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Hemisu Color Scheme for Vim

Screen shot of MacVim


  • Two modes: one optimized for daytime, the other optimized for low light conditions
  • Made to work with both GUIs (gui) and color terminals (cterm)
  • Provides harmonious colors and styles for all predefined UI elements and syntax groups


To install and use this color scheme, move the file hemisu.vim into your colors directory (e.g., ~/.vim/colors/).

The color scheme comes in two flavors, dark and light. To toggle between the two modes, set the background in Vim:

:set background=dark
:set background=light

To enable syntax highlighting and use the color scheme automatically when you start Vim, add the following to your .vimrc:

if &t_Co > 2 || has("gui_running")
  syntax on
  colorscheme hemisu

Change Log

  • Version 3.2 (2012-01-07)
    • Made repo pathogen.vim-friendly
    • Added user highlight groups User1, User2, User3 for use in e.g. custom status line
    • Small adjustment to JavaScript highlights
  • Version 3.1 (2011-12-12)
    • Improved highlights for JavaScript syntax mode
    • Switched the backgrounds of the normal and selected states of tabs so that appearance of selected tab is more intuitive and obvious
    • Spelling was invisible since cterm doesn't support undercurl. Duh. This adds corresponding background colors (faint variants) to cterm.
  • Version 3.0 (2011-12-03)
    • Refined color palette: reduced chroma of certain accent colors; improved contrast
    • Made Todo style more obvious
    • Consolidated colors between dark and light variants
    • Improved highlights for CSS syntax mode
    • Improved highlights for shell syntax mode
    • DRYer method of color assignment
  • Version 2.1 (2011-11-29)
    • Added fold markers to file
    • Minor improvements to organization
  • Version 2.0 (2011-11-20)
    • Completely refactored for easier maintenance
    • Added remaining UI color groups
    • Added diff color groups
    • Added spelling color groups
    • Full support for both GUIs (gui) and color terminals (cterm)
    • Various adjustments to existing colors
  • Version 1.0 (2011-11-13)
    • Initial release


Hemisu by Noah Frederick is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

More information and updates can be found on the canonical page and GitHub repository.