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Use Thumbalizr in your Rails site
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Thumbalizr-Rails version 1.0

Thumbalizr ( is a web service to easily embed live screenshots of any URL in your website. Thumbalizr has full support for Flash, JavaScript, CSS, & HTML5.

You can install the library from rubygem:

The source code can be found on github at

This gem is based on the Tumbalir library for Ruby:

== Build and install thumbalizr-rails

    git clone
    gem build thumbalizr-rails.gemspec
    gem install --dev thumbalizr-rails-<version>.gem
    rake test
    rake rdoc


    gem install thumbalizr-rails

== Use with Rails

This gems makes the custom tag thumbalizr_url available in your templates.

First configure your Rails project:

	# Gemfile
	gem 'thumbalizr-rails'

	# Create config/initializers/thumbalizr.rb
	ThumbalizrClient.config("MY_KEY", "MY_SECRET")

	# In your templates, use <%= thumbalizr_url %> to generate the URL of a thumbnail:
	<img src="<%= thumbalizr_url('', {:country => 'us', :width => 400}) %>">
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