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Modern application I made recently, using a Golang API backend + a Vue.js SPA frontend. Everything is running inside Docker containers.
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Application dedicated to presenting data from our various databases in a user friendly way. It consists of 2 Docker containers:

  • backend: Go exposing a RESTful API with the Go native net/http and json libs + gorilla/mux for routing
  • frontend: Nginx serving static Vue.js/axios/Vuetify.js


  • user has to enter credentials in order to use the SPA
  • user can select various interfaces on the left pane in order to retrieve data from various db tables
  • user can decide either to only count results returned by db or get the full results
  • if results returned by db are lightweight enough then they are returned by the API and displayed within the SPA app inside a nice data table. User can also decide to export it as CSV.
  • if results are too heavyweight, then results are sent to user by email within a .zip archive
  • as input criteria, the user can enter text or CSV files listing a big amount of criteria
  • some user inputs are select lists whose values are loaded dynamically from db

More explanations

I wrote this blog article in order to comment/explain the application.

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