicious_username').value+'?count=15');"/></form></div>


[FIXED] You also need an element of ‘notifixious_loading’ id to install a spinning wheel.

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