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Torrengo is a CLI (command line) program written in Go which concurrently searches torrents from various sources.
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Description of Torrengo

How To


Torrengo is a CLI (command line) program written in Go which concurrently searches torrent files from various sources. I really liked the torrench program which is an equivalent written in Python so I figured it could be nice to write a similar program in Go in order to increase speed thanks to concurrency.

Nice supported features:

  • the user decides which sources he wants to search (all sources are searched by default) and the search is done concurrently
  • given that The Pirate Bay urls are changing quite often, this program concurrently launches a search on all The Pirate Bay urls found on and retrieves torrents from the fastest response (the returned url is also checked in-depth because some proxies sometimes return a page with no error but the page actually does not have any result)
  • torrent file search and download on and is protected by Cloudflare, so this program bypasses the protection by answering Cloudflare's Javascript challenges
  • can be searched freely, but an account is needed to download the torrent file, so the program authenticates the user before downloading the torrent file
  • downloaded torrents can be launched in Deluge
  • a timeout can be set so long-running requests are ignored

Current supported sources are the following:

  1. (called arc internally)
  2. all The Pirate Bay urls located on (called tpb internally)
  3. (called td internally)
  4. (called otts internally)
  5. (previously t411, called ygg internally)

Caution! Apart from, the websites above might host some illegal content and in some countries their use might be prohibited. Read legal issues regarding The Pirate Bay for example. Neither I, nor the tool shall be held responsible for any action taken against you for using Torrengo on the above-mentioned sites.


For security reasons I don't provide with compiled binaries. The program can be easily installed and compiled with the usual Go tools:

  1. go get
  2. go build

Each website's scraper is an independent library that can be installed and reused. For example if you only want to use the scraping library, simply do:

  • go get

The following dependencies are required if you want to be able to search/download torrent files from or download torrent files from in order to bypass the Cloudlare protection:

  • Python (2 or 3)
  • Python's cfscrape library (pip install cfscrape)
  • NodeJS


Searching "Dumas Montecristo" from all sources is as simple as:

torrengo Dumas Montecristo

Torrgengo output

If you want to search from a specific source (let's say

torrengo -s arc Dumas Montecristo

Sources names:

If you want to search from multiple sources (let's say and ThePirateBay), use commas:

torrengo -s arc,tpb Dumas Montecristo

If some sources are too slow to respond, use a timeout. For example the following stops every HTTP requests that take more than 2 seconds and returns the other results found:

./torrengo -t 2000 Dumas Montecristo

Some sources give both a magnet link and a torrent file (you can choose which one you want), some only give a torrent file, and some only give a magnet link.

Optionally you can open the torrent file or magnet link directly in your torrent client (only Deluge is supported for the moment).

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