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set clipboard=unnamed " Universal clipboard
"set clipboard=autoselect
set mouse=a
set cindent
"set cinkeys=0{,0},0),:,!^F,o,O,e
"set cinoptions=>s,e0,n0,f0,{0,}0,^0,:s,=s,ps,t0,c4,C1,/0,+s,(2s,us,)20,*30,gs,hs
set smartindent
set ai " Auto-indenting
set incsearch " incremental search
set ignorecase
set smartcase "don't ignore case if we explicitly searc for upper case char
set scrolloff=2 "always 2 lines of context visible around the cursor
set wildmode=longest,list
"set nowrap
set nobackup " Turn backups off
"set backupext="~" " Append `.bak' to backups
"set backupdir="~/tmp/" " Directory to save backups in
"set redraw
set bufhidden=delete
set showmatch
"set textwidth=80 " Wordwrap
"set shiftwidth=4
set noerrorbells " No error bells
set magic
set showmode
"set notitle
set ttyfast " Smoother scrolling
set more " Use more instead of flooding screen
"set tabstop=8
set tabstop=2
set expandtab
set sw=2
" backslash m/M/l
map \M <Esc>:set noexpandtab tabstop=8 shiftwidth=8<CR>
map \m <Esc>:set expandtab tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2<CR>
map \l <Esc>:set expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4<CR>
set hidden " permet de switcher entre les buffer sans sauver le buffer
" et de sauvegarder
" les undo
set showcmd
set mat=1
set viminfo=%,'50,\"100,:100,n~/.viminfo " Options we want for ruler
set linebreak " For when we have wrapping on
set number " Show line numbers
set ruler " Turn on ruler
set bs=indent,eol,start " Backspacing over everything
set hls " Highlight search patterns
set ic " Case-insensitive searches
set shm+=I " No start up message
set sm " Show bracket match
set mat=1 " Bracket match highlight time
set dir=/tmp " Temp dir
set nocp
"set compatible?
" set number format to hexa, (for use with Ctrl-A and Ctrl-X)
set nf=hex
syntax on " Turn on syntax
filetype plugin indent on
so $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/syntax.vim " Load filetypes for syntax highlighting
set foldmethod=indent "fold based on indent
set foldnestmax=5 "deepest fold is 10 levels
set nofoldenable "dont fold by default
set foldlevel=1 "this is just what i use
"GLSL syntax
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.frag, *.vert, *.fp, *.vp, *.glsl setf glsl
" buffer next/prev
map <C-n> :bn<CR>
map <C-p> :bp<CR>
" jptemplate
let g:jpTemplateKey='<C-A>'
" highlight trailing whitespaces
let c_space_errors=1
" Key bidings
" NERDTree, map F3 to toggle for all modes
nnoremap <silent> <F3> :NERDTreeToggle<Cr>
nnoremap <silent> <F4> :TlistToggle<Cr>
let Tlist_Show_One_File = 1
let Tlist_Use_Right_Window = 1
let NERDTreeMapActivateNode='<CR>'
map <silent> <C-k><C-m> :tabnext<Cr>
map <silent> <C-k><C-l> :tabprev<Cr>
"json tidy/compact using JSON::XS from CPAN
command JSONtidy %!json_xs -f json -t json-pretty
command JSONcompact %!json_xs -f json -t json
map ,v :sp ~/.vimrc<CR><C-W>
map <silent> ,V :source ~/.vimrc<CR>:filetype detect<CR>:exe ":echo 'vimrc reloaded'"<CR>
" use 'hexedit' to switch to hexadecimal editor. 'hexedit -r' to switch back
" to normal
ca hexedit %!xxd
" Colors, fonts & gui
"if has ('gui_running')
" colorscheme fruidle_black
" colorscheme desert
colorscheme fruidle_custom
"colorscheme desert
"colorscheme default
"colorscheme sienna
"set guifont=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono\ 9
"set guifont=Monaco\ 10
set guifont=Monospace\ 9
set guioptions-=T
"highlight cursor line
set cursorline
set t_vb=
" Eclim settings
"let g:EclimBrowser="firefox"
"let g:EclimJavaSrcValidate=1
"let g:EclimMakeLCD=1
"Fast .h/.cpp switch
function! SwitchSourceHeader()
let ext = expand("%:e")
if (ext == "cpp" || ext == "cc")
find %:t:r.h
""Try cpp first and cc then
find %:t:r.cpp
catch /E345:/
nmap ,s :call SwitchSourceHeader()<CR>
" map :cn and :cp to simply cn and cp to easily browse through errors
map cn <esc>:cn<cr>
map cp <esc>:cp<cr>
" map F5 to :make and make it go back to the main window
map <F5> :make<cr><c-w><up>
" CS Approx for terminal better colorscheme support
" see :
" IMPORTANT: Uncomment one of the following lines to force
" using 256 colors (or 88 colors) if your terminal supports it,
" but does not automatically use 256 colors by default.
"set t_Co=256
"set t_Co=88
let g:CSApprox_attr_map = { 'bold' : 'bold', 'italic' : '', 'sp' : '' }
" highlight column 80
set colorcolumn=81
highlight colorcolumn ctermbg=darkgrey guibg=darkgrey
" % Will match html tags
"let loaded_matchit=1
" Don't look through included files when doing auto-completion
set complete-=i
" Tags
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/cpp
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/opencv
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/libmv
" localvimrc plugin config
let g:localvimrc_ask=0
let g:localvimrc_count=1
let g:localvimrc_sandbox=0
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