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A Javascript general-purpose library (used by Bender a.o.)
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A Javascript general-purpose library (used by Bender a.o.)

Use Mocha (npm install mocha) to run tests from the command line (mocha test/flexo.js.) To run tests from a browser, also install Chai (npm install chai) then open test/flexo.html in your browser. More documentation is forthcoming; run the test page to get an idea of what you can do.


See the Flexo sketchbook for some examples (source.)


  • Write documentation
  • Missing tests (fix unlisten)
  • Randomness: noise, drunk, seeded generator, &c.


New in v0.3.0 (In progress)

  • New globals for Function prototype: $call, $apply, $bind;
  • New globals for Array prototype: $filter, $forEach, $map, $push, $slice, $splice, $unshift (using call) and $$push and $$unshift (using apply);
  • random_id for a quick-and-dirty random identifier string;
  • replace_prototype;
  • split_text_node;
  • fst, snd, and self;
  • find_ancestor_or_self;
  • updated promises to spec version 1.1; still failing tests in section Deprecated promise_each, promise_map, promise_fold, and then in favor of fold_promises and collect_promises.

New in v0.2.3

  • Improved error handling and added mimeType parameter for ez_xhr;
  • check input parameters for split_uri and absolute_uri;
  • simplified Urn (removed empty);
  • then to wrap around values thay may be promises [needs tests];
  • promise_script for script loading [needs tests];
  • promise_each, promise_map, promise_fold [need tests];
  • made the second argument to normalize_uri optional.

New in v0.2.2

  • Simplified make_property setter API (no need for previous value);
  • Urn.picks to pick n items at once; remaining property; avoid repeats by default (so no extra flag/parameter);
  • reviewed custom events so that they are not stored on objects themselves; this also allows to listen to all notifications of a given type.

New in v0.2.1

  • intersperse for arrays;
  • remove for urn;
  • timeout for promises;
  • asap as a faster way to delay execution than setTimeout, using setImmediate where available, or window.postMessage otherwise;
  • promise_img takes an attributes object as argument which should contain a src property (or simply a src string.)

New in v0.2.0

  • Removed Seq and implemented Promise, with separate tests.
  • promise_img to create a promise for an img element;
  • Par to manage a list of promises;
  • quote escapes newlines;
  • ez_xhr returns a promise and fulfills it with the response of the request; ottherwise, rejects it with an object containing the request and an additional reason.
  • safe_string to allow toString() to be called safely or null or undefined values (TODO: test)
  • funcify to turn a value into a 0-ary function returning that value (TODO: test)
  • renamed cancel to fail;
  • remove_first_from_array removes the first element that matches a predicate;
  • Global π is set to Math.PI;
  • hcaErof is forEach in reverse (TODO: test);
  • Function.discard returns a function that discards its arguments;
  • String.fmt converts %n to an integer (so %03 is the same as %3);
  • String.fmt accepts the form %(n) to avoid ambiguites (e.g. "%(0)0".)

New in v0.1.5

  • Function.trampoline and Function.get_thunk (require tests)
  • quote to quote a string;
  • make_property takes an optional initial value;
  • urn to pick random elements from an array while emptying the array;
  • Seq.flush() can be called explicitly to start flushing without waiting for timeout.

New in v0.1.4

  • fixed false-negative in Firefox;
  • array_without returns a copy of the input array without the given item;
  • cancel throws a ”cancel” exception when called with a true value, or no value at all;
  • make_property makes use of cancel to cancel setting a property instead of the ambiguous ”undefined” value (the setter receives a third parameter);
  • num_to_hex converts a number into a hex-formatted color.

New in v0.1.3

  • values to get values of a dictionary-like object.

New in v0.1.2

  • listen, listen_once and unlisten return the listener;
  • new function nop: does nothing.

New in v0.1.1

  • separated poly_points to generate points for an existing element;
  • added tests.


Trampoline calls are adapted from Asap is inspired by Promises follow the Promises/A+ spec.

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