GeoHack MTL 2013 project done with MRB
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Portail MRB

GeoHack MTL 2013 project done with MRB. The project goal was to have a public geo portal for mineral exploration company. The result of the project was the integration of public data from SiGeom (WMS) and Gestim (Claim SHP) in a GeoExt2 application.

The end result is not really polished, but most of the main functionalities are there:

  • Map with regional geology, claim and MRB borehole
  • Table containing borehole information
  • Chart with borehole information (Here it's the depth)
  • The three components are linked together so clicking on one row/point/graph select the element in the other components.
  • The claim data are updated everyday by downloading and extracting the data from Gestim
  • Style of the map adapt to the scale level

the data integration was done with Scribe. The config file are available in map/

Live URL:

To learn more about this project feel free to contact Mapgears at


The following JavaScript libraries are required, each placed in the following specific directories:

  • OpenLayers 2.12: /opt/openlayers/2.12
  • ExtJS 4.1.0: /opt/ext/4.1.0
  • GeoExt 2.0 (master repository): /opt/geoext2

PHP is also required to use the "KML Export" feature.