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This is a simple algorithm that will figure out all the words needed
to print all the hours/minutes. It will then create a crossword-like grid
with all those words
The goal is to build a clock similar to
from humantime.human_time import human_time
from datetime import datetime
import numpy as np
import as ma
def find_all_words():
"""Find all words used in human time"""
words = set()
for hour in xrange(0, 23):
for minutes in xrange(0, 60):
ht = human_time(datetime(2011, 1, 1, hour, minutes))
for w in ht.split():
return words
def check_placement(grid, word, pos, d):
for i, w in enumerate(list(word)):
if d == 'v':
ci = pos[0] + i
cj = pos[1]
ci = pos[0]
cj = pos[1] + i
if ci >= grid.shape[0] or cj >= grid.shape[1]:
return False
cell = grid[ci, cj]
if cell is not ma.masked and cell != w:
return False
return True
def find_best_pos(grid, word):
for i in xrange(grid.shape[0]):
for j in xrange(grid.shape[1]):
for d in ['v', 'h']:
if check_placement(grid, word, (i, j), d):
return (i, j, d)
return None
def print_grid(grid):
for i in xrange(grid.shape[0]):
for j in xrange(grid.shape[1]):
if grid[i, j] is ma.masked:
print '* ',
print '%s '%grid[i, j],
def build_grid(words):
sw = sorted(words, key=len, reverse=True)
gs = len(sw[0])
grid = ma.masked_all((gs, gs), dtype='a1')
# 1. Place longest word on first row
grid[0,:] = list(sw[0])
# 2. Go through each word in the list by decreasing length, place
# at best position
while len(sw) > 0:
word = sw[0]
wordlen = len(word)
print "-- Best position for : ", word
# Try to find a position. If we can't, increase grid size
pos = find_best_pos(grid, word)
while pos is None:
newgrid = ma.masked_all((grid.shape[0]+1, grid.shape[1]+1),
newgrid[:-1,:-1] = grid
grid = newgrid
pos = find_best_pos(grid, word)
print pos
# Place word
if pos[2] == 'v':
grid[pos[0]:pos[0]+wordlen, pos[1]] = list(word)
else: # 'h'
grid[pos[0], pos[1]:pos[1]+wordlen] = list(word)
print '==== Final grid ===='
print "Shape : ", grid.shape
if __name__ == '__main__':
words = find_all_words()