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dotnet CLI mode for Emacs. This package gives you a set of key combinations to perform dotnet CLI tasks within your .NET Core projects.


This package can be installed through melpa:

M-x package-install dotnet


Add dotnet-minor-mode to your csharp-mode-hook or fsharp-mode-hook

(add-hook 'csharp-mode-hook 'dotnet-mode)
;; and/or
(add-hook 'fsharp-mode-hook 'dotnet-mode)

Default prefix is C-c C-n, you will now have the following key combinations at your disposal:

Keybinding Command
prefix a p dotnet-add-package
prefix a r dotnet-add-reference
prefix b dotnet-build
prefix c dotnet-clean
prefix g c dotnet-goto-csproj
prefix g f dotnet-goto-fsproj
prefix g s dotnet-goto-sln
prefix n dotnet-new
prefix p dotnet-publish
prefix r dotnet-restore
prefix e dotnet-run
prefix C-e dotnet-run-with-args
prefix s a dotnet-sln-add
prefix s l dotnet-sln-list
prefix s n dotnet-sln-new
prefix s r dotnet-sln-remove
prefix t dotnet-test
prefix T dotnet-test-rerun

You can customize the prefix by adding:

(setq dotnet-mode-keymap-prefix (kbd "<ADD YOUR PREFIX HERE>"))


  • Handle solutions
  • Re-run last test(s)
  • Fancier test options (specific file/test)
  • Handle nuget advanced commands
  • Handle paket