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mod_cluster dev image offering Apache HTTP Server and mod_cluster load balancer built from sources
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mod_cluster-dockerhub (jota modification)

Based on mod_cluster-dockerhub by Karm

This is my modification of the original repo with my Dockerfile and mod_cluster.conf files.

Why I created this fork? I intended to:

  • Have my own customized Docker image
  • Add an application VirtualHost in mod_cluster.conf configuration, so I can begin using this image with real apps deployed in backend application servers.


You can configure the mod_cluster parameters through following environment variables provided to docker run command:

  • MODCLUSTER_PORT listening port (default: 6666)
  • MODCLUSTER_ADVERTISE On/Off flag for ServerAdvertise (default: On)
  • MODCLUSTER_ADVERTISE_GROUP Advertise address and port (default:
  • MODCLUSTER_NET a Require ip value for the listener (default: 172.)
  • MODCLUSTER_MANAGER_NET a Require ip value for the mod_cluster manager on path /mcm (default: value of MODCLUSTER_NET variable)

The defaults could work in your Docker environment.

Example usage

Build the custom image

docker build -q --rm --tag=mod_cluster_jota .

Run the container

You can modify the variables as you need, this is just an example:

docker run -it --rm --net host --name mod_cluster-app1 \
-e MODCLUSTER_NET=192.168.1 \

Check if it is working:


To inspect the container use:

docker exec -i -t mod_cluster-app1 bash
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