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Supvisors: A Control System for Distributed Applications
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Supvisors is a Control System for Distributed Applications, based on multiple instances of Supervisor.

The main features are:

  • a new web-based dashboard that replaces the default dashboard of Supervisor,

  • an extended XML-RPC API to control applications and multiple Supervisor instances,

  • the definition of a rules file to handle:

    • the starting sequence of the applications,
    • the stopping sequence of the applications,
    • the starting strategy of the processes,
    • the strategy to apply when a process crashes.

Image of Supvisors' Dashboard

Supported Platforms

Supvisors has been tested and is known to run on Linux (CentOS 7.2). It will likely work fine on most UNIX systems.

Supvisors will not run at all under any version of Windows.

Supvisors is known to work with Python 2.7 or later but will not work under any version of Python 3.


Supvisors has dependencies on:

Package Release Optional
Supervisor 3.3.2  
PyZMQ 16.0.2  
psutil 4.3.0 X
netifaces 0.10.4 X
matplotlib 1.2.0 X
lxml 3.2.1 X

Please note that some of these dependencies may have their own dependencies.

Versions are given for information. Although Supvisors has been developed and tested with these releases, the minimal release of each dependency is unknown. Other releases are likely working as well.


Supvisors can be installed with pip install:

# minimal install (including Supervisor and PyZMQ)
[bash] > pip install supvisors

# extra install for all optional dependencies
[bash] > pip install supvisors[all]


You can view the current Supvisors documentation here.

You will find detailed installation and configuration documentation.

Reporting Bugs and Viewing the Source Repository

Please report bugs in the Github issue tracker.

You can view the source repository for Supvisors.


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