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See GitHired on Heroku

This is a Rails app that allows users to search for jobs in the technology field, filtered by location and programming language of interest. Users are able to view each job on a separate page, which is complete with a map and, if interested, save the job to their profile as a favorite. Users may also add notes to each of their saved jobs to keep track of what they need to do.

Technologies Used

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • HTTParty
  • bCrypt
  • dotenv-rails
  • GitHub API
  • Compliments (gem)
  • rails_12factor (gem)
  • inline_svg (gem)

Approach Taken

We started out trying to think of something we needed, that an app could help us solve. As students, most of our life is dedicated to studying things that would eventually land us a job. So, naturally, a job-search app was the next logical step. We wanted a smooth user experience and maximum functionality without appearing clunky.

Though we all have different specialties, we did almost all of our work as a team, ensuring that everyone had a little part in every aspect of the project. This way, we were all able to learn and expand our skillset, especially in areas in which we were less comfortable.

With the ability to add profile information, search for jobs by location and/or programming language, save favorite jobs and create a to-do list for each favorite job, we feel this will be an excellent application for any coder who is looking for a job.

Future Plans

In the future, we would like to add a few extra features that we did not have the time to explore during the time given:

+ Ability for users to share jobs between their profiles
+ Ability to search for other users based on their skills
+ Job suggestions based on skills/favorite jobs
+ Reminders to apply for a favorited job after a certain amount of time has passed
+ Integration of Active Jobs/Active Mailer

User Stories

"I wanted to get a job as a JavaScript Engineer, but I was unsure of how to start. With GitHired, it was easy! I made a profile and in minutes I was checking out all the JavaScript jobs in my area! Thanks GitHired!" - John, a JS Developer from LA

"Looking for a job in New York City is already difficult, but in a field like tech it can get really overwhelming. Especially when you apply to so many jobs, you forget which ones have gotten back to you! I discovered GitHired and now I used it to keep track of all of the jobs I've applied to with their To-Do list feature. This has been a god-send for my job search. I even got an interview my very first week in using it!" - Margaret, a Ruby Developer from NYC

Installation Instructions

To install GitHired, simply go to our Github, and git clone into your database!

To use GitHired, head over to our Heroku page!


Sign Up: User Profile: Job Search: Fave Job Profile/To-Do List:

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