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Julien Moeys

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I am a research engineer (PhD) in the department of Soil and Environment (Biogeophysics and Water Quality division), at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in Uppsala, Sweden.

I am part of the Centre for Chemical Pesticides (CKB), that provides expertise to Swedish stakeholders on the environmental impact of pesticides used within agriculture.

I am the main developer of a regional scale model for estimating the risks of pesticide leaching toward surface- and groundwater from arable land in Sweden (MACRO-SE). I have also developed geographical datasets (soil properties, crop area) for pesticide fate modelling in Sweden.

Site Content

On this website, I present my curriculum vitae, a list of publications (also on ▸ Google Scholar) and a presentation of my activities at SLU.

You can find information on the software I am developing (R packages).

I present different memos on various work related topics ([modelling references]({% post_url 2015-01-29-modelling-references %}), [scientific quotations]({% post_url 2015-01-18-quotations %}) and [consulting firms]({% post_url 2015-01-29-consulting-firms %}))

You may also be interested in my ▸ picture gallery (on Flickr).


Julien MOEYS
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Department of Soil and Environment
box 7014; 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden.
email: contact{AT}julienmoeys{DOT}info

Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9. View on ▸ Google Maps, ▸ or the ▸ Swedish National Land Survey (Lantmäteriet).

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