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Erlang Slack REST API wrapper.

To use slacker, you need a bearer token; see the Slack documentation for details.

Warning: a token is equivalent to a username (for a given team) plus a password. Manage and store it securely.


Slacker is built with rebar3. We provide a make wrapper for convenience.

To build the application simply run make all. This will build the .beam, .app files and the documentation.

To generate the documentation, run make doc.

Or add it to your rebar.config

{deps, [
    {slacker, {git, "git://", {branch, "master"}}}

Note that the way dependencies are handled has changed from rebar2 to rebar3. Read rebar3 Upgrading dependencies for details.


The tests need connectivity to and the majority of them also need a bearer token.

Get a token following the instructions at the beginning of this document, then create file priv/token.txt containing your token. Use priv/token.txt.example as a template.

To run the tests use make test.

Quick start

λ rebar shell
Eshell V8.2  (abort with ^G)
1> application:ensure_all_started(slacker).
2> Token = "your team token".
2> Options = [].
4> {ok, Status, Headers, Body} = slacker_user:list(Token, Options).

Message formatting

Slack messages are JSON structures that follow a specific formatting. After creating a message you pass it to slacker_chat:post_message/4 as an attachment parameter.

Simple plain text message:

slacker_chat:post_message(<<"Token">>, <<"#channel">>, <<"Hello World!">>, []).

Simple message with a bot icon and a colored left border:

Msg = slacker_rich_messages:format(<<"Hello">>, <<"Hello World!">>, <<"#df4f18">>).
slacker_chat:post_message(<<"Token">>, <<"#channel">>, <<"Hello World!">>, [{attachments, Msg}]).

Simple message with a table, a bot icon and a colored left border:

Fields = [[{title, "Col"}, {value, 1}]].
Msg = slacker_rich_messages:format_table(<<"Hello">>, <<"Hello World!">>, Fields, <<"#df4f18">>).
slacker_chat:post_message(<<"Token">>, <<"#channel">>, <<"Hello World!">>, [{attachments, Msg}]).


  • files.upload API endpoint is not implemented


  • Fork slacker
  • Write some new features or fix bug
  • Test it
  • Pull request


License in LICENSE file

More info

More info at

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