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from org.apache.pig.scripting import *
@outputSchema("rels:{t:(id1: chararray, id2: chararray)}")
def bidirectional(id1, id2):
if id2 != id1:
return [ (id1, id2), (id2, id1) ]
return [ (id1, id2) ]
def normalize(t):
id1, id2, followed = t;
if id2>id1:
return (id1, id2, followed)
return (id2, id1, followed)
@outputSchema("rels:{t:(id1: chararray, id2: chararray, followed: int)}")
def follow(to_follow_id1, links_id1, links_id2):
outputBag = [ normalize( (links_id1, links_id2, True) ) ]
if to_follow_id1 is not None:
outputBag.append( normalize( (to_follow_id1, links_id2, False) ) )
return outputBag
@outputSchema("followed: int")
def OR(bag):
result = False;
for followed in bag:
result = result | followed[0]
return result
@outputSchema("group: {t: (id: chararray)}")
def SORT(bag):
return bag
def main():
# cleanup output directory before starting
Pig.fs("rmr out/tc")
Q = Pig.compile("""
followed = LOAD '$followed' AS (id1: chararray, id2: chararray);
followed = FOREACH followed GENERATE FLATTEN(bidirectional(id1, id2)), 1 AS followed; -- 1 == true
to_follow = LOAD '$to_follow' AS (id1: chararray, id2: chararray);
to_follow = FOREACH to_follow GENERATE FLATTEN(bidirectional(id1, id2)), 0 AS followed; -- 0 == false
links = UNION to_follow, followed;
joined_links = JOIN links BY id1 LEFT, to_follow BY id2;
new_links_dup =
FOREACH joined_links
GENERATE FLATTEN( follow(to_follow::rels::id1, links::rels::id1, links::rels::id2) );
new_links =
FOREACH (GROUP new_links_dup BY (id1, id2))
GENERATE group.id1, group.id2, OR(new_links_dup.followed);
SPLIT new_links INTO new_followed IF followed != 0, new_to_follow IF followed == 0;
new_followed = FOREACH new_followed GENERATE id1, id2;
new_to_follow = FOREACH new_to_follow GENERATE id1, id2;
STORE new_followed INTO '$new_followed';
STORE new_to_follow INTO '$new_to_follow';
to_follow = "data/tc_data_simple"
followed = "out/tc/followed_0"
# create empty dataset for first iteration
Pig.fs("mkdir " + followed)
Pig.fs("touchz " + followed + "/part-m-00000")
for i in range(10):
new_to_follow = "out/tc/to_follow_" + str(i + 1)
new_followed = "out/tc/followed_" + str(i + 1)
job = Q.bind().runSingle()
if not job.isSuccessful():
raise 'failed'
to_follow = new_to_follow
followed = new_followed
# detect if we are done
if not job.result("new_to_follow").iterator().hasNext():
links = LOAD '$followed' AS (id1: chararray, id2: chararray);
links = FOREACH links GENERATE FLATTEN( bidirectional(id1, id2) );
result = DISTINCT (
FOREACH (GROUP links by id1)
GENERATE SORT(links.id2));
STORE result INTO 'out/tc/groups';
if __name__ == '__main__':
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