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Mercury robot challenge 2016

Voyager Technical Document




This technical document describes the creation and specs of a remotely controlled robot. The Robot "Voyager" was designed and built to meet the requirements of the Oklahoma State University Mercury Robotics competition for 2016 in Bogota, Colombia.

High­level block diagram



The microcontroller will be conecte via serial to the raspberry pi, on the raspberry we use a Nodejs library in order to expose a real time socket web based server. For handle browser events we use jQuery and keypress in order to detect when a key is pressed then and do a socket emit.

Main board

The robot uses the Raspberri pi B+ as the principal board, this board allow the commnincation to a higer level user application using a Sockect TCP server. It is attached direclty to the microcontroller via serial USB port.

Video feedback

The robot has a camera module attached to the raspberry pi, we expose this camera thougth a UDP video stream server.

Cotroller interface

We have a web based interface using HTML,CSS and Javascript to handle browser events.

Drive train

The robot has one motor per side, each running a tread through a gearbox with an encoder.


The robot has two Ultrasonic sensors......


The robot has a 7.2[V] standard 3000[mAh] NiMH battery.