Compositional Data Analysis in Julia
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This package is inspired by the R compositions package for compositional data analysis. Currently, only parts of the total features are implemented. Contributions are very welcome.

CoDa.jl defines a Composition{D} type representing a D-part composition as defined by Aitchison 1986. In Aitchison's geometry, the D-simplex together with addition (a.k.a. pertubation) and scalar multiplication (a.k.a. scaling) form a vector space, and important properties hold:

  • Scaling invariance
  • Pertubation invariance
  • Permutation invariance
  • Subcompositional coherence

In practice, this means that one can operate on compositional data (i.e. vectors whose entries represent parts of a total) without destroying the ratios of the parts.


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# 3-part compositions
cₒ = Composition(1,2,3)
c  = Composition(4,5,6)

# composition line passing through cₒ in the direction of c
f(λ) = cₒ + λ*c


The most practical reference by far is the book Analyzing Compositional Data With R by van den Boogaart K. G. et al. 2013. The book contains the examples that I reproduced in this README and is a good start for scientists who are seeing this material for the first time.

A more theoretical exposition can be found in the book Modeling and Analysis of Compositional Data by Pawlowsky-Glahn, V. et al. 2015. It contains detailed explanations of the concepts introduced by Aitchison in the 80s, and is co-authored by important names in the field.