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Co-author commits using GitHub usernames when pair programming
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🤝 co-commit

Run npx co-commit to start. - No installation needed.

screenshot of using gif co-commit

🤓 Background

GitHub allows you to co-author commits by appending Co-authored-by: name <> to a commit message.

🧠 Advanced

Make it blazing fast 🔥

Each time you run co-commit, npx will install the package. This will usually only takes a few seconds. To skip this you can preinstall co-commit using npm i -g co-commit.

CLI arguments

You can also utilize git flags with co-commit: eg git commit --all becomes npx co-commit --all. Additionally, you can skip prompts using flags: eg: -m "your commit message" or -co "mariiapunda".

Multiple Co-Authors

To commit with multiple co-authors simply comma-separate their usernames.


To run co-commit you need to have NodeJs installed. Naturally, git is also required.


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