LPS-25647 Plugins cannot be installed via Plugin Installer #313

wants to merge 26 commits into


None yet

Julio please review my work.
Thank you!


Resent for confirmation: igorbeslic#6

samuelkong and others added some commits Feb 23, 2012
@samuelkong @brianchandotcom samuelkong LPS-23929 Rollback - Value is still double escaped 13670d7
@samuelkong @brianchandotcom samuelkong LPS-23929 Don't escape at all. <aui> will escape it. 83c9e41
@amosfong @brianchandotcom amosfong LPS-25715 d9cd494
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25715 Source formatting 835d9a4
@brianchandotcom tinatian LPS-25707 Unable to display web content using generated sample data. 8961aa7
@Sonnor @brianchandotcom Sonnor LPS-20922 Service Builder incorrectly generates code when arrayable-o…
…perator is used
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-20922 Refactoring 2bb3b1b
@igr @brianchandotcom igr LPS-25688 added method to jsonws action f8c93b7
@igr @brianchandotcom igr LPS-25688 added new properties c9bd27b
@igr @brianchandotcom igr LPS-25688 added public methods check e1d0c84
@igr @brianchandotcom igr LPS-25688 added wildcards variant 2de0f68
@sergiogonzalez @brianchandotcom sergiogonzalez LPS-25688 Source formatting 09bef8b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25688 Source formatting 9c43024
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser SourceFormatter - fit arguments on same line 6f4d06b
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser Source formatting - fit arguments on same line beaff63
@shuyangzhou @brianchandotcom shuyangzhou LPS-25716 Refactor InvokerPortlet to use factory pattern rather than …
…prototype pattern to simplify the interface
@shuyangzhou @brianchandotcom shuyangzhou LPS-25716 If _getPortletId() always return same as _portletId, then L…
…PS-668 should be reverted for better performance and threadsafety.
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25716 Source formatting fcca8d0
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25716 Fix Spring error 050ad54
@brianchandotcom Minhchau Dang LPS-25726 Limit full table scans during image gallery conversion b060c2c
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25726 Source formatting 4bfb891
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser SourceFormatter - no need to exclude those files a798ba5
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser Source formatting 813f0f9
@igorbeslic igorbeslic LPS-25647 Plugins cannot be installed via Plugin Installer 65050e6
@juliocamarero @igorbeslic LPS-25647 Root issue is <liferay-portlet:renderURLParams> d8aabeb
@igorbeslic igorbeslic LPS-25647 fixing repositories search b0c7214

closing this pull so I can send new one

@igorbeslic igorbeslic closed this Feb 23, 2012
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