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Basic Bitch Budget App

This is an app to help visualize and monitor your spending!

See Basic Bitch Budget on Surge here


Upon sign-up, the app builds out some basic necessities for you based on your income: 2% of your initial income is saved for brunch 1% is saved for yoga 1% is saved for wine If you would like to add something to your budget, you can fill out a request form. If the item is over your leftover spending money, then it is added to the list of things you cannot have. If you can afford the item, then it is added to your regular expenses. Money-saving tips and advice.


Express app packages: bcryptjs, body-parser, express, express-session, pg-promise

React app packages: jQuery, chart.js

Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PSQL

Getting Started

As this is still a work in progress, please fork and clone to dig around! After making sure you have updated to node version 8.1.3, $cd to the bb_express directory, run npm install and then nodemon -e html,css,js. Then In the bb_react directory, run npm install then npm start.

User stories

"I'm like, a pretty disorganized person when it comes to my finances. After graduating, it became really hard to keep track of how much I should be spending on like brunch and stuff, so I literally need an app that could tell me basically when I can spend money. Besides, like, I have other things to worry about (like rescuing animals!). I also really want to go to Coachella again next year (OMG) so I'd like to be able to do that without having to use Daddy's credit card this time."-Britney, 24, NYC-transplant

"My passions are shopping, wine and being gorgeous 👠👸. If you're not 6'5 dont talk to me. I won't message you first. Not looking for hookups. No facial hair. Idk why my profile says 27 im 22. Don't ask me on a date if you're broke 💵💰. If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best. 😤 Sushi and pumpkin spiced lattes ❤️. No butt stuff on the first date. It's hard being a single mom. Or so I'm told, I don't have kids."-Reddit

"I really want to lose 3 lbs."- Regina George

Future Improvements

  • Adding conditional to the edit budget (not allowing the user to save the item if it’s over their spending limit.
  • UX/UI: Fadein/fadeout modals and about info (use React CSS Transition group?) Dropdown add-income and ‘can I have’ forms Mobile-friendly Drag and drop from wishlist to budget list as a ‘can I have’ function (use DnD library?) Clear forms after submitting
  • Auto-adding your bi-weekly (or however often user gets paid) income and edit that bi-weekly income.
  • Let user categorize priorities of the expenses-- let them choose the colors.
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