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A collection of Grafana dashboards I made
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Grafana Dashboards

A collection of my Grafana dashboards.

MySQL/MariaDB Statistics

  • Description: MySQL usage statistics like number of connections, cache size, query cache, locks... and general system resources (CPU, memory, network)
  • Metric collector: collectd
  • Plugins: mysql, cpu, ram, upload, network. Information about the configuration in my blog
  • Screenshots:

grafana1 grafana2 grafana3 grafana4

CPU & Nvidia Graphic Card

  • Description: detailed CPU usage, including CPU modes, frequency and temperature (per core and global)
  • Metric collector: collectd
  • Plugins: cpu, cpufreq, exec. For the exec plugin I use collectd-cuda which gives Nvidia Graphic Card data (temperature, fan speed, memory usage...)
  • Screenshots:

grafana_cpu_usage nvidia_graphic_card

Basic Security

  • Description: basic security information like number of hits by mod_security, SSH failed connections, fail2ban blocks...
  • Metric collector: collectd
  • Plugins: tail. Information about the configuration in my blog
  • Screenshots:

grafana_modsecurity_blocks total_user_sessions

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