An FFI binding to Gnome's libnotify for Pharo.
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This project is a fork of the squeak version modified to use the Pharo unified FFI API. It also has been updated to match the specification of libnotify 0.7.6 (the original implementation for Squeak was not up-to-date with this specification).

This project uses the Unified FFI API from Pharo 5 images.


Install LibnotifyBinding from the catalog browser or by running this script:

Metacello new
    repository: 'github://JulienDelplanque/LibnotifyBinding/repository';
    baseline: 'LibnotifyBinding';

Use this project as dependency

Simply add this code snippet to your baseline:

spec baseline: 'LibnotifyBinding' with: [
    spec repository: 'github://juliendelplanque/LibnotifyBinding/repository' ].


To use this package you need to install libnotify 0.7.6 on your system.

Simple example

notification := LBNotification
                    summary: 'libnotify for Pharo works'
                    message: 'As you see this message and the image has not crashed. libnotify for Pharo obviously works'.
notification show.

High level interface

LBLibnotifyUser trait

This trait defines the message #libnotify on both instance and class side which returns the unique instance of LBLibnotify. It is used by LBNotification and LBServerInfo.


Instance side

Message Purpose
#refresh Refresh server info.
#serverName Return the server name.
#specificationVersion Return the specification version.
#vendorName Return the vendor name.
#version Return the server version.

Class side

Message Purpose
#uniqueInstance Return the unique instance of LBServerInfo


Instance side

Message Purpose
#appName: Set the application name for the notification. If not used, 'Pharo' is the application name.
#beCritical Set the notification urgency to 'critical'.
#beLow Set the notification urgency to 'low'.
#beNormal Set the notification urgency to 'normal'.
#category: Set the notification category.
#clearHints Remove the hints previously set for the notification.
#close Close the notification.
#defaultTimeout Set the notification timeout to the default time.
#neverTimeout Set the notification to never timeout.
#setHint:to: Set the hint with the key given to the specified value. The object given as value must implement #asGVariant (some object are already implementing it, see the list below)
#show Show the notification.
#timeout: Set the timeout of the notification. The parameter must be a Duration.
#updateSummary:message: Update the notification. It does not display the update automatically, #refresh must be send after the update.
#updateSummary:message:icon: Update the notification. It does not display the update automatically, #refresh must be send after the update.

Class side

Message Purpose
#serverInfo Returns the unique instance of LBServerInfo refreshed.
#summary:message: Returns a new instance with the specified summary and message.
#summary:message:icon: Returns a new instance with the specified summary, message and icon. The icon can be a FileReference or a String.

Objects implementing #asGVariant

  • Boolean
  • Character
  • Float
  • Integer
  • String

GVariant supported type, Pharo object associated and message for conversion

GVariant type Pharo object #message
gboolean Boolean #asGVariant
gchar Character #asGVariant
gdouble Float #asGVariant
gint16 Integer #asGVariantInt16
gint32 Integer #asGVariantInt32
gint64 Integer #asGVariantInt64, #asGVariant
guint16 Integer #asGVariantUInt16
guint32 Integer #asGVariantUInt32
guint64 Integer #asGVariantUInt64
gstring String #asGVariant

Low level functions binding

Here is a list of the libnotify functions and their equivalent in LBLibnotification object. Those marked as deprecated will not be implemented since they are deprecated in libnotify specification.


libnotify LBLibnotification
notify_init #notifyInit:
notify_uninit #notifyUninit
notify_is_initted #notifyIsInitted
notify_get_app_name #notifyGetAppName
notify_set_app_name #notifySetAppName:
notify_get_server_caps Not supported yet
notify_get_server_info #notifyGetServerInfoName:vendor:version:specVersion:


libnotify LBLibnotify
notify_notification_new #notificationNewSummary:message:icon:attach:
notify_notification_update #notificationUpdate:summary:message:icon:
notify_notification_show #notificationShow:error:
notify_notification_set_app_name #notificationSet:appName:
notify_notification_set_timeout #notificationSet:timeout:
notify_notification_set_category #notificationSet:category:
notify_notification_set_urgency #notificationSet:urgency:
notify_notification_set_icon_from_pixbuf Deprecated
notify_notification_set_image_from_pixbuf Not supported yet
notify_notification_set_hint #notificationSet:hint:to:
notify_notification_set_hint_int32 Deprecated
notify_notification_set_hint_uint32 Deprecated
notify_notification_set_hint_double Deprecated
notify_notification_set_hint_string Deprecated
notify_notification_set_hint_byte Deprecated
notify_notification_set_hint_byte_array Deprecated
notify_notification_clear_hints #notificationClearHints:
notify_notification_add_action Not supported yet
notify_notification_clear_actions Not supported yet
notify_notification_close #notificationClose:error:
notify_notification_get_closed_reason Not supported yet

Some useful links for development